Easy trail - beautiful view of Spokane! No waterfall though - it dried up. Shame on those who litter the trail with cigarette butts and empty water bottles!

The upper rock loop is nice, trail well maintained but it gets rather monotonous after a little while. Not a lot of signage to help you navigate. The waterfall is nice but you better be ready to make your own adventure.

pleasant stroll through the fields and meadows just two or three miles from town.

Very flat trail with phenomenal views of downtown and pretty wildflowers. Some parts were pretty swampy this time of year. Not sure where those waterfall pics were taken from, but the main trail was too flat to see any waterfalls like that. Wish I could've seen them! Woulda made the outing a little more fun. Still a great place to walk the pup. Will probably run up here next time, it's so flat would be a great loop for that.

we had a fun easy ride, except for the water obstacles.

There was a main trail that was in great condition and had excellent views. I had my daughter in a stroller and people could easily ride bikes. We went off the main path which was less stroller friendly because of narrower trails and swampy areas. Will definitely come back!

great little trail. well maintained. waterfall was nice.

Love this trail! So pretty, plenty of paths, and the water falls are so pretty

definitely not what is shown in the pictures ! I have been here many times