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Hiked 2/12/18 and LOOOOVEEDD it. Would personally rate as easy, but that’s just me. Was a beautiful day and didn’t want to leave the lake.

We hiked this trail on a snowy February day, but when we arrived we only had sun. I'm from out of state, so perhaps this is a rain shadow hike? The trail is very well marked with pit toilets at the trailhead. I liked that the trail ascends very consistently at more or less the same incline. It made it more enjoyable but still enough of a challenge. For a winter hike, bring lots of layers. There was a lot of wind at the top and I quickly added about 3 layers to stay warm. My black lab mutt was shivering, so we had a coat and a backpack for her. When you get to the top down by the lake, the trail continues on the left a ways. Don't try to go right as the trail ends and there are large boulders. The trail only had a few muddy spots. There was a very thin layer of snow at the top. The lake itself is relatively large for an alpine lake. We arrived in the afternoon and had to sit in the shade along the shoreline. The drive to get here is also really pretty since you drive along the sound for a while.

Beautiful way to spend a sunny winter day, steady uphill hike. Busy even on a cold day, better to start early before the crowds. Rocks and tree roots throughout the trail but still a very well maintained trail.

Beautiful Hike !!! Breath taking view of the lake

2 months ago

This trail was beautiful! It was nice and steady, pretty easy hike. The trail was in good shape, just a few little streams to pass over (didn’t even get the boots wet) No mud. The lake is beautiful, especially with the snow. Even for late December there was very little snow on the trail and easily managed. A lot of toe grabber rocks on the way down.

2 months ago

easy, falls are right off the road.

3 months ago

Road was in good condition and there was only very minor snow at the top on 11/19.

3 months ago

This was one the most beautiful hikes I have done in a long time. The lake was amazing!
Highly recommend!

did this trail 4/16.....it kicked my butt....steep switchbacks. (many). beautiful views if the lake at the top. hard on the knees coming down.

Tough terrain at times but worth it. Lake was pretty low.

5 months ago

parked at the bottom of the hill at hamma hamma river and hiked the two miles plus to the trail Head. Then I hiked the trail up the ridge to the top and some. got views of several peaks on all sides. was even able to see Lena lake from the ridge trail. just look to the North up at the top. we love this trail. tough hike, steep, watch out for dead trees on the trail, waiting to fall. . we turned around on the top of the ridge, not sure how far the trail extends to. but we ran out of water. probably hiked 8 miles out and back.

Best place for a moderately difficult day hike and a great view for lunch!

just awsome

Hiked this today with our 9 year old daughter, and had a great time, although we goofed up and thought the end of the trail was the lookout point. Apparently we were wrong, I guess if you keep going you get all the way to the lake. So kinda sad that we missed out on that. Also do not be fooled by the name! Lol LOWER does not mean it is not high up! Lol. This hike was ALL uphill! and very rocky. But it was a very cool hike. We loved it very much. great work out forsure. I would definatly wear hiking boots because of all the rocks. all in all a great day. Also it's dog friendly, but I would honestly feel bad bringing my pup on this trail, it would probably hurt his paws.

6 months ago

awesome hike, beautiful lake.

Nice lake :)

very easy, dogs loved it.. it's where I met my wife..

Great exercise. Many switchbacks. Nice views. Mostly shaded. A pass is required to park at the trailhead.

Perfect hike for a hot day! We did this hike in about 4 hours and had lunch at the top, and even went for a swim! Water was perfect! Love the waterfall you get to listen to while hiking up the trail.

I love this hike, planning on returning to do upper trail.

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