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Hiked this on June 27 (Wednesday), and aside from me and my friend, there were 2 other people on the trail all day.

Took 5 hours to do the whole thing, including a couple short breaks and a long break at the summit.

There was snow on the ridge above the burnzone switchbacks that face southwest. We mistakenly followed the ridge, when we should have gone right (north) to stay on the trail as it enters the south facing basin below the summit.

*only went as far as the end of the tunnel not the end of the trail 5.4 mi r/t 100 elevation I believe*
Very easy to walk but very boring. At least 10 times I asked my boyfriend if we should turn around. We were told that it was worth it to walk to the other side of the tunnel, there is a small waterfall and a mountain range, we are currently sitting on the benches dreading the walk back. It took us 1 hour to get though the tunnel. In my opinion there is nothing to see, my suggestion is walk about 10 minutes in (for the experience) then turn around and do another trail, unless you like the blank solitude.

Beautiful hike with great views of Lake Kachess!

Easy for a quick trip in the heat. The view is amazing!

Great loop trail, parking lot was a bit busy and the road was a little rough but worth the drive.

The last mile is brutal.

2 days ago

Spectacular still does not describe this loop!

Don't let the mileage fool you, the elevation gain makes up for it! So beautiful at the lakes! The mosquitos and flys are INSANE right now, bug spray did nothing to help. I would give this five stars but the trailhead is just on the road and no bathrooms. There are lots of places to easily access Lake Minotaur and cool views of Theseus. Lots of places to explore and spread out and enjoy, only you can't enjoy because of the bugs.

Wear bug spray.

4 days ago

Easy and enjoyable :)

I loved this hike, views were beautiful! Definitely bring bug spray! There were a lot of mountain goats early in the morning at Robin lake! We also made time to hike from Trico mountain from here, would recommend if you have some free time.

Side Note: Men’s wedding band was found on 7/13 if someone happens to know who lost it.

Bring your bug spray! This hike is hard, also if you have a small car you wont be able to make it across the creek running over the roadway.

5 days ago

This is an up and down. We did not do the boot cut route. The hike was good up to the sign splitting to 1313.3 to the beacon. The route to the beacon was full of logs blocking the trail. The view from the top was quite pretty.

5 days ago

I really hated this hike. Honestly, I’m giving it an extra star only because my husband actually really like it. You’d have to ask him why, I don’t know. The river is pretty, but you are only hiking next to it for part of the hike and can only access it at a few points to cool off. The trail is damn hot. A lot of sun exposure, no breeze, and the ground gets too hot for dog feet in many spots. Bring booties for your dog or be prepared to carry him through these sections. This trail is also very crowded and you hike through a large campground for part of the time which is just so weird. Not for me.

5 days ago

1. Payoff - the view at the lake is beautiful and worth it in my opinion (not worth it in my husbands opinion - he hated this hike). The foliage on the way is also quite lovely.
2. Solitude - we hiked on a Saturday morning (8:30 to 10:45) and never saw a single person on the trail or at the trailhead.
3. Beat the heat - trail is shaded almost the entire way and the temp was 10 degrees cooler than in Leavenworth when we were there.

1. Two thirds of this hike are a straight up climb. Yes, seriously.
2. The entire trail is swarming with mosquitos. We wore permethrin-treated clothing and picaridin and were still harassed the whole way, so be prepared to fight for your life.
3. There are large sections of this trail that are almost completely overgrown, so if you hate bush-whacking (like my husband) then this may not be the trail for you.

Great hike! Lots of beautiful water features. The trail is a bit overgrown and they definitely need to add some signs as we got lost multiple times. We found that always heading left kept us on the trail. The lake is beautiful and well worth the difficult last mile.

6 days ago

Simple and gorgeous views all the way!

8 days ago

Amazing views. But: lots of ice still on the ground, quite buggy, and a very difficult river crossing coming down from Cathedral, just before Deception Pass. Plan for wet feet or bring something you’ll feel comfortable wearing through fast moving water.

If you're planning on using this trail past the 4th of July turnoff don't waste your time. I was planning on tying 4th of July with Chatter Creek via Icicle Ridge Trail and the trail is completely overgrown. Bushwacked for an hour trying to find any sign of a trail. Had to turn around. NEEDS SOME SERIOUS WORK.

This hike is easily one of my favorites. Red Top lookout is windy! But the trails leading to Agate beds were beautiful and filled with wild flowers blooming. The trails are overgrown in some areas but I think that's from the lack of hikers the trail has seen this year. Definitely a dog friendly hike.

Gorgeous, easy trail. Wish it was longer. Beautiful lake. Lots if room to picnic, swim and play.

Beautiful hike! hard work but only for a small part of the hike! It is actually 7 miles round trip. Be sure to bring bug spray! Mosquitoes are pretty bad.

9 days ago

The first 3 miles were pretty easy as previous people have said. There were a few small stream crossings but nothing so difficult you couldn't walk on rocks. Then came the next 3 miles(ish) of good gain and with a backpack, was a bit of a workout for me. Getting to Tuck Lake was nothing compared to getting to Robin. We lost the trail once or twice but thankfully there were cairns everywhere so it was pretty easy to follow. There were only a few patches of snow left but they were pretty easy to get across. The last part of the hike was walking up a pretty steep granite (which was pretty sticky and I didn't worry about my feet slipping). Don't forget to turn around when you're up there because the mountains behind you are absolutely beautiful. It's a great photo op before you cross over the top and head down to Robin Lake.

10 days ago

Great little hike but lots of trees down blocking the path.

10 days ago

Very pretty lake surrounded by mountains, well paved and maintained , it’s more like a park in the mountains

10 days ago

This is a great hike, but first off the app is wrong it’s 10 miles as a round trip, not 8.6. I did it with my parents (read as slow people) and it took us 6 hours and we added about a cumulative hour of rest time. With the hour long drive to get there from Roslyn (45min from Ronald) this is an all day adventure.
There are lots of bugs this time of year, if you spray yourself a bit they won’t be annoying while hiking but when you get to the top there are so many they will swarm you if you stay in one place too long.
The trail itself is very well maintained especially for how far it is from any real town. The last quarter mile which is almost straight up at Cathedral Rock is a bit of a billy goat trail but it’s worth the bush whacking for the view.
It’s not too intense, old but fit people and young kids could do it, and if you make it to squaw lake and don’t feel like you can do that same distance again then it’s a good place to enjoy and then turn around.
There is plenty of clean running water coming from the snow melt, and with a sawyer squeeze or similar water filtration system you will really only need to bring about one water bottle each and fill up when you get near squaw lake where the water is running fast. This makes backpacking light very possible in the area.
Although we didn’t camp, we noticed squaw lake would have been a beautiful place to camp, and it has less bugs than the peak. It seems like going all the way to Peggy’s pond as some had mentioned would not be all that fun considering how much farther it is past cathedral Rock.
Watch out for bears we heard from a hiker we passed that he had seen a black bear cub that morning near the parking lot.

10 days ago

Trail was in good condtion and directions on All trails lead you straight to the parking lot.
My dog and i were 2.0 miles in when we came across a middle aged couple and there pit mix. we were on a leash and gave them room to pass. Their dog was not on a leash and without hesitation came straight at us and attacked my dog. He ended up biting a quarter sized hole out of my dogs chest.
I had to pull their dog off as they watched, i wanted to chuck that POS down the hill. Luckily my 115lb mastiff is friendly and didnt attach the 40lb dog back. The couple was real appologetic and i they gave me all there information for any vet fees. People, dont be naive and think your dog is always wonderful like they said, strict leash laws are to protect everyone on the trail.
We plan to try this hike again in the future.

11 days ago

Beautiful views all around. Heavily trafficked. Very easy hike, good for families, groups, and dogs.

11 days ago

A group of 4 of us did this as an overnight backpacking trip yesterday/today. So much fun! Fill out a quick tag near the post at the front of the trailhead to hang on your backpack (it helps them document numbers to apply for granting, etc but doesn’t cost anything). Beautiful views and it does change scenery throughout! Lots of roots and huge step ups. I’ve done many more hikes with 3000+ elevation gain but somehow this one seemed a bit tougher! I attribute it to the huge step ups/downs that are a little tougher on your body. It was definitely a bit more technical, which lives up to it’s difficult rating (lots of cool stream crossings, balance, rough terrain, climbing through a stream, trail finding a bit). Rachel lake was beautiful! Bring bug spray, mostly near the lake. Be aware, there are no campfires allowed near the lake (1/2 mike away actually) and none above 5000 feet. That was a bit of a bummer and it got cold overnight!! I would have loved to get to Rampart or Box Canyon or Lila or Alta Peak but another time!

Arrived 10:45. At summit 1:30pm. Sat around to eat. Took one hour to get down. Finished at 3:45pm. About ten cars in the area. Parking lot is not well defined. The trailhead is up the dirt road from the parking lot. This was a late start. Really hot. 80’s. I should learn to wake up earlier. No porta potty at the trail head. Trail is 75% exposed.

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