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The Mt. Baker Wilderness is 117,900 acres, created as part of the Washington State Wilderness Act of 1984. Mt. Baker is an active glacier covered volcano in the Cascades standing at 10,778 feet, making it the fourth highest summit in Washington and the dominant attraction of this wilderness. Thirteen glaciers cover the mountain and shares the landscape with other popular climbing destinations: Twin Sister Range, Tomyhoi Peak, and Ruth Mountain. It is accessible by more than 50 miles of trail. The Mt. Baker Wilderness borders the North Cascades National Park on the east and the Canadian border on the north. Mt. Baker National Recreation Area encompasses the southern slope of Mt. Baker. The designated wilderness area is located on the western slopes of the Cascades and shares about 20 miles of border with the national park. Here, high-elevation lakes and tarns dot the region, surrounded by natural alpine meadows and rocky peaks rising to elevations of 6,000 to 8,000 feet. Mt. Baker towers thousands of feet above the rest. Forests of Douglas fir, true fir, cedar, western hemlock and mountain hemlock carpet lower elevations. More than 16 square miles of glaciers carve and reshape the land, with the resulting ridges of jagged stone dissected by a web of frigid rivers and streams that comprise the Nooksack and Skagit river systems, the area's two major drainages. This harsh landscape attracts extreme weather: Mt. Baker Ski Area recorded the world-record snowfall of 1,140'' during the 1998-99 winter. Precipitation on the top of Mt. Baker sometimes reaches 150 inches a year. Many of the drainage's open into heather-filled meadows showcasing summer alpine wildflowers, huckleberries and blueberries. You may find Devil's club, salmonberry, skunk cabbage and ferns lining the banks of creeks and rivers. Black bears, black-tailed deer and mountain goats in the rocky high country are the wildlife you may encounter. Mountain climbers visit Mt. Baker in spring and summer before fall opens numerous large crevasses. Hundreds of climbers may be seen on the mountain in a single day. The Heliotrope Ridge Trail #677 winds 2.7 miles to the Coleman Glacier, the most popular climbing route on the mountain. A well-developed and very busy trail system provides access to the lower country.

Our family and older couple enjoyed the hike into Blue Lake recently. Not too difficult but lots of roots. The view was spectacular and the lake setting was worth the effort. Another party had success with catch & release trout.

The Skyline Divide trail brought about one of those few "wow" moments in life. A perfect day hike for a bit of a workout and breathtaking views. Read my full trip report at https://www.gatlincreatives.com/blog/skylinedivide and watch the full weekend camping trip!

Did this hike on Sunday August 5. Beautiful and busy trail. Scenery is outstanding once you get up to the ridge. A little buggy in the afternoon but not terrible. Road in has some holes but generally in good shape.

Great hike with stunning viewers of Mt Baker throughout and 360 panoramic views at the top of Shannon and Baker lakes.

Beautiful trail, bugs are out to get ya if you camp out on the ridge. Also, service road is about 13 miles long with some decent sized potholes. We saw plenty of Priuses making it up though so the road shouldnt be an issue if you look ahead for them. Beautiful sights made it one of the better backpacking trip I've done here so far. Bring plenty of water. Enjoy!

Go early it’s busy. Bring water for dogs not a lot of streams but there is some snow close to the top (beginning of aug)

10 days ago

Did this hike yesterday 8/2/2018 started around
8 am and finished around 7 pm mainly due to the extreme technicality of the terrain for the last 2 miles! This hike is relaxing and mostly flat with slow elevation gain for the first 2-3 miles. Then!, the last 2 miles to the peak is where it gets crazy! I was surprised that this particular hike was deemed suitable for dogs after experiencing what me and my huskies went through but we made it there and back due to their high endurance level and their jumping skills! Beware that you’ll actually have to climb over three different rugged walls! To summit the peak. If you’re just looking to camp there are over 4 different camp grounds long before the ruggedness. On the other note!, the entire hike was incredible with a lot of scenery of many lakes and other mountains shrouded by clouds!

Great views from up top
Bugs were pretty thick:)

17 days ago

Did this one yesterday. poor our car! if you are not driving a tall 4 wheel drive that last 40 min of drive would be a roalercoaster with flying stines, dust and it would take more than an hour. there is some camping on that road though, which is amazing.
Trail is beautiful! Most people just go up and do not go though the ridge.
We did go to Chain lakes today and id say views were about same spectacular, but road was really nice, so next time not sure which one would i choose.

18 days ago

Overgrown trail loaded with black flies. once you break out of the valley and reach the pass at 5.0 miles, the climb gets steeper, then really steep :-) The views from the top are beautiful. The flowers were ok.....total miles logged was 11.

Great trail and magnificent views! Lakes, wildflowers, running falls. No wildlife seen, maybe because of the high number of dogs (all off leash). Minimal snowfields left. Canopy cover, mainly, first 1.75 miles-definitely do early in the day. My husband and I both logged 7.9 miles on our devices.

Did Mt Baker on July 18th 2018 by myself. left parking 5:30am took me 8 hours and 45 minutes to the summit and back to parking beautiful views was great day for it.

29 days ago

Road up to trailhead is in good condition. Potholes as expected but plenty of room to maneuver around. Busy parking lot, make sure to get up there early! Trail is in great condition. Tennis shoes will get you to the top no problem now. A couple of very small snow patches to cross but nothing to be overly cautious about.

Just got back from an overnighter at Yellow Aster. Absolutely amazing night for it. Still quite some snow, but it is quickly melting. Just wear your sturdy boots and you'll be fine. Glad we were going down on the Saturday because a lot of people were going up :). Seriously one of the best hikes ever!

1 month ago

beautiful hike on 4th of July! snow up to the meadow is very compact. follow the pink ribbon to stay on the trail. we continued past the meadow and up the peak for lunch which was beautiful. bring poles or prepare to "ski" down or, as I did, sled on my bum! it feels a bit exposed at some snowy areas with drop offs on the side, but totally doable and super fun.

Gorgeous views, but very steep at times. Only recommended for the sure-footed.

1 month ago

Absolutely beautiful. It’s pretty steep on the way up but it is totally worth it. Definitely would like to go again.

One of the most beautiful hikes.
The Forest Service road is heavily potholed, but readily passable in a car if driven prudently. Departed the trailhead at 8:55 under sunny skies, with only two other vehicles present. The first ~ 1 mile of trail is clear, but then the snowfields take over. Trekking poles were most helpful. About a 1/2 mile past the turnoff for the Tomyhoi Lake Trail, we put on microspikes as the snowfields steepened. At 3.1 miles, the trail crosses a high bench where the results of a fall appeared serious, so we opted to turn around. On the way back down, we turned to see the route that we had taken, and a marmot crossed our descent path. Bugs weren't too bad, but the sun off the snow fields was brutal.

Very snow covered still in early July. Making it extremely difficult to follow the trail but some magnificent views of you stick with it.

1 month ago

The road up was long with lots of potholes, but not too bad with the right vehicle. The hike itself was good even though there was a lot of snow. made it more fun anyway. we had to turn around about 2 miles in due to lack of a clear trail. manageable without snowshoes even if it’s a little slippery. Will definitely have to go back later in the season!

Cool little late. Still iced over trail was mostly snow covered. We were able to get almost to the trailhead in our car

Parked 2 miles from the trail head due to snow covering the road in some portions. The hike up the road wasn't too bad because of the views you get of Baker Lake. Blue lake was frozen over 90 percent of the way. There was a beautiful waterfall flowing very heavy down the mountain into the lake that made the hike well worth it to trudge through the snow. Overall a good hike if you're adventurous.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike! Still some snow patches but very manageable without snowshoes. We lucked out with the warm and sunny weather, saw amazing views of Mt Baker

Not bad, but super steep. Not recommend for small kids or elderly.

This is an absolutely beautiful, short, family friendly hike. The trail is unmarked and fairly small at the opening, but it is quite clear and was easy to find the correct path to the waterfall. The area is also use for lots of mountain biking so there are multiple other trail options though from the sound of rushing water it was clear which direction we needed to go. As you reach the top of the Falls area there's a trail that leads down below that would be rated as moderate. It is fairly steep with sliding sand, but completely manageable. The Falls were absolutely gorgeous and very much worth the short hike in!! At the bottom of the large falls there is quite a large pool and it turns into a smaller flow below that is easily cross to the other side. lots of places to cool down if the spray from the waterfall isn't enough!

Directions: Highways 542 and 9 in Deming. Proceed another 2.3 miles east on Highway 542 to Mosquito Lake Road and turn right. In just under a mile, after crossing the Nooksack River, turn left on North Fork Road. Drive this route for 4 1/4 miles to the bridge over Racehorse Creek. Continue another half mile to the top of the hill and park where the road bends to the left. Find the unmarked but obvious trail here. (directions from waterfallsnorthwest.com)

Very snow heavy about 2.5 miles in - amazing view at the top though. Incline the whole way up. and lost the trail - needed to follow tracks and map. Slid down on my butt for the first two miles back down. Was a fun hike but difficult with the snow

Had been there on memorial day weekend. Though it was crowded at parking lot but was much clearer during the hike as not many people were trying to go up. It was not easy as snow was thin due to sun but it’s totally worth it. One of the best viewpoint in Pacific Northwest for sure

May 27, 2018. Spectacular 360 view of Washington and Canada. It’s a challenging climb, but worth every bit of the effort required to get to the summit. We were lucky to arrive on the first day vehicles could reach the trailhead which was a plus. Mountaineering gear for glacier safety is highly recommended. While it’s possible to summit in 1 day, I would highly recommend making it an enjoyable 2 day excursion. For those planning 2 days, there are two excellent options for setting up base camp.

Hiked on May 12th snow was pretty sloppy as we had a lot of hot weather. Over all hike was a blast with beautiful views. I made a video along the way check it out for more in depth information about the hike: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDJzVpyON7c

Be safe out there, NW Adventures

3 months ago

Was not really a hike. The falls are right off the gravel road. A very beautiful place to stop and stretch your legs before heading to the top of Baker.

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