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7 days ago

Left Seattle at 8:05 AM and got to the TH at 10 AM. I started at the Smithbrook TH. There’s no need to register your car at the trailhead. The registration sheet was sopping wet and the signs at the beginning of the TH said you didn’t need to :). I don’t know how it is other times of the year, so check to make sure! THERE WERE SO MANY PUPS ON THIS TRAIL! Super dog friendly :). My pup went off leash pretty much immediately, but he’s a wonderful hiking dog and stays close and we hold onto him to let other hikers pass us.

The beginning of the trail is a bunch of switch backs. That’s the “hardest” part of the trail., which I would rate moderate. The rest is super easy and flat or super gentle inclines. I don’t know why this is rated hard because it’s very kid friendly. The trails are narrow at times, so it’s hard to pass other hikers with your dog, but I don’t think it’s a big deal. I wore warm running leggings, a ski base layer, and my rain jacket with a beanie and I was perfectly fine! I think it was about 47 degrees F and cloudy. The fall colors are AMAZINGl! My pup enjoyed Lake Valhalla with a bunch of others. The whole trail took a little less that 4 hours because we enjoyed our snacks at the lake :). ENJOY THE TRAIL!

Beautiful easy hike for the whole family.

Close in town, fabulous views, great exercise, it’s all there!

well maintained trail. A little overcast with mist today but beautiful country! A good hike.

1 month ago

Trail in great shape, a little muddy and could be slick if raining. Would do again, totally a great hike for backpacking.

extremely beautiful and moderate traffic. plenty of water along the way. most of the trail is hardpacked and easy terrain. everyone on the trail was very friendly.

1 month ago

The trail is well maintained with some beautiful views. Our kids did great on this hike. There were a couple of short stretches with steep drop offs to the side of the trail, but the trail stayed wide and manageable for our 7 year old the whole time. Our 3 year old rode in the carrier for the more questionable parts. Lake Valhalla is gorgeous! Just about 7 miles round-trip.

2 months ago

Beautiful, well-maintained with a cold lake in which to cool off at the end.

Spectacular views of Glacier Peak.

This trail is great, 7.2 mile round trip, bugs aren’t too bad and the path is marked very well!

3 months ago

Very muddy, very buggy, lots of snow. Still a fun hike. One hour and fifteen minutes to the Lake. Meant to turn off onto the Mt McCausland trail but missed it in all the snow. Glad I had my poles. The top half of the hike was either snow or mud. Will come back in the fall for the McCausland trail. Also had a bonus F/A-18 flyby scream over the lake- twice!

Great hike! Bring bug spray!

It was more of a hard trail. Made it .6 miles in and turned back. Solid rocks up the trail. About another mile in there is snow covered in June. We saw beautiful views of our little bit in. It was fun and beautiful just more of a hard trail with the gravel. We did not have poles. I would recommend them.

8 months ago

My wife and I hiked to Skyline Lake and beyond from Stevens Pass. The trail to the lake was packed hard, so we didn't use snowshoes. The trail was rather steep but we didn't have problem. The trail from the lake to the rock garden was crusty so we used snowshoes. On the way down the snow on the tail became soft and slippery where the sun was beating down so we used Microspikes. I saw other people using skis, snowshoes, and spikes. The weather was sunny. The temperature was between 17 and 38 degrees F. It was a gorgeous day.

Snowshoe beyond the lake up to the rock ridge for views.

Friday, August 04, 2017

Not worth the effort. It's just a steep way up prepared for 4WDs, no views.

Saturday, July 08, 2017

A NW hidden gem and favorite overnight destination since I was a kid.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Awesome places to go winter snow camping

Sunday, December 04, 2016

First time snow shoeing and first on trail so it was hard but we did It and loved it. Lots of people on the way down and the trail was easier after others were on it

Thursday, August 25, 2016

It's a steep dirt road. Not very scenic. The lake at the end is cute.

Absolutely gorgeous ! It was an unexpected hike, my son & husband didn't read the map well and 6 miles in and we were wondering if we took a wrong turn. Lake Vahalla appeared and it was breathtaking.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Awesome views! Great snowshoeing experience. Would definitely do it again.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Awesome snowshoe hike with my buddy, Matt! Would definitely do it again.

This trail was breathtaking! It was several years ago but I will never forget the beauty. It was beauty most of the way. I could never carry a backpack over those mountains again but I would love to see it again. First of all, the 5875 feet of vertical is wrong. That may be the difference between the lowest and the highest but it does not include the up and down along the way. Also, I only did the trail one way, not out and back. There were some vistas, but not many. The beauty was in the alpine forest, water features and plant life. I did not see any bears, but they are up there. It did get above the treeline which was not as scenic. My favorite spot was a beautiful hanging valley with green moss or something in the stream.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

This was a great first snowshoeing trip! The big climb was tough (basically 1000 ft climb all at once) but it was so worth it! What an amazing way to spend Christmas Day.

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

A little hard to find in the snow, but was worth the time. Only saw a handful of people and felt very secluded. Not many places to rest, due to the open nature of the trail. The snow was coming down so hard that the view was not visible.

Hiked the PCT north from Steven's Pass just to see how far I could get, knowing that the snow is still an issue this time of year. I hade it in about 2.5 miles before having to stop because of the snow fields. I would suspect it is another month before you can get to the top.

The trail is in good shape, although it will need some love soon. There were three areas where downed trees fell across the trail. In all cases I was able to get over/under/around the blockage.

I will go back in mid-July and report back.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Pretty easy hike to the lake. Better views of Glacier Peak and Stuart can be had with taking the ridge.

4 days ago

4 days ago

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