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Arrived 10am. Lot was full. Cars were parked on the side, down the hill. Easy hike to Talapus lake; didn’t make it to Olalie. Lots of people left their baggies of dog poop on the side. One outhouse. Some muddy spots in the trail. Parts of the trail, near the creek are getting fixed, with new wood. $5 parking. Cloudy, low 50’s. The whole trail is under the shade. The app didnt download the map properly, so my recording is messed up; basically lost it.

Turned around at the snow at a half mile, maybe less, to the end of the trail; it was cloudy anyway wouldn't have seen anything from the basin. The waterfall was still gorgeous, as was the scenery of the hillside and the forest below. Climbing the steep, rocky and bouldery trail section was a little sketchy when wet, but it's doable. For not intending to do this hike at all today, I was still pleased with it, clouds and all.

Amazing and magical. It took two years to get a permit. Next time I’ll be staying overnight.

16 hours ago

Definitely not a "lightly trafficked" trail!!! We saw 20+ people on a Saturday afternoon.

Very busy hike, parking lot was almost full at 8 AM. Took two hours to get up and two hours to get back down. View at the top was OK, nothing spectacular.

1 day ago

Perfect for beginners!

Great hike that has trees/forest, waterfalls, and rocks...the trifecta! We chose to turn back at the falls instead of completely the loop because the trail beyond the falls began looking questionable.

THIS WAS TOOO SNOWY AT THE TOP, and bordering was much needed

2 days ago

Super easy hike, the lake is gorgeous at sunset. Went on a first date here in formal clothes and got lots of strange looks lol

Did it on Wednesday afternoon. Met a few people on the way to Mason lake but once the trail broke off and I took the Bandera route there wasn’t a single route. That last mile is a straight-up climbing so
you better be prepared for that. When I reached the top, there wasn’t a single other soul. I had the entire mountain to myself and my only companions were the squirrels and 2 hawks that were enjoying the day. I just sat there for almost 40 minutes before heading back to the lake and no one disturbed me. Perfect!

Absolutely love this hike. No idea why it’s rated as hard though. Unless you are doing the adjoining hike to Bander mountain as well, this is a very moderate hike. I did both - climbed Bandera and then hiked down to the lake on a Wednesday afternoon and it was absolutely gorgeous. I didn’t have a single soul to share the views with in Bandera and even by the lake there was hardly anyone else. Do this on a weekday and your experience will be richer.

hardest hike I've done in a long time. although my kids made it. Its not a kid friendly hike.

3 days ago

Lake was beautiful. Still a lot of snow near mirror lake that makes footing a bit sketch but the view near the camping area makes it all worth it. Not a ton of parking so get there early.

Beautiful, easy hike, with direct access to the waterfall. Made many stops along the trail and it only took two hours.

Nice hike!! Go early not very many spots to access lake.. lots of people even for a Monday. Hiked 6/19/18

Great family hike for young children.Beautiful scenery.Well maintained trail.

I just hiked this on Sunday, and the views along the way were breathtaking. The lake was calm and serene and I was able to find a great spot to rest for lunch. Almost the entire way back was downhill, so I was able to focus less on the exercise aspect and soak in the beauty.

Went 6/19/18. Lovely hike, gets very rocky though. The view is beautiful and even got to dip in the lake. So worth it!

Definitely has a fantastic view at the top. I wasn’t expecting that much snow to be at the top, which caused me to have to hike up the rocks that are alongside the snow since I didn’t have snow shoes. The last portion of the trail proved hard to find, so I just made my own path. Be very careful if you do climb up the rocks because some are wobbly and are just overall hard to climb up.

It was a fantastic hike. The uphill trek can be a grind. But the view at the lake is well worth it. It is a bit overgrown towards the entrance of the lake. The many small creeks you pass/step over definitely breaks up the hike as well.

Great family friendly hike. I brought my two year old and he had a blast. Had to keep him away from the edge on some parts but overall easy short hike with lots to see!!!

To begin, this trail is actually around 11 miles, not 8.1 so plan on a longer hike. My friends and I hiked this trail 6/18/18 and there was a significant amount of snow at the peak and the last 1/4th of the trail. I would highly recommend bringing ice spikes or trekking poles if you have them. Additionally, towards the last portion of the hike, the trail becomes obscured due to excessive snow and fallen trees. The only way my friends and I made it to the top was due to trail blazing while using a recorded version of the hike from this app. It definitely makes for an adventure! We started the trail at 8:00 AM and made it back down to the parking lot by 3:00 PM (we did stop a few times to take pictures and eat at the top). This probably had to be the most beautiful hike I have been on though to say the least. The lake is amazing, but to me it looks quite similar to Lake 22 or Heather Lake, which are much easier and shorter hikes. Enjoy!

The trail was great, little muddy in spots being repaired. But the lakes were beautiful!

I hike this trail every year. Great views and wild flowers for probably the top 1/3 of the trail. Epic 360 views from the top!

Easy, lake, great view on the way

5 days ago

6/16/18: Now in my top 5 favorite hikes! Incredible views, moderate difficulty, and a mix of summer/winter conditions. There's snow for the last mile, but it's packed down enough that you don't need spikes/snowshoes. Sunny and shaded sections, and a great boulder area at the top to sit and enjoy 360 views. Glacier Peak was beautiful and you can even see Baker in the distance. Odd bonus: the outhouse at the trailhead was the best smelling ones I've ever been in. What people say about the bumpy NF road is true, but we saw a Prius make it up there so... enjoy! It's worth every pothole and step.

5 days ago

Easy trail and easy hike for all ages. It was packed and parking was a slight issue but otherwise a great hike.

5 days ago

The trail is in good shape despite the erosion from snowmelt. there are large, easily traversed patches of snowstarting around 4500 feet. after the meadow/pond at ~4800, there is an 8 foot deep wall of snow that caps the mountain and obscures the rest of the trail. it's passable by getting to the top of it, but its depth made me wary of footing and I chose not to continue past it.

That last leg is always a punisher! Fun bouldering section near the top. Passed a lot of people not fully prepared for the last incline. Not an easy climb! No snow but bugs are out.

Push it out and get some incredible views!

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