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Went last week and there was still a lot of snow on the ground, made it a little tricky and longer to get to the falls.

Cool place! Amazing amount of flowers and a wonderful waterfall! Definitely do the loop trail! We took our 5 and 8 year old girls and they did fine.

Beautiful loop, a bit steep if you go all the way down but it's worth it. The few sequoia remaining are incredible too!

Went today and there was hardly any snow left on the trail itself. Gorgeous easy walk/hike along the river with lots of amazing views before you get to the falls. Took a ton of pics, then took the Wagon Wheel trail back to the parking lot. Some downed trees to get over but nothing challenging. Wonderful short hike.

Amazing! This trail is the same as the bridal veil falls trail. You have to hike up to the falls, then back down to the main path but it is completely worth it. The falls were gorgeous. Up to the falls was easy. The hike up to lake serene was a little more difficult. The elevation gain was tough, it took place among a ton of switchbacks. The change in climate as you get to the top of the mountain was amazing. We saw a Pika at the top of the mountain which was incredible!

We went in the winter, highly suggest shoe spikes, people were sliding and falling into other people the whole time. Going down to the waterfall itself was so slick, luckily there was a rope to help shimmy down but still very difficult without shoe spikes. Won’t do this again in the winter, maybe a good summer hike

The road is open again so it's just a short two miles round trip. Very beautiful and definitely recommend if you love waterfalls and are looking for a short but beautiful hike! There was patches of snow on the trail in places but nothing you can't easily get through with just shoes or boots. Please remember to pack your trash back out with you! I passed a group of young adults that were drinking bottled beer and on my return trip I kept seeing their beer bottles they had left. Next time I'll bring a bag to pick up trash with. Let's leave our trails clean and beautiful!


Beauty all around, elevation not bad conditions were perfect. No snow water was raging, definitely doing this hike again. Great hike with family too

This hike was completed Aug 2017.

Beautiful Mother's Day hike!

on Zig Zag Trail

9 days ago

Good hike, pretty steep. Didn’t finish it this time so can’t speak of the view(s) on top. Soon as you get to the bridge, keep going straight UP.

Tough hike-- bring water and sustenance and some form of snow traction for the top. A beautiful midpoint helps encourage you through the grueling back half of the trail. well worth the effort. you'll need to hop across some slow moving water.

very beautiful trail, easy and short, well marked. View is so good, water is raging, feels so good to watch it!

Access road closed so trail was inaccessible beginning of May

I didn’t know that the roads were closed and only prepared for a 2 mile hike. But seeing the snow and the falls was amazing even if we hiked for at-least 8 miles in total.

Great hike to a beautiful falls! A few stream crossings that aren't too difficult but you should feel comfortable with your balance. Trail up to Otter Falls is a left hand turn off the main trail and is marked with cairns and pink tape.

Ten mile out and back easy beautiful day hike. Low elevation until you get to the sign for Otter Falls, which takes you into the the trees straight up. Don't worry it's a refreshing 5 min (if that) climb that is truly rewarding.

15 days ago

The first half of this trail is beautiful, with many bridges and waterfalls to cross. It's very interactive and fun for children too . BUT about half the way up, the snow starts. The snow is DEEP- there were atleast 2-3 feet of snow left today! In these conditions, the trail would be inappropriate for children, and fun for experienced hikers only with the appropriate gear to safely tackle crossing steep icy avalanche chutes. At this time of the year, this trail should be considered hard, and would recommend to experienced hikers with appropriate gear only.

Still a lot of snow so be prepared.

great water fall with a lake at the bottom of falls
Lost my keys on the way

Loved Snoquera Falls! We logged about 5 miles and had no trouble at all finding it. At the top, the falls were running real heavy, & we had to navigate through some water using rocks to step our way through to continue the loop on the other side (all part of the adventure)
Hiking poles really helped on the water crossings.
Highly recommend this hike for a season opener!

2 ways in to the falls and I chose the way with 6 feet of snow. didn't realize the road on the other side of the falls was clear as the road was still closed for winter. falls was nice but the interstate is just above it in the background. fun hike though even if it was without snow shoes.

Had a great hike today still a good bit of snow on the ground. This was a great hike to get the season started

23 days ago

It’s a little confusing to get there. From highway 410 (coming from Enumclaw), take a left on the sign that says Camp Sheppard Trailhead. There you will find the parking lot on your right as well as the bathrooms. There is a sign that marks the starting point to Snoquera falls. At the beginning of the trail you meals it to an amphitheater (wooden house) from there just keep going straight until you reach the next sign. The next sign is torn down so just make a left and your on the trail to Snoquera. Very easy hike, less than 4 miles round trip. No snow on this day and perfect for the entire family of a solo hike. Not trafficked, only like 2 or 3 other people there. I lost signal 30 minutes before getting there so make sure you save directions. Gorgeous views and highly recommended!

24 days ago

Do not follow the direction of Google which directs you to Denny Creek. Use the trail marked by AllTrails Map !!

When we arrived at the destination suggested by Google, we didn’t see the waterfall and realized that we chose the wrong trail :(

We wish there was a better sign to point us to the correct direction.

One of the most beautiful falls in Washington!! Pictures do NOT do this Falls justice!! Go just past Otter Falls about 3 minutes and see Big Creek Falls as well!! Amazing!!

Must see, beautiful trail and well maintained, along with informational posts around the loop. Several raging waterfalls just add to the tranquil setting. Another hike adjoining this trail to add extra walking/hiking..Family friendly, along with parking and bathroom facilities (however, closed up when went yesterday 4/23)

Beautiful from start to finish... trail were free of snow to Green Lake..
great hike for all ages with lots of river views,,

great hike, gorgeous views.

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