mountain biking
13 days ago

Road my bike in with no problem love this trail

13 days ago

My absolute favorite short hike in Washington! Super easy, amazing views, awesome camping spots, and doesn't take that long

Nice hike. Trails were good my wife and I had a blast. As soon as it warms up some more we going to do it again.

23 days ago

26 days ago

I went to hike this about a week ago, sadly my hike was cut short due to too many rattlesnake run ins for my comfort. I also had my young son with me and didn't want to risk getting harmed on our adventure. However, this would have been a beautiful hike and fairly easy. I plan to come back at a better time of year to complete this trail. Just be vigilant and aware of your surroundings and footing as you go about your hike.

Overall it was an awesome hike. Not too hard, but do stay on trails because of rattlesnakes. Love how there's so much open areas to camp that you don't have to be next to people.

1 month ago

This was a nice Mother's day hike. My 8 yo son made it just fine. It is kind of dusty on the well traveled paths and rocky along the lakes. I think 10° warmer and you would run into rattle snakes.

Great for trail running!

Unique hike! It's fun to go off trail without fear of getting lost. I also enjoy climbing up to the top of the far waterfall for an astonishing view

Beautiful hike. Should be rated as moderate if you hike up to the waterfalls over and up the rocks. Plenty of water for dogs at the beginning or end of the trail (depending on which lot you parked in).