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Situated on the Olympic Peninsula, this park ranges from Pacific shoreline with tide pools to temperate rainforests to Mount Olympus. The glaciated Olympic Mountains overlook the Hoh Rain Forest and Quinault Rain Forest, the wettest area of the continental United States.

Climbed to the summit without crampons and ice axe, but don't recommend going without them this time of year. A lot of snow up top.

2 days ago

This is a lightly trafficked route that makes for a fantastic day hike. I went with one friend and we experienced a little bit of everything - challenging uphill, breathtaking views, meadows, lush forest, etc. I would highly recommend this hike to anybody in decent shape. However, be very wary of snow/ice! After the peak, you start downhill on a side of the mountain that receives less sun. We found ourselves climbing and "ice picking" with sticks across 3+ ft snow banks for two miles (6-7) on the decent. Though challenging and exhilarating at times, traversing the near vertical, melting snow was definitely a risky task! It would have been much easier with proper snow shoes or poles. Once we passed the snow the rest of the downhill was gradual and easy. Would highly recommend after June/July for the panoramic views at the top!

on Mount Walker

2 days ago

Incredible views from North and South peaks. The hike is a grind if you're not prepared for it. A little bump at the beginning and then nonstop climb to the top. Long switchbacks. Straddles the line between moderate and hard, in my opinion. Great hike.

2 days ago

This was a great day-hike but it could easily have been a great backpack-camp. I went in about 6 miles and turned around to come back. Heading out shortly after 9AM, after checking out the visitors' center, the trail was not very busy. Most of my time heading out on the trail was spent in solitude, even when I would stop to check out another beautiful vantage point. But, heading back, now in the afternoon, the traffic was much heavier. I stopped frequently to let other hikers by (those heading into the trail). Trail etiquette was generally observed.

I have only a slight elevation gain on my hike, but I turned around before the big gain. This was a decent hike without being strenuous. There were muddy spots that needed to be negotiated and I did land knee-deep in a muddy stream while crossing a log (trying to avoid stepping on a millipede that was also crossing the log). But, I don't mind getting a little dirty on hikes. There were also roots and rocks along the way. None of it too challenging but I can imagine a more casual hiker may have. Even annoyed. Some hikers, I noticed, had poles. While I don't like carrying extra baggage, I can see how they could be useful.

For almost the entire hike, I could hear the river and/or waterfalls. It's just what I needed.

3 days ago

Couldn't quite summit without proper equipment (Tons of snow!), but great workout and fantastic views. The slide down in the snow was also quite enjoyable. Will definitely be back!

Started from lower trailhead at 9 am and it was around 20 cars already there. Road to trailhead in good condition and passable for all vehicles, but sometimes it very bumpy. Please keep in mind you can park at lower trailhead and then go to upper trail head. We went up with lower trail and wend down from upper trailhead. Both trails in very good condition and very nice, I like forest that like that so much. Reached first slope very quickly and started ascent using out cramponse and ice axes. It might be passable without crampons, but would be not easy without axe/poles, so be prepared, we have seen couple people who turned back because had no gear, slopes are very steep. You need climb three steep slopes and you are on the summit. While we climbed up we have seen some people glissaded down, it was so fun, also seen one guy on snowboard going down from summit:) We reached the summit around 11:30, we did lots of stops to take rest and see views around us. On the tope we met couple from Portland, they gave us trash bags to make shorts to glissade down :) Unfortunatelly visibility was bad and we seen almost nothing, I am "lucky" with weahter again. We ate our lunch, took some photos (see alien photo) and glissaded down! it was very very fun, go for it, but please be careful! After descent we went to upper trail head where views imho more interesitng than lower trail. Once you reach upper trail head go towards restroom and you will see trail to lower trailhead. It took us about 20 mins to reach lower trailhead from upper trainhead.

3 days ago

Beautiful falls! We started at the Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort which makes it longer, of course, but also a bit challenging in about 3 spots because of all the huge blow downs of trees. The trail goes missing until you're able to overcome the hurdles of these. I've done this hike years ago and the trail was very easy to follow from the hot springs then. We had a 7 and 5 year old who were able to conquer the hurdles and enjoy the falls with us.
If you start where All Trails starts you, very easy hike and very kid friendly!
Oh, today (May 20,2017) there were multiple bear sitings and lots of dear on the trail. We didn't see the bear but the deer were out.