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Hiked Kamikaze trail with Blake Erickson . Trail becomes very steep above the Teneriffe Falls. Trail was well marked and requires microspikes or crampons for the snow and ice conditions for the last part of the hike near the summit.

1 day ago

Did Si last year in Feb, bring your micro spikes as it gets really icy and snow in the last mile. Awesome, well worth view at the top.

Amazing hike. Mid January, feels like summer.

today was a beautiful day to go......along with 10k other folks who thought the same thing. and 90% dont leash there dogs. BUT besides that it was a great hike! variety of terrain really kept ya interested as to what was coming up next. overall it was a decent hike.

5 days ago

Amazing trail! Go early on a weekday and you’ll practically have it to yourself (I left the trailhead at 7:30am and there were only few other cars). Took me ~80’ of powerhiking to summit (excluding haystack) and 40’ to run down. But I also spent plenty of time at the summit, exploring the rocks and scrambling up haystack (do it!). The views were just stunning. Rainier towers over the rest of the Cascades and the olympics were totally clear to the west. Very little snow at the top. I did the whole thing in trail running shoes and didn’t have a problem.

7 days ago

Arrived at the trailhead at 9am on a Sunday. Roughly half the lot was full. The haystack is very dry and you climbable. Most folks didn’t attempt so I was all alone up there around 11am :)

Trail is well made with stones. discover pass for parking. on sunny day, Seattle and Bellevue and a bunch of popular mountains including Mt Rainier are visible.
I measured hike up to be 4 miles. Hard to find good spot for lunch. Top is mountain is a little risky with too many stones and almost rock climbing.
Overall great experience, better than mailbox peak.

8 days ago

Great moss covered boulders along the way up. Saw that little blue jay at the top, right after sunrise. Very windy during sunrise, I advise a strong jacket if you go that early.

Awesome hike. Beautiful trail and view. It was closer to 5 miles round trip.

Challenging ascent! Two of us hiked in regular boots and were perfectly fine the entire climb. Very windy at the too and quite chilly so bring a summit jacket... absolutely stunning views at the summit. Go on a clear day!

9 days ago

My Husband, 4 of his friends our daughter & son-in-law did this hike along with the boulder loop trail. January 5th. It was amazing.

on Little Si Trail

10 days ago

Great little hike!

10 days ago

Pretty challenging hike and not for beginners. Even being in the military, this one made me fairly sore for a few days. On a clear day, the summit is beautiful.

Nice hike. Trail only a bit muddy. Saw the blue jay at the top.

16 days ago

I did this trail more or less a bit ago but it was with the waterfall included so that was was longer with a different name.
This hike was great and was steep enough to get a good workout in but not too long. It was a good recovery hike for me .
Enjoy everyone

17 days ago

Steep hike up Mount Si. Great views at the top but not much on the way up.

18 days ago

Went on the last date of the 2018. It was sunny and clear, the view at the top was amazing. Temperature was about 30s at the trail head, but in the teens at the top. Didn’t feel too cold though, as we generated much heat during the hike. Some mud along the trail but that was expected as it had been raining the whole week before.
The last 1.5 miles was covered in snow so we had our microspikes on. I saw couple of people with flat shoes made it to the top, and couple other people in shorts and flip-flops. Guys, just don’t wear shorts and flip-flops in winter hikes. For your sanity shake, just buy a pair of cheap microspikes.

Saw some dog poo on the way down, which was bad.
Overall it was a great hike, lot of people but not too crowded in the winter.

Hit this one on New Year's Day. Got to the parking lot a little late and started up at 1025, but heading up the Old Si primitive trail limited the amount of traffic significantly. When you get to the snow line, some traction or microspikes are a must to be safe, and hiking poles are a plus. At summit, the rock scramble up is packed snow from the traffic so safety is a huge issue without that gear. Gorgeous views all the way to Seattle and the mountains beyond, but Rainier was just covered by clouds. Surrounding valley and mountains were also dazzling.

I’ve done this hike 8 times or so in the past 2 years. Always a good hike, but if you’re going in the winter bring micro spikes. $56 on Amazon. You’re welcome.

It was a great hike to start the New Year. I started hiking around 6:50 AM and enjoyed the trail to myself all the way to the waterfall. I also enjoyed around 40 minutes of solitude at the waterfall before heading back down. I did find a stick on the side of the trail for assistance in the rocky areas. Next time I’ll bring poles. I didn’t run into any snow. A little muddy in spots but totally manageable.

on Mount Si Trail

19 days ago

Good winter hike! Lower elevation than many other hikes and in the forest until the haystack so you’re sheltered from the wind. Trail is packed snow for ~1.5 miles to the top, some parts are a little icy. We did fine in hiking boots without spikes, but spikes would’ve made the decent much faster. Took us 2h 40m from the parking lot to the top and 2h 30m back down. 40+ cars in the lot on New Year’s Day.

My wife and I did this hike to end 2018, on Dec 31st. Definitely takes effort to make it to the top. snow/icy covered trail, we used spikes; but saw people with out them. Great view from top. Total time on trail: ascent, photos at top, lunch, and descent = ~4h55m

19 days ago

This was our second time. First time we made to top in Nov 2018. For this time We had to turn back from last 1.5 miles as trail was snowy , icy and slippery on 31st dec. We were in hiking boots. Spikes and poles could have helped to get to top. With family with 9 year kid we chose to turn around as descending would require spikes as trail was snowy n slippery with out spikes. Hikers with spikes were able to do it. Some were doing in hiking boots but better make your call considering safety.

21 days ago

Great hike, saw a blue jay at the top

Good hike today! A few muddy patches, but nothing too bad. Looking out at the summit, I saw thick clouds rise and fall and drift, and it was eerie and beautiful.

24 days ago

Trail is good not icy , no snow on trail or summit as on Dec 27 . It is moderate climbing trail, good to have poles as trail is muddy and rocky. Saw guys doing rock climbing. Summit has scenic view. It took 1.5 hours to reach summit and 1 hour in way down with 9 year kiddo.

It was a good climb with 30 pounds of gear. The waterfall was great and it was awesome hiking through the rain and snow. The route back was a little hard to find and had to backtrack to find it. It was a great day

Trail was good not at all icy or snow as far as we went to the falls. Trail goes on ahead. First half part to falls is easy trail and second half is moderate climb with little boulder fields , rocks.

27 days ago

We started our hike around 10am and it took our 3 hours to get summit and 2 and half hours down. It's really cold on the top but the view was wonderful that day! Great work out!!!

Very well designed trail. Some rock climbing activities can be seen.

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