Love this place! Easy to walk, pretty out there! Quiet also nice for photos!

Very enjoyable walk. Easy for all levels.

Great stroller adventure. it's always nice being outside with the baby and not strapping them to your back!

Although it was busy, it was still a very nice trail. I seen lots of wildlife.

longest boardwalk ever. Bring binoculars and look for eagles! cool trail. lots of traffic on trail.

Nice leveled trail, staff was friendly and very informative, see more birds & other wildlife than expected. Amazed how kind and sharing others were while walking the trails / boardwalk.

Really lovely walk. Tons of birds to see.

If I lived in the area, I would do this walk every day! The only thing is that no dogs are allowed. Its a beautiful walk, much of it on a raised boardwalk. Flat and simple. Gorgeous views. We saw so many birds (including bald eagles), frogs, dragonflies, etc. And Mount Rainer popped out about half way through.

This was a very easy, walk in the park. The walkways were simple, but I gleaned some breathtaking views, especially at sunset. I'll be going back. Though I have service dogs, this trail is not dogfriendly. You'll want to take your pooch elsewhere.

A fun trail. Beautiful views of Olympics, Tacoma Narrows Bridge, Mt. Rainier. Lots of birds. Flat trail, easy for my 5 year-old.

One of my favorite places to walk and observe nature. You MUST go when the tide is in though to fully appreciate it.

easy for all ages. nothing very exciting.

good places to take the kids

No running, No biking. No jogging.

Easy, there's a choice of dock trail or ( dirt trail)
Which husband and I walked the dock, and then took the dirt trail on the way back..

I believe there should be (specific set time for the park closing) the rule mentions the gate will close at "sunset" bummer because hubby and I decided we'd go for a walk and try and catch a sunset view. Arrived at 6:05 and left by 8:15pm.

Beautiful scenery.

Wild life=bunnies, lots of birds, bald eagles, and weasels.

Very nice, tranquil walk. A lot of wildlife.

Very nice, lots of birds and history. Had some excitement with large numbers of Cormorants, terns, and herons all going after a school of small fish.This NWR does not allow running or jogging on the trails.

I have been a couple times, I had the best time in spring while it was a little rainy with little people but many birds :) if you go during the heat of the day during summer its just a long miserable walk in the sun.

Seriously gorgeous❤️️

We love this trail! Very easy walk for kids and strollers, TONS of wildlife and flowers

Great for kids, quick and easy.

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