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The Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest in Washington is a National Forest extending more than 140 miles along the western slopes of the Cascade Range from the Canada–US border to the northern boundary of Mount Rainier National Park.

I am planning to head up to Snoquera tomorrow..WTA posted the trail is closed?I couldn't find anything online with the forestry dept. But looking through theses reviews..a lot of people were disappointed in the falls. They are spectacular in late Spring..the huge drop and then water cascading over all of the rocks at bottom where the trail is!!
It is amazing!! Do not pass up these falls! Just have to hit them at the right time of year!

Hiked on 12/11 conditions were snowy/icy at top and Lake Serene was frozen. It was a great hike nevertheless

Trail up to the falls is in great condition. Stream crossing are shallow compared to a few weeks ago. Some icey rocks but not enough for spikes.

3 days ago

5 days ago

Quick short hike that's fun to do. Elevation does gain a bit. Very nice scenery when hiking up to the lookout. I loved the views of the mountains from the top. You can even bring a sleeping back to cuddle up in before sunrise and watch the mountains. Snowy parts everywhere. Great for families, friends, and pets.

Arriving to the top is the most satisfying views you can get for an adrenaline junkie. I absolutely loved this hike. It was moderately easy and fun to do. Amazing scenery along the way. Great for families, friends, and pets who's down for an adventure. The path ways are clear and visible to see. Beautiful hike. One of my favorites.

Summer time is always great here because the must from the waterfall will feel so good after a good walk to this destination. Easy for families, friends, & pets. Loved this mini easy walk. There is some elevation but not much. Very pretty look outs and small little rivers along the way!

As of today.... the last stretch to the pass after lil bandera junction got a little stressful ... even with gear. We made it all the way but I can see this becoming almost impassable with any more snowfall. Road up is still fine.

6 days ago

Beautiful day for a hike. We brought our dog this afternoon and took our time, definitely enjoyed the views. The path was well-maintained, totally clear of any snow, and was relatively dry. The falls were absolutely beautiful. We made sure to sit at the top while the sun set—so quiet and peaceful. We got a late start so we didn’t get to see Lake Serene, but we’ll be back soon to give that trail a try.

7 days ago

not for the faint of heart! the trail is steep, but well worth it. definitely the hardest trail I've done to date. it's rocky and definitely icy at the top. i slipped and fell towards the top, but once I put my microspikes on it was easy to cross. the lake is frozen over and you can hear avalanches in the distance. over all worth the pain you endure getting there.

7 days ago

Drove as far as we could on my truck. Almost got stuck but it was a long hike to the trailhead on the right of the road. You can’t see the trailhead sign from the road but once you walk up the trail a little it will say Mt. Catherine. Trail was hard to follow but made it to the top to a great view. It ended up taking about three hours up to the top. And an hour down.

Started @2:05pm, there were ~10 slots to park. made it to the lake @3:40 and got back to car around 5.

Road is snow free, but first half of the hike is icy and microspikes are recommended, but not obligatory.

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