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Still alot if snow 25 percent of the trail fast getting down though slide a good part of the snow field. 3 Mt goats up top 1 circled around on us and came up from behind a teenager who was not aware. We warned him and the rest of the people.

Update as of 16 June 18 part of trail is still heavily snow covered was able to glisade safely down snow covered portions though.

nice hike, decided to backpack in and stay a while. amazing sea stacks and whales spouting just off the beach. little steep at the beach head, use the ropes for stability

8 days ago

I love this one. Also on the top of my list of favorites.
This one is the master of all stair climbers.

11 days ago

Hiked to 5 mile island a very easy 10 mile out and back. Super populated trail that leads all the way to Mt Olympus.

Still had a tough snow cover for the last 3/4 mile to the summit. I won’t say it’s impossible but its very dangerous and slippery. Equipment needed still to reach summit as of 6/6/18

14 days ago

We hiked only to the first stop, Tim Creek. Which is actually a gorgeous waterfall! Not too bad, a few up hill sections, but has ‘stairs’ built in to help. Would love to go farther some time, but had a two year old in tow. Definitely a beautiful scene!

awesome hike but was not able to make it to the top- the snow is super wet on the last 0.5 mile and pretty well straight up (steep elevation gain!). The snow kept giving out so we ended up aborting. Would recommend an axe and poles for sure.

23 days ago

Completed this summit Memorial Day weekend 2018. Road to the trailhead is FULL of potholes, but with careful driving I made it in a super low clearance vehicle. Road to the upper trailhead was clear of snow, so I took that route. The RT distance is 3.4ish rather than 5.3 miles from the upper trailhead. I took the winter route (I don't believe the summer route is available yet). I had a read a few reviews that mentioned snow, but I did not expect to be climbing straight up snowpack (my fault for not researching more). Being from the east US, the "trail" looked more like a ski slope to me. I was VERY ill-eqipped for the climb. I made it with microspikes and trekking poles, but there were some really sketchy areas that made me incredibly nervous. The snow melt is in full force right now, and I would bet the winter route will be impassable in just a few weeks. Lots of soft slippery snow and plenty of areas where the melt has carved out holes in the bottom of the snowpack. Worst part for me was that it was cloudy at the summit so I was not rewarded with views. Glissaded most of the way down, but even that is pretty nerve-wracking because there are several rocks in the middle of the trail at some points. If you want to complete the winter route in the spring, at MINIMUM I would bring full crampons, poles, and an ice axe. Even better, water proof pants, gloves, and gaiters for glissading down--I was soaked head to toe and freezing when I got back to the car.

All that said, I would LOVE to come back and give Ellinor a proper go with the right gear on a clear early spring day when the snow is more solid. The bits of vistas I peaked through the clouds looked stunning.

Total time for me was about 4 hours, with most of that being the ascent.

The gravel roads to the trailheads are full of potholes. Arrived at the Upper Trailhead around 930am, numerous cars already parked on the roads. There was a decent amount of snow/ice right before the upper trailhead parking lot so most people parked before it and walked to the trailhead. Bathroom was locked. Start of the trail was clear of snow. The switchbacks were a steady leg-burn. There were a few fallen trees on the trail. At the top of the switchbacks, there was snow. Most people took a break at the little stream at the bottom of the steep mountain climb. We didn't reach the summit. The climb was a little too challenging for our dog. Lots of people out climbing though, a few with dogs. Would recommend gear: ice cleats, poles, and/or an ice pick, waterproof pants and shoes. Did glissading on the way down but only halfway as there was a giant hole with rocks on the route of the glissading. Beautiful views from where we climbed. Didn't have any problems with bugs.

Very cool trail . The snow starts from 4500 feet . I’ll go there one more time in August for sure .

1 month ago

Great week.

Hiked this yesterday. It was gorgeous but dangerous near the very top summit. The snow is extremely deep and half the trail is difficult to follow due to snow being everywhere. I should of worn snow boots then hiking boots. Spikes and poles would of been helpful. The views were mind boggling!!! The road going up to ellinor has many potholes and some snow and ice. I advise to park at big creek campground if you want a challenge physically and don’t want to put wear and tear on your vehicle.

1 month ago

My friend and I roughed it all the way up to Elk Lake in the early Spring, but decided to turn back once we got up past our knees in snow. Parts of the trail were underwater, but we were prepared for that. Its just the snow we were not prepared for. Beautiful trail though with lots of life.... and rain.

1 month ago

A wonderful forest hike along the bank of the Hoh River. Parts of the trail are muddy. There is a beautiful little waterfall along the way. There are several camp sites; you register at the Hoh Rainforest Visitor Center but you do not reserve camp spots, except for the farthest ones. Hoh Rainforest gets 14 feet of rain a year; the most in November and the least in July and August.

great views. very snowy on april 18 2018. extra gear needed to reach the top due to weather that time.

2 months ago

We checked this trail out after doing the Hall of Moss loop. We went about half way to Tom Creek Trail. It was pouring rain! Trail was very muddy so def need some good hiking shoes if you plan on going soon. This trail was nice you get more moss, big trees and a view of the river.

We hiked this in September and it was incredible! I had no idea we would see so many peaks in the distance. The first part of the trail is woodsy, then much more exposed (it got a little hot!) and steep with some rocks to climb over at points. The view at the top was more than worth it. This is in my top five hikes for sure!

3 months ago

Awesome place to visit. The moss is literally covering almost all you see and the dense colors of green are incredible! Highly recommend visiting

Found a pair of glasses on my way down from this hike today (3/15/18). anyone lose a pair? they are thin lenses and a pretty strong prescription!

3 months ago

Man, it was cold!! Stayed at Five Mile Island for a couple nights. Really loved this campsite- open space, outhouse available, didn't see bear ropes for food tho but could have missed it, right next to the river, lots of flat camping options. Ran into a herd of about 30 Elk. Attempted to continue on the trail but the snow became more dense - highly encourage micro spikes for this. Decided suffering through the cold (even though my sleeping bag is 20 degrees and I was wearing 4 layers) wasn't very fun. Will definitely attempt to reach the glacier at another time.

Beautiful hike. One of the better ones I've done. Make sure to bring snow gear and do the winter pass (right at the fork).

Hey! I am headed up to hike this weekend with my girlfriend. We have snowshoes and crampons and intend to start the hike very early (5:30am) in order to summit in one day. As we only have a car, not an SUV we were hoping someone who has been recently could please fill me in on the road conditions getting up there and if our plan to summit sounds do able. Thank you!

4 months ago

Tried to snowshoe up Mt. Ellinor a few days ago, and while the hike was enjoyable, we wanted to pass on a few warnings. The road to the lower (and also the upper) trailhead is completely snowed out about .8 miles away from the lower trailhead. This is good to know because it'll add that much more time to your hike. I'll also add that snowshoeing through the deep rutted out road for .8 miles was the hardest part of our hike.

Because of our slight delay at the beginning of the hike we ran out of daylight and were unable to fully summit the mountain. We made it to the second junction for the upper trailhead and that was a lot of fun. Watch out for trees dropping enormous amounts of snow, they sound like they could do damage. Also, at the first junction for the upper trailhead, make sure to head up and to the left towards higher ground. There have been some snowshoe tracks continuing straight from the junction and that is not a trail. Look for orange snomobile markers on the trees. If you haven't seen one in 6 or 7 trees you aren't on the trail.

Happy hiking!

5 months ago

Due to time constraints, we only hiked the first four miles to the Grover of Large Cedar. Loved this hike, and intend to return to hike the full trail!

Amazing view at the top! But a lot more difficult than I expected, at least in the snow. Got completely lost following someone elses tracks in the snow, took the correct route down and it was really steep and icy, be careful!

6 months ago

We hiked the entire trail to Glacier Meadows, and then up to Blue Glacier (twice). This is by far the most stunning and otherworldly place I've ever been. It was hard at points, but nonetheless rewarding.

Best hike I've ever done! This trail is amazingly beautiful with and without a clear sky. There are mountain goats and lots of wildlife. Although, there is some climbing involved, it's not super challenging. I definitely recommend this hike!

7 months ago

Only did part of the trail, and then followed the river for fishing.

Absolutely incredible. Definitely the most difficult trail I’ve taken this year, but the view pays off. The road up to the trail is pretty snowy and icy at this point, so use snow tires or bring chains. Don’t attempt without 4WD/AWD

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