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road to parking lot still snowed under for about a mile.
snow up til you hit the trees and climb at which point it gets patchy, but once out of the trees there is snow underfoot the whole way. snow is consolidated though. went about 3/4 of the way, you could make it to the top but weather was crap so decided to head back for a clear day attempt!

great hike, very short but so beautiful. a great one for kids!!

Pretty decent trail with some variety. Some parts are wide and well graveled, and others are much more natural. There's a huge downed tree you walk across to get to the other side of the river at one point which is neat. There are some truly spectacular views, especially if you push past Monte Cristo and go farther up the mountain. I would call this a beginner to intermediate trail. I started at 1:30pm and got back to my car around 7:30pm. Make sure to leave anything that's not a necessity at home and lock your car.

Great hike for Fathers Day. Well maintained trail, but definitely well trafficked. We took our dog, all other dogs where on leashes. Took us just over an hour, round trip. Highly recommend!

I love this trail for what it is, kid friendly, easy,
close to home, and beautiful. This is far from my favorite hike but it’s a fun place to explore when I’m with my toddler or limited on time. LOVE how much parking is available here.

Long hike but very easy and BEAUTIFUL !! loved the old mining town and its relics. water along the way is so beautiful and clear but FREEZING! Lots of dogs off leashes. Tons of people and sunshine. Will go back again!

24 days ago

Great hike! We had a 2 year old and he was a champ! Would definitely recommend.

this 2nd time there was no cave because the snow but view worth it

Late Memorial weekend 2018. Busy. Was our first time. 2 adults, a 17yo man-child and 4 year old twin boys. We all had a great time. Easy enough for the kiddos. Increased challenge for adults when we carried the twins. lol. Gorgeous views. Good amount of snow at the top. Trail easy and clean. We heard an avalanche on our way down. It was closer to the top. Still ominous as it echoed throughout the valley. Definitely going again.

Crowded, but a nice hike quick hike to a glaciers.

Fun hike...glad I went and got to see all the cool buildings at the top...The water is so clear and blue.

Attempted May 21, with overnight gear as we planned to spend the night up top. Walked 1.2 miles to trailhead as the road was blocked by snow. Entire trail is under snow. Kept going for several more miles but things got too dicey after the trail splits off from the main one going to Baker. There were absolutely no visible trail markers so we were relying entirely on GPS and a map on our phones. Not even a marker for the trailhead, which is beside the washrooms. Tried to follow the trail approximately, up the very steep incline covered in snow. No signs of the summer trail were visible due to the snow and lack of markers, so we were guessing and bushwhacking our way up and down the slope. Dicey with our regular winter traction devices and I think it would be too steep going downhill with snowshoes. Maybe proper mountaineering crampons with inch long spikes would work. Eventually turned around due to slow pace and unfamiliarity with the trail. I’d recommend going this early in the season only if you’ve done the trail before, and better yet, if you’ve done it in winter or you have winter backcountry experience, and armed with excellent traction and a good GPS and detailed trail map. I’d love to try this again in the summer.

Beautiful views and worth the easy hike!

Went on a whim yesterday. Didn’t plan the trip so I was wearing flip flops. Road is no longer blocked and although there are a couple parts with snow on the trail I had no problem making it to the caves in my trusty flip flops!

My 3 star only because of what time of year it is. Road is still closed, but people were still driving to the picnic area to park closer before trekking up. The actual trail head is covered in snow, as is most of the trail. And the ice caves themselves aren't visible with all the snow that had fallen off the mountain. But super sunny and pretty. Good workout with all the snow to walk through, if not slippery. And hopefully the sun melts the snow soon so I can go back and see the ice caves for real. Didn't regret going overall.

We hiked there on Sunday and there’s a blockage in the middle of the road that somebody broke through, so we walked the 2.5 miles to the trailhead. There’s still a ton of snow on the trail but the distance is very short so it’s not too difficult. But there’s so much snow still that they’re completely covering the ice caves! Beautiful though! We even saw a mini avalanche! (So I wouldn’t recommend standing too close for a good minute)

DK's for Mountain Loop Highway are still closed you cannot get in you can get in to the ice cave but the parking lot is still covered in snow and the forest ranger said it will be open on Memorial Day

May 5. Road snowed out 3 miles from trailhead. Tried to hike the extra distance but turned around 4 miles in. Might be able to do it with snowshoes if you start early morning. Lots of snowmobiles.

Good early season conditions right now. Snow was mostly solid. Snowshoed the whole way. Crampons could be useful for the final push, but not necessary if you have good traction on your snow shoes.

3 months ago

Road was closed when i got there. I had to walk extra 2 miles to the trail head, and it was covered with a lot of snow. Will come back when it has better condition.

3 months ago

This hike is pretty and not difficult. Lots of fresh snow so spikes weren’t necessary but did help when going up an incline. The cave is covered up right now, but the hike is still worth it. Saw a small avalanche as well. I can’t wait to go back when I can actually see the cave! Parking is about 2 miles away from the trailhead.

Went yesterday and the road is closed 2 miles before the turnoff so the hike is longer than what you’ll read about it. An avalanche covered the cave entrance so we couldn’t explore but up to the right are some small waterfalls and it was an absolutely gorgeous day. A lot of hard pack snow and ice, I didn’t bring my spikes but they wouldn’t be a bad idea to have.

What a rainy day in Washington, but what a wonderful Winter Wonderland at the Big Four Ice Caves!
Road was closed so it added an extra 4.4 miles (according to Apple GPS). Saw one snow avalanche and heard several. Be careful and highly recommend to stay on the trail.
My three dogs did so well, they love the snow!!
It wasn’t icy on 1/21, but snowy and slushy.

Great trail with beautiful view. Easy but was a bit icy in January.

Great easy long hike.

Short and sweet with awesome scenery. Just enough snow to make it a winter wonderland hike! Trail is well maintained and easy to follow. Snow and slush covered most of it today but it wasn’t an issue for us.

Not really a hike but the caves were awesome!

Be careful! The whole mountain is basically a waterfall right now due to the rain, which is causing snow avalanches. If you hear something that sounds like a loud jet- that is an avalanche. Parking lot is covered In about 10 inches of snow. Other than the avalanches it was very beautiful and a pleasant hike/walk. Go prepared!

Hiked on 11/16/17. Trail in good conditions, with 2 to 4 inches of snow/slush. Recommend waterproof shoes and of course, to stay far from the ice caves. Saw a wet avalanche coming down close to the caves. Although it was a relatively small avalanche, I could hear the noise of the heavy pack roaring down. Nothing to worry if you stay in the trail away from the base of the mountain. Beautiful hike, specially this time of the year. My son and I had the trail just for us.

First snow . Beautiful

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