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There is a nice view from the top making the uphill trek worth it.

Hiked 1100 12May2018, Mothers Day. Very busy at thr top and at thr lower parking lot but quiet up the hill. Trail is always well maintained but can be a little confusing if you don't pay attention. We always just stay on 215 to 228 which should take you to the top. Its a pretty steep grade to the top if you're not in the best of shape but definitely doable. A decent amount of wildflowers but nothing crazy that i saw. Always a nice short hike with gorgeous views of the San Juans, Olympics and Cascades. highly recommended

I really enjoyed most parts of this hike. The only negative being how confusing some areas were. I’m glad I had this app to track myself because I’d probably still be lost in the woods somewhere. I started at the trailhead at 7 AM on a Wednesday and there was only one other car there. On the way down there still weren’t many people. I have a feeling this place gets crowded though, so get there early!

short to medium hike. Low to medium elevation gain. Not a particularly well marked trail but not hard to figure out. 3.5 star view point at the end.

Nice easy trail. we will be back to fish soon.

2 months ago

nice little loop with many side trails. we will be back to fish the laske with the kids.

nice little challenge if you're looking for something quick. absolutely gorgeous views, and tons of Moss and some wildflowers in spots.

This was a beautiful hike. There is a great variety of things to see. I enjoyed the undulating terrain. We had a group consisting of young & old who found it to be slightly challenging at a few points but was easily overcome with little assistance and rest periods. I like that there are many different modalities that were able to participate as well as the multiple different routes that were available. I found walking sticks useful it help me over the rocks and roots. Highly recommend!

Great day with kids and BFFs. Not to hot not to cold, very little mud!

3 months ago

A nice paved, dry trail leads to stunning view at the summit.

Beautiful day, not crowded. A little muddy in spots, but manageable.

Not much wooded trail nice views

4 months ago

Moderate! Lot of up and downs. Beautiful, saw only one other person. You need this app. To remain on course!!!!! Lots of trails!!

Good workout & view!!! The trail is confusing though it took me about 5 outings to figure out how to get all the way to Erie. Perfect for dogs and exercise

Really liked sugar loaf, Mt Erie was to crowded. The trail system is super confusing. Get a map or take a very good picture of the trailhead billboard map. We took a wrong turn and ended up walking on the road for a bit to get up to Erie.

Great cliffs for jumping off. Can also hike over to Heart lake

I love this trail! You can hike it all times of the year. And it has many trails leading off so you can extend your hike however much you choose.

What a view! Nice moderate hike to wake the legs up after hours of driving. Used trails 215 to 228 and felt like that made the ascent short but inclined. Locating the trail and parking were a breeze but no bathroom from the south trailhead.

Started off at Mt. Erie Viewpoint parking area on trail 215 straight up to 228 on the left (top lookout area) then to 226 onto 225 then down 320 to Heart Lake. Great workout, steep incline, beautiful views of Mt. Erie and San Juans. Glad it was a clear day. Snow Free, muddy in some spots. Slick over the rocks

Great hike with some steep challenges for a beginner. Great treck

Nice hike , the Erie side is more taxing than the rest of this hike.

Took trail 215 from first parking lot at Heart Lake. Continued up crossing onto 226 and 238 at top. Mostly compact dirt and rocks for steep incline.

really pretty, climb up mountain not too bad. park Ranger really nice. good for all ages and hiking levels

11 months ago

Nice stroll around the lake. Very tranquil, enjoyed the beauty. Secluded place, only saw a few people on the trail but it was a weekday. There are several adjoining trails to choose from. Only downfall, there were a lot of bugs. Drove us crazy, had to double up on bug repellant

the trails around the lake are confusing if you look at the map (the map only has a handful of the actual trails making it a bit harder to navigate), but a very pretty and peaceful hike. we went with the method of picking "right" to go around the lake and eventually it got us back around to the entrance.

Awesome trail!!

on Whistle Lake Trail

Monday, May 29, 2017

Fairly easy trail close to Anacortes. You can make it as hard or as long as you like.

Monday, May 29, 2017

relatively easy. some steep parts. great view from the top and some nice places to stop for a snack or picnic along the way. for those just looking for the view you can also drive to the top of Mt. Erie. However the road to the Mt. Erie may still be under construction.

great view from the top.

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