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The Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest is one of the most visited forests in the country. Located on the west side of the Cascades between the Canadian border and Mt. Rainier National Park, you will find glacier-covered peaks, spectacular mountain meadows and old-growth forests rich in history and outdoor opportunities.

17 hours ago

4 stars just for today. We went for hike today 5/28/2017 and the trail was covered deep in snow even before we reached the actual parking spot. Had to park a mile out on the gravel road. We hiked a bit but had to turn back. We will try again maybe mid summer or end.

19 hours ago

Amazing! Views are incredible and so much fun for the entire family!

Super easy hike up to the caves. Absolutely beautiful scenery. Caves weren't open but the view is worth it. Will definitely go back. Breathtaking.

1 day ago

Hit snow about 1.5 miles before trailhead and turned around. Hoping to do this sometime this summer. Long ways up and brakes got hot coming down the hill. Nice waterfall coming back down on the side of the road.

2 days ago

Beautiful. Great for little kids. Ice caves not formed yet. Trailhead parking is still closed, but you can park in the picnic area lot.

Ice caves still not formed however still a beautiful hike! The gate on mountain loop highway is now open, you can now drive to the trail head.

super easy but fun little critters along the way

5 days ago

The trail itself was in really good shape I would say..... there is one part still that has snow over the path, but easy to maneuver through! There is one small part where you will get your feet wet, but not too bad! The path is a little confusing in some parts, stick to the main path , once you get to the log crossing there is no question where to go. The old town is pretty cool that's where we turned around! I would say this was an easy hike, just long! Beautiful scenery!

6 days ago

8 days ago

Partly washed out road - only high clearance vehicles could make it to trailhead. I parks about 4 miles back and walked in. Super nice day out. Once I arrived at the trail, it was very muddy and 75% of the trail had snow on it - but it was manageable with a pole. Very nice hike overall!

Favorite hike so far