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1 day ago

Went with a friend, it was his second hike, I've done a few dozen hike now. We got to the top in just over an hour and a half, trail was nice and gradual.

Clean trail but to many bags of dog poo please take it with you

Wow, We made it in 2 1/2 hours up at a steady pace. 2 hours down taking our time to see what we missed while we were huffing and puffing going up. Not a lot of scenery vistas until you reach the top but it is beautiful once you are there. Mount Rainier was glorious in the background. Once you are at the top it is rocky so finding a comfortable spot to picnic was a challenge- but we didn’t care.

The trail is in excellent condition. We traveled 8:30 Tuesday am. No crowds and easy parking.

3 days ago

To best enjoy this hike, go on a weekday. A great climb that offers a well kept path. Going on a weekday you will avoid the crowd!

The view is amazing. I got a clear view of pretty much everything including Rainier. I went up using kamikaze and man it was tough. I’d say this was more challenging than I expected. I’m not very in shape and it was tough. I was solo hiking and didn’t run into anyone after I passed the falls until I got back down to the parking lot. I saw some elk does, and what looked like fresh bear scat up towards the top once I’d started down on Teneriffe trail. Didn’t see any predators otherwise but I still was talking out loud to myself and making lots of noise when I started on my way down. Lots of bugs, lots of rocks. My phone clocked this as 13 miles round trip.

4 days ago

One of the best trail experiences I have had in the area; the sights, ecosystem, rainforest feel. Love it!!

6/18/2018 (Monday) - First time to the new trailhead with the large brand-new parking log, a new trail connecting to the previous "old service road". The connector is almost not recognizable in its eastern half near the creek (downside of the falls), because it is rarely used and never maintained. The creek downside the falls is completely dry, so the falls must not have much water. We did not move up to the falls.

Great hike big parking lot but, fills up fast get a discovery pass before you go. Did not see a place to buy one there. Should be able to buy one in North Bend. well worth the trip to the top. We had our Labrador with us which was great until you get to the top. You need to keep them on a strong leash due to the ledges.

on Mount Si Trail

5 days ago

Trail is in great shape. Incline is very doable. The view from the haystack is a must-see. It gets extremely crowded, however, so I recommend mid-week, early mornings. Up and down in three to four hours, depending on how long you spend at the top. Have fun!

10.8 miles from trailhead to summit via falls and Kamikaze trail, then down the gentler trail to the west. Kamikaze section was punishing; it took me over two hours. View at summit was superb. total time over 9 hours. Definitely "hard".

Good idea to take the Teneriffe falls trail initially and then take the Kamikaze trail as advised by the all trails map.
Kamikaze trail is challenging and requires bug repellent as there are a lot of bugs. The view at the summit is breathtaking.

6 days ago

This is one of the busiest trails in the Northwest. If you’re going on a weekend, I would avoid and pick a lesser traveled trail.

7 days ago

7 days ago

Amazing hike to test out new overnight packs. well maintained trail and wide enough in most spots for traffic in both directions.

on Little Si Trail

12 days ago

Great for an early morning family jaunt.

went last weekend, took me 2 and half hours to get to the summit thats going clockwise from the trailhead. The summit was a great view it was sunny partly cloudy but i could see Seattle from there. The trail going up was easy plenty of space but doing down towards the waterfall was more of challenge. overall i had a great a time waterfall was awesome. If you want a challenge take the trail towards the waterfall and then to the summit.

Great hike! It is very rocky. I took my puppy which made it a little more challenging. Definitely worth the drive.

Teneriffe falls connector is unmarked and overgrown so we turned around there. But the rest of the trail was great!

13 days ago

This hike was HARD. It is a really nice hike with decent elevation and nicely groomed and marked trails 2.5 miles up to the falls. But from the falls to the summit, the trail was very difficult and poorly marked. It was a challenge to stay on the trail and very slow going. Mile 4 has 1463 ft elevation gain and mile 5 has another 1017 ft of elevation gain. We took the new trail down from the summit, which was longer but made for much easier navigation. It took us 4 hours to summit and 2 hours to decend. This was a huge accomplishment! Overall, the trail was beautiful and if you are looking for a challenge, this trail will not disappoint.

14 days ago

Okay hike with a nice view at the end but nothing stunning. Steep portions/lots of uphill sections. Rocky and lots of roots along the trail. Probably wouldn't hike it again, but only because there are so many great hikes to choose from in the seattle area.

16 days ago

Fun little hike for a couple of hours. Too many people with unleashed dogs though.

Great hike, sadly despite the sunny forecast I never made it through the cloud cover on June 4th morning, and was hit by freezing rain once I made it to Teneriffe. Glad I always pack all weather gear :) original plan to continue onto the loop to mt. si was abandoned when the weather was still sketchy once I was by the connector. Quickly cleared up about 30 minutes later but I was already far too low to climb back up. In the humid, foggy weather, the steep trail to Teneriffe kicked my behind. Took about 2,5 h to get up on top.

Didn't encounter snow on top but beware that All trails map and actual trail at the top of the mountain and down the logging road differ. Just follow the well traveled path you will find there and don't mind alltrails trying to take you on a journey over the logs :)

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16 days ago

This is a beautiful sight at the end. It's definitely difficult towards the end. It's really rocky terrain and i tripped quite a few times. I made it though and it's definitely doable! I will do it again for sure :)

The falls are gorgeous and I loved the first 2/3 of the hike up. The switchbacks are very rocky so most of the time is spent watching out for ankle twisters.

I approached the Falls going counter-clockwise around the loop. I thought I got on the connector trail on the way back down but that trail quickly dissipated. I was using this app and other navigation apps. The trail could actually be there but I was solo so I didn’t want to chance it. Therefore, it became a there-and-back hike for me and not a loop.

The aggregate 4 1/2 star rating puts it up there with the best hikes in the region. It’s not, but it is likely a less crowded hike than the Mt. Si trails down the road.

Cell service (T-Mobile) is available for most of the hike including at the falls.

Awesome hike. Entered in through Teneriffe Trailhead, debating on using Teneriffe Trail up, and then used Talos loop to get to the usual Mt. Si trail. Clocked in two hours up total and one hour down. It's something worth going back to :)

Theres a new trail with alot of switch backs. Be aware alot of people have been going off trail to cut down time/distance. I got of the trail at some point and realized it led me to no where. I wouldn't take a dog. 50% of the way is very sharp and lose rocks. I saw a lot of pups being carried. The water fall was great I really enjoyed it. There are bathrooms at the parking lot now with more parking.

Used the right side of this trail to make it to the summit of Tenerife then took the connecting trail to si and down the new si trail for a 13 mile loop. Epic full day of hiking!! Only regret is not leaving a car at each trailhead for an easier getaway. I highly recommend this loop, it way be a couple miles of scramble to get to Tenerife but it's mostly downhill from then on.

18 days ago

Never thought I'd make it to the top...but once I did it was beautiful! Not crowded at all on a Monday. Not bad for a Floridian to do this in less than 4 hrs! The trail is in great shape!

Beautiful trail with great views of Mount Rainier on a sunny day.

Volume of water in the falls is bit low now. But still hiking in the woods is really cool

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