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Cloudy day, so we missed the great views at the top.

Beautiful even in bad weather

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3 days ago

Had a great morning hike/jog on this trail today.. maybe saw six other people total and one happy puppy. Extremely easy to follow and directions made it simple. Nice hike and not overly challenging

Gorgeous hike, went with our 7 & 9 year old and almost made it to the top. The clouds/mist/cold near the top caused us to turn back. If not for the kiddos we definitely would have continued. The switchbacks were not difficult, neither was the boulder field-for adults, challenging though! Our kids had a hard time especially because we were hiking in the clouds which meant lots of misting. The rocks were wet and slippery and made hiking with kiddos difficult, even seasoned kid hikers! Without kids I am sure it’s amazing and much less care free!:) Will definitely be returning!

9 days ago

Steep hike thats all up hill. Good challenge/workout and amazing view at the top. One of my favorites. Check it out!

Steep tough climb to the top, but the view at the end makes the entire trip worth it!! Also saw some goats along the way.

Started at the upper trailhead on Friday at 1pm. There were a decent amount of cars but nothing crazy. The first 30 minutes of the hike were never ending switchbacks that burned my calves like crazy. Stopped every couple of seconds to question my life. I think the next 20 minutes or so switched to climbing through rocks which was a nice change but at this point you’re still questioning life. On the bright side you’ve made it through the clearing and you’ve got a nice view of Mt Rainier on a good day. The last bit involves hiking a narrow trail along the mountain and just when you think you’ve reached the top you gotta keep going. But it’s a short ways by that point and the views are definitely worth it. Definitely gets chillier up there so a sweater is a smart idea. Saw a mama goat and her baby goat going up near the switchbacks and saw them again going down. Also got real close to a goat up at the peak and we had a mini photoshoot and he didn’t seem to mind at all.

The trip up took me about 1hr 20mins but it seems people average a little more than that (my app has it logged at a little over 2 miles going up). The trip down took me 45mins but I jogged through the switchbacks. Also hiking sticks would probably be useful going down as it is pretty steep up near the top. Views on a clear day are super worth it though!

Very popular trail. Go in the morning to beat the crowd and the heat! There is no water on this trail, so bring plenty. Trust me, you'll drink it. The push to the top is worth it with the reward of a stunning view and lots of mountain goats :) Also, the snow is gone if you are wondering like I was. Small patches for my dog to roll around in to cool off...

Amazing hike. very hard but very rewarding. I am very out of shape(6'2 275lbs), and managed to struggle to the top.

Really enjoyed this hike definitely feels like your on the stairmaster for most of the hike but totally worth the view. We saw 3 goats on our adventure and a few chipmunks.

This is my go to place when I want to get away from the busy life. It's not hard and at some points, you get nice views of the lake. I swam there plenty of times.

Started our journey at the lower Ellinor trailhead which added 1.9 miles to our hike. It starts out with a nice incline through the trees with a nice clear trail. Once you get to where the lower and upper trailhead meet, you start heading up switchbacks which get steeper the more you climb and more rocky and root filled with each one. Then it breaks out of the trees and it’s a steep (I mean steep!) climb up the mountain with a trail that is rocky and narrow at times. Near the top you will have to scramble up huge boulders with a hint of a trail as you climb. Once you get through that you follow the trail still another 20 minutes or so to reach the summit. Brutal incline and trail at times. I’m glad I didn’t know how hard it was going to be or I wouldn’t have tried it. It was a cloudy overcast day so we didn’t get to see all the views the summit had to offer but saw mountain goats and chipmunks so that was worth the climb. Coming down was just as daunting due to loose rocks and climbing down using my hands. Hard on the legs as well due to the steep nature of headed down. This trail will test you especially if you aren’t in amazing shape. Kids, dogs and older people were seen on the trail as well so it’s doable just take your time if you aren’t in the best shape. Will be back on a clearer day to see more! Clocked in 8.6 miles starting at the lower trail and over 20,000 steps with 250 flights of stairs per my phone app.

Started at lower trail head. This is the longer route. The trail was a steady incline with rock scramble at the summit trail. Took us about 2.5hrs to get to the top as it is steep and challenging. It was worth it to see two mountain goat at the top. It was cold at the summit so I suggest bringing a jacket. Good hiking shoes a must. Round trip took 5.5 hrs (10 miles logged). It would have been better to go on a clearer day but was still worth it. Not for novice hikers although there were a lot of kids and dogs on the trail. The road into the trailhead is dirt and bumpy. I would go again and just start at the upper trailhead to make the hike shorter.

17 days ago

I'd rate this as easy not moderate. .

Great hike . Tough but well worth it. Started at the lower trailhead for 3.1 miles each way. The small trail sign near the trail head is on the road . Once you start the trail, the larger info sign about the the lower and upper trail is located just inside as you start the hike. Well marked trail and easy to follow footpath.

20 days ago

Wonderful but difficult hike, made it about 700ft from the summit, had to turn around because of the steep incline and snow (May/June). Will be retrying in September/October.

This trail is absolutely NOT moderate or anything close. It is very difficult. The views are awesome and the trail is well maintained. The mislabeling makes this hike way less fun as it’s far more difficult than expected.
It is only uphill—only a few parts that are a couple yards long are flat. The end gets particularly hard. The view is cool but I don’t know how worth it is especially if you’re looking for a moderate hike.

21 days ago

It's a very short but lovely hike. I call it a hike because it's a bit steep and the trail is sketchy in a few places, but I'm old and I made it down with a dog, so you can too.

Do not follow the Google Map instructions. Just park in the cutout on the right side of the road northbound. Then walk back the way you came, on the inside of the guardrail. Believe it or not, that is the trailhead. It took me a while to find it.

The trees are magnificent, huge and covered in moss. I expected a Stegosaurus to step out from behind a tree at any moment.

The trail is not maintained by any stretch of the imagination. It has a few drop offs, where you have to find a foothold on a tree root or on a rock. They were far too steep for a little dog, so I had to pick her up and lift her over a few times.

The hike took three minutes. No, that is not an exaggeration. The Beaver Creek runs through here, after falling from a large cliff, creating the falls. There is a huge swimming hole at the bottom of the falls, but it is difficult to get into because there are large logs blocking a clear path to the water. And, it was too cold for me and my little dog. We both waded up to our knees and were like, "Nope," and came back out again.

But it is really beautiful down there. Almost no bugs! And not a single person seen.

The only bummer was that there is lots of trash at the trailhead. Have some respect people. Ugh.

This is very tiny waterfall.

We rather started from upper parking and it was a good idea, because 1,5mil took us 2h. I must say the trail is very steep and excercise like step aerobic mostly in second part. Trekking poles are very helpfull. We were happy that we reached a peak but we only saw the other side the mountain because of the smoke. We also saw a white goat and took a picture of course. And the best at the end, we chose a winter trail on the way back bacause we wanted make a loop and it was a big experience because you go in riverbed and there also was lot of climbing down, and many little stones slipping under legs.

28 days ago

Nice waterfall but I have seen better.The road to the beginning of the trail is bad.A hiker from Czech rep.

i have made this trip twice now. too many roots and rocks to trip over. always having to look down to watch my step. lake is beautiful though.

The whole hike was excellent! the first few miles started easy then it gradually increase as you work your way up to the top. Going down from the top is a little scary so I suggest you take you steps carefully. It took me almost 4 hours from top to bottom (lower trail)

1 month ago

Good views at the top but the climb to the top is brutal. It was also super hazy/smokey (not the trails fault).

If you are not in shape or don't enjoy hiking then find another trail. Bugs were not bad besides a fly surrounded my wife the entire descent. Total trip was 8 miles from phone app.

Honestly would not hike again.

1 month ago

Park right off the 113 and very short walk to falls. Pretty and might be better in the fall winter when there is more water!

Great hike for me and my level of experience. Longest day hike yet on a very well maintained and serene trail. Elevation change is moderate but enough to keep things interesting

It’s about two hours of sweat in the trees, but once you really start climbing - that little half mile stretch of a thousand feet in the middle isn’t the climb - this becomes an exhilarating hike. Summit Loop isn’t as maintained as the lower part because of less traffic. Be ready for a bit of scrambling. Went up on 17 Aug and had no issues with bugs. Still hazy and could only see the closest mountains. Bring hiking poles and at least 2 quarts of water. Not for the weak or faint hearted.

Very steep trail with a big payoff in views. From the peak of Mt. Ellinor you can see Rainier, Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, and the Olympic range. It is almost guaranteed you will also see mountain goats.

1 month ago


Amazing hike! First clear day in awhile due to all the fires. Saw 4 goats on top, 2 babies so stayed clear. Did this hike last week as well and visibility was pretty bad. Glad to be able to see Cushman and the canal.

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