trail running

great for kids and dogs. we will be back

This is actually called the Wetland Plateau Trail. I would also downgrade this too "Easy." There is virtually no elevation gain. it is just a walk through the trees. Regardless, it was a beautiful set of trails that I would go back to. I took my 75-year-old mom who hasn't been able to get much exercise since some recent surgery. it was the perfect hike to get her reacquainted. It's also awesome for those who like bike trail riding.

Trail was in really good condition considering the amount of rain we have had.

Love this place

Good walking area for people who hate heights but I find the area worth visiting maybe once or twice and that's it. As others have said- there isn't much to see in terms or water or elevation gain. Still a very pretty area. Great for youngsters.

Not much elevation gain. So good for my troubled knees. The trail is in good condition but there’s no water feature and not much view.

6 months ago

Very nice! Clean trails (e.g. No hirse and dog poop). Friendly people. Friendly dogs. Love the last area with benches to relax, stretch, whatever.

Bear sighting prior to my visit and signs of bears on trail. Nice nature hike. Minimal difficulty.

Awesome today, weather was perfect. There were two bear sightings posted in the last 5 days, but it was quiet today while I was there. Careful if you go.

Really appreciated being able to bike this trail. I loved it but wouldn't want to be hiking it since bikers appear with little warning. MainLine trial is both ways and sometimes bikers going opposite directions have abrupt encounters, as well. Please don't try to build up a lot of momentum.

10 months ago

I went on our 2nd 70 degree day. There were quite a few mud spots but they we're easy to get around. This hike is mainly in the woods, so you don't get much direct sun. There are a lot of side trails off of the main loop which are marked very well with distances. The trails are well maintained and seem like they would be good for trail running when the bugs die down.

11 months ago

Great park. Being from Phoenix, I've never seen trees like that!

Relatively easy loop hike. My only reason for four, not five stars, was that there were homes kinda close to parts of the trail and you could hear saws going. Other than that, this was peaceful, flat, and enjoyable.

More of a forest walk than a hike. Muddy for about half of the time. Good day outing.

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Took the mainline trail (1.2 mi one-way). It is good, although it is flat

Sunday, September 25, 2016

This is my second time to the preserve. The trails are well-maintained and it's convenient to where I live. There are informative signs and way-points throughout and a fair variety of canopy and undergrowth for the nature lover. It's immersed in a populated area and is usually too heavily trafficked by people, dogs and horses too see much wildlife, but the birds in the canopy remain present. There are no water features or vistas here - not a "destination" trail, but it is an excellent place to meander when you just want to hike through the woods!

Great trail for all skill levels. Enjoyed this hike with my little dog yesterday. Well maintained with lots of signs and mile markers. Parking lot is big for horse trailers along with a sani can at the trail head.

Great for mountain biking with some man-made bike trails. Beautiful on a sunny day and in the rain. Easy go get to.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The walk was nice. Not very scenic if you're looking to take pictures. Overall good experience.

love coming here, easy hike with lots of trail options, impossible to get lost, plus you can bring you dog!

Easy to follow trails, signs that easily mark all the routes. Good amount of parking, great for dogs but no trash cans, Honey-buckets at the begging. If taking horse/bike/hiker trails then plenty wide, We didn't take the hikers only trails. Informational signs to know more about what you're looking at, and clearings good for picnics.

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Went ALL over these trails today - pretty great variety of terrain with lots of clear, informative signage and well-maintained tracks. My favorite parts were getting into some old growth and the quarter mile that was so dense and the trail so narrow, it was like finding your way through a maze. I also found it super cool that all the trails are looped so you can make your hike as long or as short as you'd like
Special Perk: no pass required

1. If you're not on the trails designated for hikers only, you wind up on super narrow trails with lots of blind corners with horses and mountain bikers - choose your path carefully
2. You can see homes and hear road traffic on many parts of the trail
3. If you're a destination hiker, this is not the trail for you, the loops are pleasant and some stretches of old growth are particularly scenic, but there are no water features or grand views to be had here

Easy hike. Great for kids, dogs, and bikes.

Easy for my 2.5 yr old and me.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Love this trail! It's quick, close to home, flat and well maintained.

This is one of my regulars, it's close to home and great for a quick trail run or getting my girls out for a hike.

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