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The Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest is one of the most visited forests in the country. Located on the west side of the Cascades between the Canadian border and Mt. Rainier National Park, you will find glacier-covered peaks, spectacular mountain meadows and old-growth forests rich in history and outdoor opportunities.

we did the hike today with 4 girls, 1,5,8 and 9, it was harder than expected, definitely a workout. its about 1.2 miles up hill. The 3 oldest started to complain a little before we reached the top. plenty of parking and not many people on the trail. view was beautiful!!!

on Sauk Mountain Trail

1 day ago

Great hike. Amazing views the entire way.

on Boardman Lake Trail

1 day ago

Relaxed, fairly easy and short hike. The lake is beautiful, although there were a lot of bugs so repellent is a must. I loved seeing all the water lizards swimming around. There are a lot of huge pot holes on the road up so I wouldn't attempt getting there in any low to the ground vehicle.

July 12th, 2018: Excellent hike! The road to the trailhead was totally clear of snow and debris, though quite covered with potholes. The trail is a steady moderate climb with several stream crossings for roughly the first two miles, then breaks the tree line shortly after there is a fork for hikers and climbers. The hiking trail from here on out is more steep with lots of scree to keep things interesting. We were able to reach just below the highest point on the ridge but didn’t make the last 100 feet or so due to some residual snow. Wonderful view of the glacier, the valley below, and the surrounding mountains. Weather was perfectly warm and there was little wind, even at the top. A great hike that I’ll hopefully do again soon!

2 days ago

Took my teenage boys out for the first hike of the year. Nice hike. Great view at the end.

4 days ago

For as little effort this trail requires, the views are amazing!! There’s still a bit of snow at the top, but nothing terrible! It’s passable with boots and poles if needed! Also a lot of friendly marmots about at the top

Very miss leading. You have to hike Monte Cristo Trail before you even get there. Views were nice once there not so much getting there.

Fun little hike. Took small kids... enjoyed the ice caves at the end.

6 days ago

Very nicely maintained trail with excellent campsites. Views from the campsites were stunning. The trail was pretty easy, but as a warning to parents this is not a great trail for young kids. We hiked in to Anderson point to camp with our 3 yo and 5 yo. There was some elevation gain and loss but not bad. However, much of the trail was narrow with a 100-300 ft drop on one side of the trail. Had to hold my 3 yos hand much of the trail. I would not take children under 5 on this trail.

Caves aren't anything spectacular yet.

First the road is not that bad. I’m sure in spring it’s a mess. It after mid June this road is very passable for all vehicles just watch for potholes etc. The trail itself is not hard. I am an asthmatic with no right ACL and this trail didn’t pose a problem for me. What makes it hard is the immediate climb after the first bridge crossing followed by switchbacks that last until the first water crossing. There are 4 of them by the way, well at least this year so far as it was a heavy snow year. The last two are the more dangerous ones. I found that if you walk a little mower along the bank you will find a shallower manageable pool. There are a lot of vistas but wow! Is all I have to say when you get to the glacier. I was fortunate I had a blue sky day and Mt. Baker was amazing as was the glacier. This trail does split just below the fourth crossing to the right is the climbers route for the Baker summit and to the left is the overlook.

Con... this hike is rated at 5.5 miles out and back. Wrong!!! Try closer to 7 miles.

Great trail for kids!

Great trail. The 1st mile is easy going with places to stop along the river. After that the trail narrows and has a number of very short but steep up&down sections. It was raining pretty good this morning and the trail was becoming very slippery on the inclines. Turned around about 2 miles in due to not wanting to slip & fall because of the muddy conditions. Plan to return on a sunny day to go all the way to the end & do some photography. Spectacular beauty along this river trail.

7 days ago

made it to 4592 ft but had to turn around as we weren't prepared for the snow on the trail. Will go back again to complete whole loop. Its beautiful! July 6th a bit too early this year.

7 days ago

We could not get to trail head in a Nissan. Pot holes huge. Need a car truck with high clearance. Wish there had been better info on road.

Peaceful trail. Very little people on it. Saw a black bear at 3.75 miles into trail.

Narrow path = lots of yielding. mosquitos enjoyed the snack. mountain = beautiful

Great hike! Stream crossings are exciting and can be hazardous, trekking poles are very helpful. In the end, you are rewarded with the most amazing glacier view!

8 days ago

It’s a great trail but long. Views are amazing and well worth the long hike. Don’t recommend having small children though. Once you get to the town it makes it all worth it. Definitely not the easiest hike but very fun. Started at 12 an got back around 6:30. We stopped a couple times and spent an hour or so at the town.

9 days ago

The first 1/4 of the road to Dock Butte trailhead is filled with potholes but doable. The last 2/3 smooth and clear of snow except the last 200 yards. We parked around the bend from the parking lot. There is room for a half a dozen vehicles. The first part of the trail is snow covered and we followed footsteps and ended off trail for a little excursion...when it became apparent we used our gps to recognize and retrace back to the trail. The middle section of the trail is clear other than a downed tree that is easy to climb over or under. Nearer the top the snowfields begin as do the amazing views! Hiking poles and clippons were a must for us...but we are in our 60’s. We saw 2 other groups of younger and more fit hikers, one group without poles or clippons and the other group with poles and clippons. Both of these other groups reached the summit...we chose to turn around 100’ elevation from the top...a bit too steep with snow for us. There were a few bugs but nothing a little bug deterrent couldn’t handle. Did I mention the views were stunning ☺️...the views were stunning! It was a wonderful place for a picnic! Perhaps a highlight was glissading back down the snowfields. After these old legs made it to this elevation over snow fields we were not going to miss the pure delight that these snowfields offer as a quick transport down. Wet butt honor makes it so worth the journey! On our trek down it was easier to notice the plentiful wildflowers...trillium and numerous sprouting flowers quickly reaching for the sun in the breakout sections of snow melt. It was quit a lovely day and a great early season hike!

Rocky bumpy road to the trail head recommend a high clearance vehicle but not needed if you want to risk it. Starts with a nice wooded area and the switchbacks continue through the meadows with nice flowers until you hit snow. Even though it can be done without spikes it will be nice to have them and my trekking poles proved vital in the snow. Once near the lookout prepare to climb over big boulders leading to the lookout. Once at the lookout you will have some tiny visitors looking for a snack. Totally worth the trip for an amazing unforgettable view. As of yesterday July 4th the lake was quite frozen with some snow.

Super kid friendly. Loves the views, weather was nice no mood. My 2, 6 and 8 year old had no problem hiking.

My wife and I took our twin daughters in Kelly Kids carriers as far as we could go without snow spikes and axes as well as factoring in overall safety. Had to turn around at about 5800' elevation when it got too step and slick for us. Until that point the views were incredible. Wish we could have had a bit less snow so we could have seen Hidden Lake.

I love this trail. It is a spectacular, invigorating hike. Went up today (7/4). Still a fair amount of snow up at the summit. We had a beautiful view of the North Cascades and Mt Rainier was looming like a spectral presence in the distance. Mt Baker was magnificent. Wildflowers were going crazy. Still a large piece of ice on Sauk Lake down below. If you haven’t been before know that the unpaved road up from Hwy 20 to the trailhead is rugged.

road is damaged, blocked off near Tomyhoi lake trailhead. About a 8-9 mile hike just to get to the trail head and the lakes, and the trail head is closed indefinitely due to damage and no funding. Thanks white house!

Heavy heavy snow at the top and the lakes are still frozen over.

Quick easy trail, nice vistas, good for young kids.

Snow Starts on the relatively easy to follow ridge from 5100ft to the switchback at 5700. From there, the traverse is in good condition until you get to about 5900 and take the "right" up to the summit....which is a steep, consolidated snow slope. Snowpack would have been good for crampons + iceaxe in the morning, but I turned back at this point. Wildflowers and birds were everywhere, and the views are wonderful on the way down. Great early season recommendation by the Glacier Glacier Public Service Center Rangers.

11 days ago

The road is clear of snow almost all the way to the trailhead. We had to park around the bend from the trailhead. Snow was easy to walk in. The first part of the trail is mostly melted with some snow patches, easy to navigate. We threw on microspikes about 1.3 miles in. Glad we were tracking our route with gaia, there were no other tracks to follow on the snow. Gps helped us stay on Route. Made it within a few hundred yards of the summit before we felt the angle got too steep to walk on safely. Still great views (a little cloudy) and a good hike. Microspikes and gaitors! Happy July!

short hike and sooo beautiful.

13 days ago

Started around 8:45 this morning. Took us about an hour and a half. Very cloudy/foggy. A little rain too. Only ones on trail and couldn’t see more than 30 yards in any direction. Couldn’t make it to the top due to the snow, but will definitely be back in the future! Great hike.

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