A great trail but there is a lot of smoke from the BC fires currently obscuring the views. I'd recommend starting early if you decide to take on this hike with the smoke. The air is quite heavy / thick esp for the first mile plus. It seemed to clear a bit as we climbed and there was a breeze that picked up after about a mile and a half.

I think they are under calling the length of this hike. We reached the split in the trail at just over 2.0 miles when the details here show it at about 1.6 miles. A few other people noted the trail clocks in around 7.9 miles or so roundtrip.

We bailed due to the weather / smoke and ended up with 6.3 miles roundtrip and we had another 0.7 or 0.8 miles to get to the Yellow Aster Butte summit.

I'd try this hike again when the weather is a bit better.