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beautiful lake

Hike to Bridal Veil falls was relatively easy and a great view. Lake Serene was very difficult. Lots of climbing and switchbacks. Definitely a big hike but well worth it.

18 hours ago

Definitely want to go again already and I was just there an hour ago! I’m bringing a float next time. Too bad there wasn’t really a beach to it, just little spots for 20-30 ppl. SO GET THERE EARLY! Ha!

Started from the upper trailhead. Turnoff for the main trail on the right is easy to miss from the old logging road-be watching for it as the logging road turns right.
Someone posted a helpful picture of it here on alltrails. The trail is short but excessively steep. You climb close to 2,100 feet in a mile. But we were rewarded with great views. Snow free but a little slippery coming down.

1 day ago

Decided to check this one out today and found a very well maintained dirt road. We started at the Dalles Ridge trail head.Trail was easy to follow except for one large snowfield about 1.5 miles in. luckily there was great reception and we were able to follow to follow the map to guide to the other side. There were a few trees down over the trail prior to the snow field but the were easily stepped over or walked around. After that the trail was great until you could see your end point. then there was one more snow patch that covered the trail and was very steep. We took it slow and made it past that to a great view. we were so busy looking at the fire damage and views on the first half and all the scenery on the second we didn't even realize how far we had hiked once we reached the end.

boring hike but great summit scramble over exposed granite steeps.... also a great trail to run down, virtually no rocks or roots.

amazing flower display

Great alpine lake hike. Minimal snow

on Suntop Trail

1 day ago

Long hike and a great workout. However you don’t really see much as you are hiking through the woods the whole time. Next time I would just drive up for the view and do a different hike.

06.16.2018 Very easy trail for kids. High traffic today, possibly because it’s Saturday. Highly recommend hiking boots because some parts are wet and muddy. Next time I’ll bring a towel because I got pretty close to the fall and got wet. On the way back we took the Wagon Trail to end with a loop and avoid the traffic of people on the Franklin Falls Trail; was way quicker to get back to the parking lot.

Really pretty waterfall! You can also hike to the top of .

2 days ago

Hikes this today on a Friday afternoon and turned out to be absolutely the right decision. This is an absolute gorgeous hike and completely worth it with views of the lake just splendid but as with most alpine lake hikes - there isn’t a whole lot of room to sit and enjoy the views at the end so if you go on a weekend you are likely going to have to struggle to completely enjoy this view. I went today afternoon and there were 2 other people at the lake when I reached and I found a wonderful spot to just sit by the lake, lake around and enjoy the views. Gorgeous gorgeous hike.

A fun hike, wildflowers starting to bloom.

We went on Monday the 11th, and had a wonderful time. Instead of taking the Franklin Falls trail, we took the Old Wagon Trail to Franklin Falls and only ran into two groups while walking. We had a much quieter time, highly recommend if you don't mind crossing the road a few times (though the trail is clearly marked with spray paint), the falls were gorgeous and the hike was short and sweet.

Beautiful views

hiked 6/12. really nice, easy 4-mile walk to the Monte Cristo townsite. past there, start to encounter serious elevation gain. almost made it to Glacier Basin, but too much snow obscuring trail right near the end. tried poodle dog pass and made it up to the stream crossing before snow once again foiled plans. can't wait to try again in a month.

Lovely place with beautiful grounds and hot hot springs that melt away aching foot pain

4 days ago

I hiked the Summit Lake trail today: 5/13. I was the only one on the trail. Below Summit Lake, there is still some snow covering the trail but it is easy to follow the trail up to the lake. Hiking boots are sufficient. Summit Lake is iced over and the last 0.5 mike of the trail is completely covered in snow. After post-holing about a dozen times, I turned back about 800 yards from the top. If you are going beyond the Southeast side of Summit Lake, I recommend taking snow shoes. It was also snowing/sleeting pretty heavy above Summit Lake which didn’t help with following the trail. As for the road, it does suck but the first 100 yards is the worst by far. A stock Grand Cherokee had no problem at all with clearance. If you don’t bottom out right after the bridge; you’ll be fine. The road actually improves as you ascending.

6/13/18: Went with my wife (mid 20s), her two sisters (mid 20s), and her parents (mid 50s). Took us just under 2 hours total and was a total of 3 miles. It was a rainy day so not many people on the trail and we were the only ones at the waterfall. Pretty easy hike overall and trail is very well kept. Would recommend hiking boots since it’s pretty muddy and there’s some rocks you have to climb down at the end to get to the waterfall. Waterfall and river are beautiful and you can walk right up to it. Nice easy and short hike!

Short, easy, awesome, great scenery, and can get right next to the waterfall. Must do and 100x better than Snoqualmie Falls

This is one of my favorite hikes it’s short and sweet.The trail is great very well-maintained. The only negatives is it’s hard to park especially in the winter when they close the road.The other hard thing is when you get to the end it’s kind of hard to climb down and climbing down is the best part so it’s a little difficult if you have multiple little kids. The very end part that’s hard to get down is covered in big rocks that you have to climb over and it’s a little steep there but it only takes about 5 to 10 minutes to get through that part

Agree with PG below. Probably close to 1500 ft gain at the last third of the hike. Legs are not thankful for the arduous hike. Definitely need boots with good grip; more for the trip back. Also hiked up with a 70 lbs and 5 lbs dogs and they did far better than us humans. Beautiful views of Mt Rainier, Mt Adams, Cascades, and even Seattle in the far off distance.

Wasn’t sure what I was getting into today but I’d say it was worth it. Even if I was heavily breathing most of the way up. Wildflowers are in bloom!

This was an amazing hike! The trail was so taken care of and had some interesting features to it. Such as the stairs made out of a tree. ALOT of uphill and zig-zags. The view of the lake is SO worth the hike! To get to the lake is a little confusing but you come up to a point that looks like the trail ends and you see a “toilet” sign. Keep going straight and take a left through the trees. You’ll see the lake from there! Also, so many people were on the trail but they were all so kind and considerate!

5 days ago

It’s not a difficult trail, there is a lot natural beauty and a little bit of the history about the Great Northern Railway.

Lots of snow on the trail, no chance to keep on the trail when in the trees. GPS needed. Great hike.

6/12/18: Went with my wife, her two sisters (early 20s), and her parents (mid 50s) at a pretty slow pace so we could all stay together. Averaged 35-40 minutes per mile. Started about 10:30am, returned at 5:30pm. A decent number of people on the trail, but it wasn’t crowded by any means. Lots of people brought dogs too. We spent at least 1 hour at the lake sitting and eating. Absolutely beautiful day and view. Recommend hiking boots because it’s wet and muddy in a good number of spots. Poles would have been helpful, but not necessary. Only traces of snow remained toward the top. Basically a straight incline the whole way there. Sections of switchbacks were the definitely the hardest - especially with the parents.

Great hike. Still alot of snow at the top. alot of rivers running under the snow. I can see where there are holes about 10 feet deep etc. Be careful that you don't fall through. You can get to the look out if you climb boulders for the last .5 miles on the south side. Theres no snow but the trail itself isn't melted yet. Don't bring dogs yet if you want to get to the look out.

You can drive up towards the peak and have a shorter hike or start at the bottom. The trailhead from the bottom is near some camp sights across from the air strip, off the gravel road.

Its marked 8.3 miles at the trailhead to the top, so around 16.5 total. Lots of elevation gain on a very well kept trail. Only saw a couple of mountain bikers on the way down. Partly cloudy day but good visibility at the top. Will do again someday.

I feel like the other reviews downplay the river you have to cross!! At multiple points, you have to jump on and over wet rocks to cross a river that’s maybe 2 feet deep. Ok for fit adults, not so much for kids. The peak is really great, involves a scramble up via bushwhacking. Follow the trail signs made of rocks towards the end!

Hiked 6/10/18. Both lakes were really pretty, but Olallie moreso. I recommend going all the way up. There was a little bit of snow still on the trail, but nothing terrible. I made it up in tennis shoes without issue. Would definitely do again.

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