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2 days ago

Pretty fun, simple trail to do in our spare time.

Beautiful day, surprisingly uphill hike! Great views along the way. Flowers were dying off for the most part. I liked how narrow the trail was. Few bugs, no critters sighted. We saw only 2 other hikers all day. We had a 9 year old and two 7 year olds and with many snack breaks we made it up the first trail, the second trail, and across the road to the third trail. We climbed that for a while and after more snacks, headed back down. Those kids were awesome! Lots of sliding on the way down, wear your grippy shoes. I bet those kids fell asleep pretty fast tonight.⛰

The hike itself isn't very long but the elevation gain makes it feel LONG. This hike was incredible if you don't mind a challenge, with stunning views almost the entire time. lots of mountain goats and chipmunks. bug spray and good hiking shoes will make it that much better!

Make sure you go on a nice day. Too tough a hike without the payoff. Thought the morning clouds would burn off, but only got worse. Could only see about 50 ft in front on me the whole time, no view fro the top or anywhere else. Only made it from the lower lot to the snow, still 6mi/2300ft RT. It is mid-July dang it, snow should be gone, clouds lifted! We'll be back!

5 days ago

Beautiful hike through the forest (hiked 7/7). The trail is well maintained and easy to hike up. I thought this was difficult because of the steep, constant climb. When you reach the summit, don’t stop there; walk the extra half mile past the parking lot to get another view of puget sound.

It's a gorgeous, well maintained trail. the lower 2/3 of the trail starts with relatively easy but gradual elevation gain. Once you hit the upper trail, and especially the "Summer Trail", it turns into a quadriceps burner for sure. The summit is 100% worth the pain of getting there however.
One thing to be aware of: Lots of loose gravel on steep steps along the summer trail portion... watch your footing (especially if it's wet). I plan on hitting it again soon.

6 days ago

This was an awesome trail. Trail was easily walkable for the most parts. There were several little creeks and maybe a couple medium sized creeks to get across. Shade covered the trail most of the way, which was really nice. Mosquitos were barely an issue. Only very few existed for about the first half of the trail near the water then a few more popped in the second half of the trail. But it was far from the nuisance level even when at the water. They even did not bother my dog, which was the opposite from other places with water and mosquitos. Farther down the second half of the trail was quite lush-y with tall ground plants where you will need to lift your arms as they bow along the trail quite a bit. We stopped at Bank Shanty for our lunch and camped at Camp Jolley. Both sites were pleasant and near the river.

Incredible views after the first few miles! This is a tough trail for novices, we were pooped when we got back to the the car. But smiling!

Beautiful views at the top are a huge payoff from the steep climb up! On 7/6 there was small section of snow little more than half way through but clear after and at the top. Definitely worth hiking to see the views, mountain goats, and screaming marmots :)

7 days ago

Did this hike with a friend a few months ago and like all the other reviews have stated, ITS STEEP. You'll definitely be feeling it at the end. If you've got bad knees i highly suggest trekking poles. We werent as fortunate to get the gorgeous views that others have gotten , instead we were rewarded with a ton of fog, and a killer workout!

hiked April 21st 2018. superb climb. took an hour and forty five minutes to climb from the bottom of the avalanche chute. five minutes to get back down.

Great hike, definitely not difficult. There weren’t any mountain goats though so that was a bummer. Small snow chute near the top but no traction equipment required. Be careful on the way down though.

8 days ago

This hike was kick butt! The view was so worth it though. It is a grind the whole way up, just make sure to pack lots of water and a can do attitude!

Fabulous hike. Ever steps was worth it. The scenic views were spectacular!

Great hike, such amazing views and saw some wildlife along the way

10 days ago

The views were spectacular! We took our daughter also Eleanor (spelled different) she’s almost 5 months old she did so good and loved it. Made for some great family photos.

great views.

It was hard but very worth it. Enjoyed very much.

Great hike! Well-maintained trail with a rewarding view of Lena Lake at the top.

11 days ago

Great day hike starting at the shores of lake cushman. Strait up the whole way. We took the short side of the lollypop up and the long way down to save the knees which I would recommend.

Excellent day hike with nice elevation gain. We saw many mountain goats that seemed calm but we tried to keep our distance. The one area of snow pack left was fairly easy to traverse in trainers.

Incredible hike. We wanted a good weekday challenge and got one. Plenty of views and face-offs with the goats. The snow pack near the summit makes a good section of trail interesting, but up and down from the lower trailhead is still doable in under 3hrs. Recommended to begin at the lower parking.

Beautiful and well maintained trail. We started from the lower trailhead later in the day, but easily found a parking spot and the trail wasn’t too busy. We had to turn around at the snow (didn’t bring the necessary equipment), but could’ve probably pushed through it if we had really wanted to.

It was a great day for a hike. The weather was nice and just right for hiking - 60s.
It is best to go early. As we were going back down we met a lot of hikers and many dogs.
All of the dogs were on leashes and well-behaved. We took our 3 dogs and they did great.

Perfect. Even jumped in the water. Lots of people but it’s worth it

Great hike and beautiful lake.

wouldn't really consider this a trail, more of an overlook. campground ou'd temporarily closed but just park next to the gate and walk in

A few other people hiked to the level where the upper falls was and I followed suit. absolutely amazing! I stood behind the upper falls, glorious hike! I'd you're going to get off the trail you absolutely want shoes with good tread. if you want to behave yourself this is a slightly challenging but quick hike to a gorgeous Washington falls

18 days ago

Beautiful hike, but not for the faint of heart. It is rated moderate, but is very steep and can destroy someone who is not in the right shape for it.

The risk to reward for this hike is no question. For less than a mile 1-way you get to see an amazing falls!!!

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