No running, No biking. No jogging.

Easy, there's a choice of dock trail or ( dirt trail)
Which husband and I walked the dock, and then took the dirt trail on the way back..

I believe there should be (specific set time for the park closing) the rule mentions the gate will close at "sunset" bummer because hubby and I decided we'd go for a walk and try and catch a sunset view. Arrived at 6:05 and left by 8:15pm.

Beautiful scenery.

Wild life=bunnies, lots of birds, bald eagles, and weasels.

Very nice, tranquil walk. A lot of wildlife.

Very nice, lots of birds and history. Had some excitement with large numbers of Cormorants, terns, and herons all going after a school of small fish.This NWR does not allow running or jogging on the trails.

I have been a couple times, I had the best time in spring while it was a little rainy with little people but many birds :) if you go during the heat of the day during summer its just a long miserable walk in the sun.

Seriously gorgeous❤️️

1 month ago

We love this trail! Very easy walk for kids and strollers, TONS of wildlife and flowers

Great for kids, quick and easy.