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Situated on the Olympic Peninsula, this park ranges from Pacific shoreline with tide pools to temperate rainforests to Mount Olympus. The glaciated Olympic Mountains overlook the Hoh Rain Forest and Quinault Rain Forest, the wettest area of the continental United States.

Nice hike with great views of the river! Initial up hill is not bad.

I have hiked this trail starting at the Duckabush trail head and linking to this trail then out. Also I have solo hiked this trail and linked to Duckabush and in to Marmot lake, then out on the Dosewallup trail and out.
This is a well maintained trail that starts along side the Skokomish River and meanders past a number of good camps. Camp Pleasent is well named and is large with ez access to water and only 7 miles in. Nine stream camp is 10 miles in and very good as well. At that point the trail climbs steadily. At 11.5 there is a good lunch camp called two Bears and has a small stream flowing directly thru the camp. The trail at 13 miles tops a ridge and you look down into a sub alpine meadow that forms a bowl and is home to a beauty of a place called Home Sweet Home. Here I have seen a Black Bear in the early morning as well as a herd of elk 70 to 80 strong! There is a small copse of trees in the camp that I have pitched my tent in and after a furociuos storm awoke in the morning to a dry tent.Continuing on the trail drops you down to the intersection of the Duckabush trail where you can continue out to the Duck trail head or travel further into the Olympics. For traveling further into the Olympics I recomend the Skokomish trail above the Duck as it has much more to offer.

How do you get to the river?

Definitely a toughie! The trail to the right is definitely poorly marked as you get to the top, there is snow cover and mid day it was pretty soft. About 8-12 inches at the top . I'd just recommend microspikes and gaiters. Definitely doable and beautiful!

beautiful mountains and view❤️

1 day ago

This is an excellent hike if you like roaring streams, old-growth forests and don't mind some relentless grade. The great views are not panorama, but places to stop and look at a gorgeous roaring stream that is dropping over 2,300 feet in less than 2.5 miles. The forest and the stream are both unspoiled, and the payoff view is beautiful. My daughter and I walked the entire loop in about 4.5 hours and thoroughly enjoyed it (in January!). We only had short stretches with about 2" of snow. It's an absolute treasure.

This may not be the most exhilarating trail in the Olympics, but for a long winter hike it was fantastic! The forest was lush and green, there were numerous waterfalls (easy water crossings, but my boots did get quite muddy), and the weather was perfect. I wanted a bit of a challenge so I ran a good deal of it and the trail was clear and easily navigable. If there is another clear day this winter, I would not hesitate to recommend this enough!

Great hike. The views were stunning. It’s a there and back trial with an option to walk on a road (which adds about 1.5 miles but not as steep). The trail is steep to very steep all the way up but very much worth the view once you make it to the top. I suggest going on a clear day. The trail is very well maintained.

Great trial for kids. The campground is closed because of root disease, but the grounds and trails are open for day use. Parking is limited and was full by the time we left.

pretty falls but very short hike. sign says 1.5 hrs. It took us a half hour roundtrip.

road closed at Madison falls so could not get thru. Jan 2018. gave 5 stars since no other way to let others know.

very short and I mean very but pretty if you are nearby.

2 days ago

Absolutely gorgeous and extremely accessible. Small incline. Gorgeous photos. Storm King looms nearby


4 days ago

This hike featured many waterfalls (several of which we had to walk though to continue on the trail). I would not take my kids on this again. One side of the trail is a straight drop down and it made me nervous having my 6 and 2 year old.

We were hoping to do more in the area but in the end ran out of time. This short trail is just perfect for such an occasion - it takes very little time and the views in all directions are just stunning. Not much of a hike, but as short walks go, it's great. Also the deer and marmots seem used to humans, so you can watch them from fairly close up.

4 days ago

Not as impressive as the Hall of Mosses trail but still a nice walk. A nice view up the river from one or two points too.

Pleasant walk in a lovely, lush, green forest. Definitely worth a visit, and it doesn't take very long at all.

Very pleasant hike - we did this in July and the weather was just about perfect. We camped in Grave's Creek, hit the trail at around 8 or 9 in the morning and made it to the chalet by 4pm with no rush and a plenty of stops along the way. The hike starts with a little bit of a climb (not very steep or long, mind you) but beyond that, the going is quite easy. If you want to camp at the chalet (like we did), the trail is actually shorter than the advertised 15miles and you lose the steep climb at the very end, making this a fairly moderate hike with a wonderful valley at the end and some nice forest and river sections along the way. On the way back, heading out of the chalet campsite early, you have a great chance of seeing wildlife before other hikers scare it off. Never saw a bear though...
All in all, this is a lovely hike, very worth doing if you get the chance!

5 days ago

Awesome hiking spot.

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