1 month ago

Northrup Canyon is a spectacular hike! absolutely love this easy 3-mile round-trip hike to the homestead and back. the trailhead is easy to find, just a few miles west of Electric City . You will follow a well-maintained trail down through the beautiful rock canyon. We saw several bald eagles soaring above the cliffs as we walked through the Canyon. There was a little flooding on the trail about halfway before the homestead but nothing you couldn't scurry around. Soon you will be closer to the creek and there'll be a wooden Footbridge.We climbed on top I have a large rock to the right to see if we could see the homestead yet. To all right hidden out of sight we found another treasure! Reminents of an old broken down corral and the remainder of a beautiful old rusted out turquoise car. Getting back onto the trail we continued and soon saw the trail was flooded and unpassible. Lucky for us somebody had made an arrow out of rocks to show a detour to the left. The detour trail continued along the bottom of the rocky cliffside leading right to the Old Homestead. We ate lunch at the picnic table and spent an hour just exploring the area.