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Situated on the Olympic Peninsula, this park ranges from Pacific shoreline with tide pools to temperate rainforests to Mount Olympus. The glaciated Olympic Mountains overlook the Hoh Rain Forest and Quinault Rain Forest, the wettest area of the continental United States.

18 hours ago

Awesome view. Definitely worth the steep climb and ropes to get to the top.

20 hours ago

Quick day hike leaving from the visitor center parking lot. Trail was fine for a while but about half a mile in there were trees across the trail. Some were easy to go around, other places were more difficult. I would not recommend going until it has been cleaned up a bit.

Very rewarding view for such a short walk. Trail is easy so all ages can do this one.

Challenging but making it to the lookout is worth it. Rest of the trail is very pretty and well-maintained. Great for dogs.

4 days ago


5 days ago

The way up was a great workout. Didn’t have time to go to the viewpoint but we enjoyed the falls and different creeks.

Attempted upper lena today. The snow line started around the first creek crossing and we were postholing for a while and decided to turn around.

I’ve hiked this trail several times throughout the year. The trail is in good condition and easy to follow. There are a few inches of snow at the top but it’s still safe to scramble the shoulder for the view.

Avoid the upper goat path. I is thick enough to be a hazard but to thin to work with just under 1/4”. Fall protection gear is highly recommended. For above the continuation.

Hiked January 8, 2019

all the time..

9 days ago

A ton of downhill (uphill on the return) to get to a great bridge and pretty water make this a great workout hike! Very muddy in the wet season.

9 days ago

Great trail and a good workout hiking back out. All up hill! Love this trail with stunning bridge at the bottom

12 days ago

Hiked on 1/5. The trail has mild flooding in spots. (I was fine with waterproof trail runners and low cut gators.) Less snow than I expected.

Loved this hike. It tested not only my physical strength but also mental strength. beautiful views and worth the rope climb to the top!

13 days ago

Took my wife on her first backpacking trip to second beach. we went in Hope's to see the milkyway and Bioluminescence. unfortunately it clouded up at night but the Bioluminescence was awesome.

Hiked 12/30/18. Beautiful weather, no snow on the trail. I'd recommend doing the loop counter-clockwise. We had great views of the mountains on our way up. The various creeks were beautiful. Lots of spots to stop and have a picnic by the water. Saw a few other on the trail but probably gets a lot of traffic in the summer. Overall, a fairly easy but pretty hike, perfect for a winter hike.

14 days ago

Be prepared to get wet if you go in the winter! The falls were incredible. It was a very easy hike and took us about an hour to get there, take in the falls and relax a bit, and get back to our car. Some tourists in running shoes and umbrellas managed it just fine, too!

An absolutely gorgeous beach with lots of driftwood, rock features and a pebble beach that grades into sand towards the water. Easy access and definitely worth the trip. I visited on December 24th and it was chilly and fairly busy around sunset but what a gorgeous sunset.

14 days ago

What a gorgeous hike. I hiked this on December 24th and you begin in a lush forest even during winter, there is a lot of green and a lot of huge trees. I didn’t encounter any snow but there was snow present on slopes further up past the trail. It definitely deserves the hard rating if hiked all the way to the top. If stopping at the first viewpoint it may be a moderate. There is a lot of elevation gain quick. The last part after the end of the maintained trail is a little sketchy, some ropes are there to help up but I wouldn’t place all your weight on them. The view from the top is definitely worth it.

I visited this trail on December 24th and it was nice and clear. I went early in the morning and didn’t encounter anyone else. It is very short and paved, more of a sidewalk than a trail. The waterfall itself is pretty, especially for how easy it is to access.

Due to a huge storm and the gov shutdown trail is very challenging. I would rate it as hard. You’ll have to do a lot of climbing and ducking under trees. Do not bring your dog you won’t make it through. Fun trail if you’re looking for an adventure and I recommend not doing it alone buddy system.

Downed trees on the Sand Point leg of the trail, about half mile from the trailhead. Tall foliage makes it difficult to locate trail again once you go around if you’re short. Bear tracks on beach nearest the Sand Point trail leg/beach junction.

went here December 30, 2018 and weather was great. don't skip going up to the Mt. Elinor viewpoint. It makes the hike a lot better. I plan to do this again when we have more daylight so we can summit it.

Brought my puppy on the hike and she did well, wasn't too steep, but would recommend having a good hold on dogs who get nervous on bridges or near water since they are everywhere on this hike.

Description should read trail NOT ACCESSIBLE after September. We will make the effort to get up there again in the spring...optimistically giving it a 5-Star rating...

We went hiking couple of days ago. Park is closed but the parking is open and there is port-a-potty if anyone needs it. Trail head is at the end of the road of campgrounds, and road can be icy. So if you can, walk on the sides of the road. There were about 3-4 fallen trees you’d have to climb over, and some of the wooden steps are frozen and slippery depending on the time of the day you’re hiking. Was bit disappointed at the end of trail since there wasn’t much view. Not recommended for kids or elderly, there was a tree split in half that we had to climb thru and landing was bit sketchy.

Damn I loved this hike. One of my top 3 for 2018, along with Angel’s Landing in Zion and Old Rag in Shenandoah. If you feel confident in your balance and climbing skills, you need to go all the way to the top. If not, I wouldn’t risk it. Once you go past the end-of-maintained-trail sign, things get pretty hairy ... and fun. The ropes are fine for balance, but I wouldn’t trust them with full body weight. Another reviewer said one snapped. Take a pair of heavy gloves, even if it’s hot, for navigating the rocks at the top, and especially on the way down from the peak. I took a couple long breaks and several short ones on the way up. It’s a great workout. This is a bucket list hike for me.

17 days ago

This was wonderful, but it’s definitely mislabeled as easy. If you’re just going up to Hole in the Wall, it is easy, but if you’re going much farther north, it’s probably best characterized as hard by AT standards. Gets harder as you go. Not much cardio or elevation, but there are significant stretches of large rocks, some of which can be wet, slippery, jagged etc. Lots of potential to slip and fall or mess up your ankle. Wear a stiff boot or hiking shoe with good ankle support and grip. If you’re doing the whole trail/beach, leave early and clear out a good chunk of your day. The rocks *really* slow you down and you need to focus on every step at parts. And obviously watch the tide... I think I read that it can seal you off if it comes in behind you? I left as it was fairly high and falling.

I did most of the trail, but turned back a couple miles before the end. Just got hungry. Loved it though. Highly recommend. Would be a great overnight camping trip.

Oh, be prepared to roll up your pants and go through the small creek barefoot, or just head on through, but there’s no way past it without getting wet that I could see. I was in over my knees. It was a lot lower on the way back.

Graveled path for most of the way and beautiful forest.

18 days ago

Went there on Dec 30, about 2 miles up the trail became quite icy and also covered with light layer of snow so crampons should be used. The lake was frozen but beautiful.

Super fun and easy boardwalk trail, we backpacked in and camped at one of the sites along the water, it was a blast. Didn’t do the full triangle, just an out and back, no time for the full beach section, but I’ve heard the petroglyphs are very cool.

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