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The Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest is one of the most visited forests in the country. Located on the west side of the Cascades between the Canadian border and Mt. Rainier National Park, you will find glacier-covered peaks, spectacular mountain meadows and old-growth forests rich in history and outdoor opportunities.

Great spot, a well used trail. Watch for the mice at the campsite and in the carpark. They will get into your car if there is anything edible in there. Same goes for the campsite, use a sealed container as they will chew through bags etc. even when hung.

Incredible views! Go to the top and you see a 360 degree view of absolute beauty. Hike up is all switchbacks, making the elevation change smooth and gradual. Highly recommend!

3 days ago

Doesn't get much easier than this one. Trail is in great shape, paved parking lot. Wednesday morning stroll, and it was surprisingly not busy. Beautiful payoff with very little effort.

3 days ago

4 days ago

I absolutely LOVED this hike and would consider it one of the most beautiful I've been on! It's definitely challenging but well worth the effort! We did this about a week ago and the only complaint I have are in regard to all of the bugs... so definitely bring bug spray (and plenty of water)!!!

Great hike, trail in good condition. Good for all skill levels, kid & dog friendly. The river is lower then usual due to our dry summer. Lots of artifacts to enjoy in Monte Cristo, flowers blooming. The mileage is misleading. This hike is 9.5 miles from start to finish NOT 8.1 miles like claimed on website.

Very nice trail with a few river crossings and spectacular views of the glacier. We went past the spot where most people had lunch and than turned around. It becomes a little tricky because of the steepness and all the loose rock. We made it to a boulder on top of a point. The views were stunning.

Went on a rainy day to avoid the crowds. Definitely the way to go. It was still busy, but nothing like it it was a sunny day. Probably the most groomed trail I've ever been on, so it's more like a nice stroll. Perfect length for the younger ones. Should go without saying to stay OUT of the caves but lo and behold, there were several kids wandering and their parents not caring. There is plenty to see without getting to close.

7 days ago

great hike went up Thursday left my car unlocked with nothing in it no problems. really clean outhouse at the trail head took the lower trail and it was nice follows the river. cross a few streams. near the end the trail gets a little steep for the last mile but not too bad about 4 or 5 switchbacks and you're there. pretty waterfall, beautiful lake, nice
camping area and toilets. bugs were minimal but I used bug spray anyway. clear sky under the stars and the moon lit up the lake too

Fantastic beautiful hike! Endless beauty..

Moderately difficult hike. Snow on the trail even though it was hot. Smoke from BC wildfires made Mt. Baker appear ghostly. Beautiful hike with many wildflowers in bloom.

9 days ago

9 days ago

Easy hike with little to no net elevation gain. Creeks passing through the trail were all dry due to the lack of rainfall recently... I suppose. Be sure to stop on the bridge .6 miles in as it offers the best views on the whole trip.