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Beautiful scenery. Nice, easy trail, though last hundred yards is uphill.

Still a lot of snow mid July. Would rate higher later in the summer when it is possible to walk and enjoy the beauty around you rather than having to watch every step. Fantastic for a hike with the kiddos.

Seriously beautiful views. Turned around at about the halfway point because it was a bit much for kids under 10. Fragrant flowers and snow capped mountains make this picture perfect.

Awesome drive

I could only do a very, very small portion of this trail but it was beautiful. You get fantastic views of the mountains, pools of crystal clear water, and wildflowers when they're in bloom. The trail is easily accessible through driving and there are a lot of rocks to scrabble for a better view, if desired.

More beauty than my brain could handle! Seriously. Great workout, trails in good condition. Mind blown during sunrise snowshoe hike this morning. Hardly needed gloves or a hat. For my first time up there, this was a grand introduction!!! WOW!!!!

the most beautiful trek I've ever seen

Spectacular views the entire trail.

4 months ago

9 months ago

Overnight above the tree line with beautiful views of Mt. Baker.

The autumn colors are amazing right now!

The autumn colors are amazing right now!