Very easy and not heavy trafficked. Trails are a bit confusing as there are a lot of different directions to go but no signage with how to get back to the parking lot. Several times we ended up at the road.

Good for what it is - a short walk on a raised platform over swampy wetlands. I could see this being a great place to run off to on a lunch break to get in a short walk away from the urban craziness. Big negative here was bugs and we were pretty early in bug season at this point.

Did this trail back in March and forgot to post a review. Enjoyable trail overall. We did the little extra loop area as well. It seems like a good place to be on a warm day as it's mostly shaded. I enjoyed it more than the boardwalk which we did the same day. Fun local spot.

It’s pretty enough but The ponds are swampy and if you try to talk be prepared to swallow a bunch of nats/mosquitos.

Beautiful trail, but there can be very creepy people around.

Short hike. Took about 40min for the whole this. But it was relaxing and beautiful

Nice quick walk, a few streams

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