I had the trail to myself on this beautiful brisk morning. Lots of scat on the trail but didn't see any animals around except birds overhead. Stunning area, a few nice waterfalls leading to the lake.

I did this trail today 2/5/18 and met 3 people on the whole trail so basically I had it to myself and it was an absolute dream. Easy and relaxing. I got lucky and it was sunny with clear blue skies. It was an awesome day and fun hike!

26 days ago

Awesome hike! Recently moved to Central Washington and since there’s no snow in January I thought I’d give this one a shot! Glad I did. Lots of people were out on the weekend for this one.

The hike is very gradual with minimal incline. The most incline comes at the end and whether you choose to hike up over the waterfall or not.

I chose to hike up to the ridge and the view at the peak of sunset was well worth it. Check this one out. Plus it’s suitable for all ages.

I actually filmed this hike and put the video on YouTube. It shows ground footage as well as aerial footage with my drone. If you’re interested and want a more in depth feel for the hike, check it out here: https://youtu.be/tjhg5b7DPEM

Or just type “Ancient Lakes Central Washington” into YouTube and it should be the first thing that comes up. Thanks for checking it out and I’d love to hear feedback. If interested, subscribe the YouTube channel DanGoodLife as well. Happy hiking!

2 months ago

Suitable for all.

Amazing views .easy fun trail .do go to the waterfall

3 months ago

Great hike with lots to see!!

This was nice and easy. We did the entire loop, which was way more than 4.7 miles, but we also walked across the rocks to the waterfall by the lake. Once we got to the waterfall, we climbed up to the top of it. The views were even more amazing from up there. Did run into one rattlesnake, but it didn't bother with us.

Was super easy to get to. I like the heat but the heat there was ridiculous. When you go to get water at night with a light, bring a head net... views were pretty good if you climb the canyon a little bit. But the heat made me not want to think of that weekend ever again

6 months ago

This hike is easy in the sense of distance and little elevation gain, but the heat made it miserable. I would only recommend going out here during cooler weather. The area does have some different scenery compared to other parts of Washington that I am used to, and it was beautiful, but the heat made me never want to go back.

Easy path hardly any incline at all. Beautiful rock views along the way...hike is broken up with water fall mid way , and then a lake. Beautiful flowers around the water spots.

Really enjoyable "high dessert" hike. If looking to get away from normal green dense forest hikes in WA, would check it out. Bring lots of water cause via little cloud cover in this part of WA in summer .

6 months ago

This is my all time favorite 1 nighter small backpacking excursion. I have done it countless times. It's short enough for the whole family but has extensions to make any level hiker happy. There aren't to many designated camp sites but you will find plenty of flat ground to put a tent down, on the top of the hill there are multiple stone fire pits, just a note.

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8 months ago

Road my bike in with no problem love this trail

8 months ago

My absolute favorite short hike in Washington! Super easy, amazing views, awesome camping spots, and doesn't take that long

Nice hike. Trails were good my wife and I had a blast. As soon as it warms up some more we going to do it again.

8 months ago

I went to hike this about a week ago, sadly my hike was cut short due to too many rattlesnake run ins for my comfort. I also had my young son with me and didn't want to risk getting harmed on our adventure. However, this would have been a beautiful hike and fairly easy. I plan to come back at a better time of year to complete this trail. Just be vigilant and aware of your surroundings and footing as you go about your hike.

9 months ago

Overall it was an awesome hike. Not too hard, but do stay on trails because of rattlesnakes. Love how there's so much open areas to camp that you don't have to be next to people.

This was a nice Mother's day hike. My 8 yo son made it just fine. It is kind of dusty on the well traveled paths and rocky along the lakes. I think 10° warmer and you would run into rattle snakes.

Great for trail running!

Unique hike! It's fun to go off trail without fear of getting lost. I also enjoy climbing up to the top of the far waterfall for an astonishing view

Beautiful hike. Should be rated as moderate if you hike up to the waterfalls over and up the rocks. Plenty of water for dogs at the beginning or end of the trail (depending on which lot you parked in).

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