Went up yesterday with 5 kids ages 3-11. Great place to let them roam and climb and learn about the after effects of wildfire in certain spots. The favorite activity was boulder climbing and running through the snow field. Need to bring a towel next time to wipe their shoes before getting in car. Great views of the city. Flat trails.

Views are nice, just a little short for a run.

The main gravel road trail has nice views of Spokane, though I didn't find that part of the hike super interesting. I liked the other trails better, especially the ones south of Greenwood Road, toward the waterfall and creek. Some people probably don't realize there is anything south of the road, but the park continues. Look at the park website or one of the maps on site to see the south trails. There are many to explore in that area, and they make it feel more like a normal hike. Some of the trails in the north are super overgrown, which wasn't pleasant. I'll never get the stickers & seed pods out of my socks.

Easy trail - beautiful view of Spokane! No waterfall though - it dried up. Shame on those who litter the trail with cigarette butts and empty water bottles!

The upper rock loop is nice, trail well maintained but it gets rather monotonous after a little while. Not a lot of signage to help you navigate. The waterfall is nice but you better be ready to make your own adventure.

pleasant stroll through the fields and meadows just two or three miles from town.

Very flat trail with phenomenal views of downtown and pretty wildflowers. Some parts were pretty swampy this time of year. Not sure where those waterfall pics were taken from, but the main trail was too flat to see any waterfalls like that. Wish I could've seen them! Woulda made the outing a little more fun. Still a great place to walk the pup. Will probably run up here next time, it's so flat would be a great loop for that.

we had a fun easy ride, except for the water obstacles.

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