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16 days ago

Trail was in great condition yesterday! Took the two dogs with me. The 1.8 miles to get to the top, is a straight incline. Small viewpoints here and there on your way up.

Very difficult for beginners but a great introduction to a summit hike. Was very disappointed from the peak as the view was obstructed and covered in snow. 3/4 of the hike was through snow as well. Do not recommend for this early in the season.

This was a lovely and easy hike with a couple of inclines. There were hardly any other hikers in the morning. After 2:00, several folks were on the trail. I hiked past Comfort Camp about a half mile which led to fantastic views!

Loved this hike! The trail has so much character and the terrain is always changing. Thank goodness the snow was gone(mostly)and all the water we had to pass over was easy to do. Lots of fun obstacles and logs to cross, it was very fun! We went out 6 miles and turned back, so total of twelve miles. Would like to go farther next time, heard something about comfort camp or something, we were trying to reach that but ran out of time. We came across a mountain biker that said he saw a cougar just off the path, so use caution. Our dog growled for no reason, so believe it to be true.

3 months ago

Loved this hike! The trail was in great condition. No snow on the ground, but it did start snowing heavier when we reached the top. Perfect for a cloudy day mid winter. Steady incline all the way up, and not a lot of views. Also, the road just before the trailhead from Port Angeles had a lot of pot holes.

Beautiful hike! Quite a bit of snow. We got less than a mile in and came across a fast moving steam across the path. It was passable but our boots would have gotten soaked so we didn’t get to finish, so ventured down some other trails, which had even deeper slushy snow, 4-6 inches in places, consistent 3-4inches. Got pretty wet anyway, so wished we would’ve went through the steam and finished the trail. We will definitely go back to finish

Nice hike with great views of the river! Initial up hill is not bad.

This may not be the most exhilarating trail in the Olympics, but for a long winter hike it was fantastic! The forest was lush and green, there were numerous waterfalls (easy water crossings, but my boots did get quite muddy), and the weather was perfect. I wanted a bit of a challenge so I ran a good deal of it and the trail was clear and easily navigable. If there is another clear day this winter, I would not hesitate to recommend this enough!

I love how the terrain changes as you go. I’ll go back!

Nice trail, but very steep at the beginning.

Nice trails, very accessible with one spot that we had to be a little more careful on while crossing some moving water. Want to go back and keep going to the end sometime soon!

great trail, well maintained. I hiked to church creek shelter and stayed the night there before returning.

9 months ago

Great day hike! Perfect for two 40ish ladies and our dogs. Only one other car in the lot on a Tuesday morning. Trail is pretty steep in places, but nothing someone in decent shape can't handle. The view at the top was sadly lacking because of all the smoke in the air. If I didn't know where the trail head was, it would be hard to find, though. Turned right at FS road 2800 and from there the roads weren't marked. I recall in the past seeing signage for Mt. Townsend and Mt. Zion, but they wasn't there today. The parking lot for Mt. Zion is more clearly marked for the Sleepy Hollow Trail #852. The Mt. Zion trail head is across the road marked only by a small, white, laminated paper and a small, brown post.

Great hike. Only saw 2 other people

9 months ago

A fantastic beginners summit hike. You're hiking to the top of the mountain so it's steep, but doable for people mildly in shape.

anyone saying the trail is in good shape clearly did not do the whole trail. The upper end the lake the trail is nearly impossible, trees are not only fallen over the trail, but on the trail (like the hole length of the tree is on the trail so the trail vanishes) we lost the trail on several occasions and turned back after only a few minutes.
I've tried two different parts of the trail now by the upper trailhead and both were impassable. Maybe the part of the trail by the Dam is in good shape but the other end of the trail is not. Do not expect to be able to complete the whole loop unless you have a chainsaw and machete it's in desperate need of maintenance.

Continuous climb on the way up. All 1.8 miles. Filtered views from the top. Only did it because it was dog friendly. Trail was easy to follow and nicely groomed.

10 months ago

I did this trail clockwise so I could get the tough part out of the way first. You get on top after about 2.3 miles of climbing, but from then on it is fantastic! Incredible views and I had lunch at Jasmine's Meadow, overlooking the valley with a view of Lake Crescent. The trail is well marked and I saw no places where the trail had slid away (as someone previously reported), so they obviously have fixed it. So many variations of wild flowers that I kept stopping to take pictures! Awesome place.

limited views

11 months ago

Great hike with some beautiful views of Lake Crescent; however the views across the Straits of Juan de Fuca to Canada are minimal and through the trees. We liked the option of the Muller Divide Trail in case we were tired, but never saw the junction, luckily we had decided to do the whole loop. There were just a few patches of snow left on the trail when we did the hike that didn't affect us. It is a lightly trafficked trail - we never saw another person. Note that this is part of the Olympic National Forest, and you have to pay $5 at the trailhead (envelopes and box available).

11 months ago

Attempted to hike the loop clockwise on Sunday May 21st. The hike up to Jim's junction was great. The trail was in excellent condition. On the ridge we encountered snow in a few patches but managed to get passed fairly easily. The summit and panoramic viewpoint offered amazing views. We started our decent but encountered snow that was not passable without snowshoes at the 5.7 mile mark. We turned around and descended the same way we came up. Tough hike but very rewarding views.

11 months ago

Hiked to the peak of Mt Muller and back on 5/22. As Tammy mentioned, around mile 5.7, you may hit some huge snow banks. We didn't feel well equipped enough to traverse the steep snow banks in just hiking boots, so turned back around mile 6. Still an amazing hike as an out and back--the views stretch to Canada, Mt Baker, and Crescent Lake. Also incredibly amazing variance in terrain and vegetation--great example of the amazingness of Washington wilderness! Definitely a challenging hike, but fairly quick for about 12 miles. My husband and I are really athletic, and it took us about 5 hours round trip (including a 20 min lunch break at the top). Nothing too technical or rocky--just lots of smooth, moderately steep switchbacks for the first 3.7 miles, then a bit of up and down along the ridge. Only saw 3 other hikes the whole time, so pretty lightly trafficked and quiet when we went. 100% worth it!!

Monday, May 22, 2017

This is a lightly trafficked route that makes for a fantastic day hike. I went with one friend and we experienced a little bit of everything - challenging uphill, breathtaking views, meadows, lush forest, etc. I would highly recommend this hike to anybody in decent shape. However, be very wary of snow/ice! After the peak, you start downhill on a side of the mountain that receives less sun. We found ourselves climbing and "ice picking" with sticks across 3+ ft snow banks for two miles (6-7) on the decent. Though challenging and exhilarating at times, traversing the near vertical, melting snow was definitely a risky task! It would have been much easier with proper snow shoes or poles. Once we passed the snow the rest of the downhill was gradual and easy. Would highly recommend after June/July for the panoramic views at the top!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

So beautiful. Great for taking pictures. Crossing Gold Creek was a little dicey with rope and rocks.

Full body workout today climbing over and under fallen trees. It was awesome!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Shouldn't be rated as "Hard", but is a lovely little stroll up a hill.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

It's been awhile since I have been on here! I completed Mt. Zion about 2 years ago, nice little hike!

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Nice day hike. Quick elevation gain over a couple miles and descent view.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Not that hard and has amazing views if you hike down ether side of the trail once you get to the top. Some times to foggy to see out. Great day hike.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Great hike
loved it all weather was good , trail was in good shape. The lake was very low

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