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Easy trail (for me) with very beautiful views.
Highly recommended. The only downside is the business of this trail.

What I mean by easy for me: I haven’t done any super hard trails in WA or anywhere for that matter. I’ve been hiking occasionally ever since I remember. Did about 3 hikes the past summer (not many :( ). Athletic in general but have worked out only about once per week recently.

11 hours ago

We got to the trailhead around 9:30 today and the parking lots was mostly empty, when we returned around 2:30 it was slammed! We started at the lower parking lot and went counter clockwise (if you’re looking at the bathrooms, to the right). This meant we had a fairly steep incline for the first 1.5 miles (and it felt like it just kept going!), but we were super glad we didn’t start at the upper lot and then have to go up the steep stairs at the end (these would start the hike if you went left from the bathrooms). It was busy in places but largely not too bad at all. There were lots of dogs off leash on the trail which is really dumb. There’s a good bit of narrow spaces and scramble areas and we definitely saw these dogs getting underfoot of others. Fall colors were gorgeous and I’m glad we got this hike in before the season ended! The hike was quite muddy and there were some icy patches but not bad. We did okay without poles, but my knee might be happier if I’d used them. Is it the hardest hike? No. Is it an easy walk through nature? Also no.

Crazy amounts of gorgeous! Started at Artist Point parking lot north end. Went clockwise. Finished at west end of Visitor center parking lot & ended with the mega staircase before crossing street to our parking lot. This is a full-package hike!

Did it yesterday. The view is awesome. I don't think it is a hard trail, comparing with other hard trail. It took me 4.5 hour to finish, including stop for picture shooting time.

Great history good nature walk for kids and animals.

Super easy trail, you can shorten the trip by leaving from the picnic area. Plenty of exploring options once you reach the caves and leave the trail, but apparently that's frowned upon due to all of the injuries. In early October you can safely walk up pretty far from the trail and still be well enough away from the caves. Many people were going inside the cave but it really is a bad idea. This trail is well worth the effort. I want to go back in winter. Be aware that the lack of difficulty also means MANY people in troves. Id suggest off season or weekday.

Drove down from Vancouver BC today to do this one and Skyline Divide. I consider neither one hikes, more like pretty nature walks. Pretty views with very little effort did however leave me feeling pretty unaccomplished but my puppy loved it. Way too busy

Awesome views! Had a great time in the lookout

enjoyable with historic relics from old mines and hotels.

Okay hike. Kinda steep, seemed like it was longer than it was. Not a lot of room to explore at the top, but pretty Mountain View’s. I wouldn’t do this hike again.

Hiked on Saturday 10/6. About half way up there was snow on the ground. Microspikes were helpful since there was some ice as well. It was a clear day so the view was absolutely breathtaking. If you want to hike this, make sure you do it very soon before the trail gets too snowy! Definitely best to do this on a sunny and clear day. The trail is pretty much up hill the whole way but it isn’t horrible since it’s a shorter trail. Minor scramble at the top. My dogs are normally pretty good scrambling on boulders but this one made them very nervous, especially with the snow.

Beautiful views! If your not in great hiking shape I would give yourself plenty of time to do this hike. Tough, but totally doable!

One of my all time favorite hikes! It's a must do! I would recommend eating lunch at the tarns!

Easy hike with great views.

Hiked Heliotrope today, October 7, 2018. It was absolutely beautiful, even with the little bit of rain that was falling throughout the day the streams are totally passible without getting wet if you start early enough. The glaciers were still viewable with mild fog in the distance, no view of Baker. A little muddy on the trail due to the rain, but other than that it was absolutely stunning. I highly recommend getting this one in before the weather completely changes over!

Trail was overall super amazing, great views, killer nature vibes. Tough time when my group reached the top within the 12 people limit to stay in the lookout but we found three men who weren’t willing to share with anyone else who planned on staying up there. They turned away close to 20 people. So we were forced to walk back down.



I am of very average fitness level (and overweight to boot) and although it took me quite long (6.5 hours) I was able to complete it with little difficulty. I started at Artist’ Point and took a clockwise loop. The most difficult part was the Wild Goose Trail back to our car. But if you take your time even that’s not terrible, just steep! The views are indescribable, you will never be bored. I can’t wait to come back

Totally a must-hike trail...Gorgeous scenery with pristine lakes, wonderful mountain views, and wild blueberries along most of the path. It did take me longer than expected, as I was hiking with a friend who doesn't hike much and went at a slower pace than expected. Save plenty of time to sit and enjoy the views from both the lakes as well as views above the lakes and at Ptarmigan Ridge.

13 days ago

We hiked this on a perfect sunny day with a temperature high of 15 degrees celcius. We started at Artist Point and hiked clockwise ending where we started. Beautiful views all along the trail with gorgeous snow capped mountains, lakes and colourful autumn foliage. I highly recommend this hike. One of the best hikes I’ve done. It’s not too hard and can be done by most people.

Good casual hike

What an amazing hike! A lot of up to start, but worth making it to the top. Amazing fall colors, saw a black bear, scenery is stunning all the way up, and had great views of both Mt. Baker and Glacier Peak! The road would be a little tough for anyone not in a high clearance vehicle. Overall though, just stunning.

September 28: We hiked clockwise from the Chain Lakes Trailhead/Mt Baker Visitor Center. We were able to knock out about half of the total elevation gain when fresh. Then enjoyed the the mostly level Ptarmigan Ridge/Chain Lakes Trail from Artist Point. And then descending into the Chain Lakes Valley was beautiful. Wonderful fall colors. Wild blueberries found all through the hike. Spectacular mountain view’s reflected in calm cold lakes.

This hike is absolutely beautiful.

I wish there were words to explain this hike but there ain’t. North Cascades has always been my favorite place in Washington State but the view from the lookout at the end of this hike - breath taking doesn’t begin to describe it. Not even close.

For a short trail it was marvelous! So beautiful on this September day!

Would have been a great hike on a clear day. But we got a late start on a very rainy day so by time we got to final water crossing the water was far too high to do knowing we would come back when it would be higher.

The trail disappears about a mile or so in, the over growth is rough to overcome, but it can be done. I recommend carrying a stick and using it to clear spider webs out of your way, there are a lot of spiders out there. I found the hot spring just about where it is marked on the map, it's just across the river. Crossing the river is fairly sketchy, I had to cross over some fallen trees and then jump across some of the water. The spring is really warm, I wouldn't say hot. I left the orange bucket in a more obvious place than where it was so you should be able to see it from across the river. Good luck and stay safe!

Great hike with nice view, no bugs

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