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My wife and I hiked the trails today; perfect conditions! Very little snow/ice left, and the amount left didn’t even slow us down. The trails are still well groomed and the forest was peaceful. I recommend going to Gold Creek Pond afterwards, 2 great views in one day!

Went last week and there was still a lot of snow on the ground, made it a little tricky and longer to get to the falls.

There's still a lot of snow on this hike. A lot of people tried to start this but didn't have the right gear for it, so turned around. my friend and I were the only people on the trail the entire way. We only had spikes but snowshoes would have made it easier.Thankfully there were foot prints most of the way, wandering around was to a minimum. Once we reached the base of the mountain it got super steep. We continued on but at a couple hundred feet to the summit, we stopped because it felt too dangerous (for us) to continue on. The climb down was really difficult and very slow going. Slipped once or twice and had to use the trees to stop us. Might not be too bad if you were planning to ski down, but walking down, a little scary! I'd save this hike when there is no snow. But, the views, breathtaking!

Went today and there was hardly any snow left on the trail itself. Gorgeous easy walk/hike along the river with lots of amazing views before you get to the falls. Took a ton of pics, then took the Wagon Wheel trail back to the parking lot. Some downed trees to get over but nothing challenging. Wonderful short hike.

We went in the winter, highly suggest shoe spikes, people were sliding and falling into other people the whole time. Going down to the waterfall itself was so slick, luckily there was a rope to help shimmy down but still very difficult without shoe spikes. Won’t do this again in the winter, maybe a good summer hike

The road is open again so it's just a short two miles round trip. Very beautiful and definitely recommend if you love waterfalls and are looking for a short but beautiful hike! There was patches of snow on the trail in places but nothing you can't easily get through with just shoes or boots. Please remember to pack your trash back out with you! I passed a group of young adults that were drinking bottled beer and on my return trip I kept seeing their beer bottles they had left. Next time I'll bring a bag to pick up trash with. Let's leave our trails clean and beautiful!

9 days ago

My original goal was to hike Crystal Peak, but confirmed that the Mt Rainier National Park is still closed and the trailhead to Crystal Peak is a few miles into the park. So, I found the Norse Peak trail using the mobile app and decided to give it a try. It's rated as "Difficult", but there's nothing technical about it. You will hit snow at one point, but if you have microspikes and sticks you'll be fine. You'll hike right through the area devastated by last September's fire, but the good news is that it opens the trail up to the views and makes navigation much easier. The scene from the top is pretty amazing. I actually met Tyler (see his review below) at the summit and we talked for a bit. You can definitely see six peaks from the summit (Rainier, Adams, St Helens, Glacier, Baker, Hood), but Adams and Rainier are the only obvious ones. You'll have trouble recognizing any others. I posted some photos with markers so you can know where to look.

9 days ago

I started the day wanting to do a loop to goat lake, basin lake, crown point and norse peak. Well due to the forest fire last year most of the trail above the switchbacks is washed out. After spending an hour trying to turn left at the top to go to goat lake I gave up and tried to follow the "trail" on my gps to get to basin lake. That was impassable as well. I eventually settled for a mostly off-trail walk up to norse peak. Traction devices needed above 5700ft, but I suspect by the end of the weekend you could get a few hundred feet higher without them. There were still areas with 3 feet of snow on the way to the top but snowshoes werent needed. The views at the top were stunning though.

Access road closed so trail was inaccessible beginning of May

I didn’t know that the roads were closed and only prepared for a 2 mile hike. But seeing the snow and the falls was amazing even if we hiked for at-least 8 miles in total.

18 days ago

Beautiful walk. It’s a steady climb as far as I could get but I ran into snow about 3600 ft. This time of year, with the snow melting, there were several really beautiful water falls and easy stream crossings. From the trail head to the snow, which covered the trail at an old log bridge, there was not a single point that the trail leveled out but it was only about a 15% grade the whole way. I went mid week and only passed eight people. The Trillium are blooming, and the trail is in good shape except for a couple of trees that have fallen across the trail. It’s a real nice sauntering path. I’m a casual hiker and it’s slow down when I get winded to pace myself so I’d say most anyone could go at least as far as I did, but then again, I only got half way before the trail was completely obscured by snow.

2 ways in to the falls and I chose the way with 6 feet of snow. didn't realize the road on the other side of the falls was clear as the road was still closed for winter. falls was nice but the interstate is just above it in the background. fun hike though even if it was without snow shoes.

Had a great hike today still a good bit of snow on the ground. This was a great hike to get the season started

25 days ago

Do not follow the direction of Google which directs you to Denny Creek. Use the trail marked by AllTrails Map !!

When we arrived at the destination suggested by Google, we didn’t see the waterfall and realized that we chose the wrong trail :(

We wish there was a better sign to point us to the correct direction.

The hike was beautiful. I am a beginner with hiking and this was my 2nd hike. It was definitely a little harder than I expected but that’s mostly because of the snow. We had to hike to the trailhead through the snow which meant falling a bit. However, it was totally worth the views!

1 month ago

Awesome place to go in winter and also in spring when it is slightly less taxing. Go there enough prepared to walk in snow for good two miles if you are going in winter or early spring. The hike experience is wonderful and worth it!

Amazing trail and beautiful as well! Very icy so you have to be careful but definitely worth it.

Beautiful hike to enjoy with the kids and dog in tow.

First time I ever hiked in the snow. It was amazing! We made it all the way to the waterfall. Simply beautiful!

Only could get a few miles down the road from mtn loop till I found the road blocked off due to a washout

It’s been snowing all week and the full hike (from beginning of Denny Creek rd) was just beautiful. The falls were half way frozen and it was great to experience. I went alone so it was nice to see a decent amount of people there.

2 months ago

Started at 6:30, the beginning was well maintained and packed down. About a mile in the trail becomes very faint, snow becomes thick and difficult to traverse through and there is a various amount of different side trails that can confuse hikers without GPS. Around the 3 mile mark my group turned around due to weak trail appearance. Maybe wait a couple more weeks for this one. Snow shoes very much acquired. Be aware of possible avalanche danger

Roads were closed on both sides. Ended up hiking a total of 8 gorgeous miles today. The wagon trail is not open, don't take that as a loop back as one of the signs suggests... you'll end up walking through very deep snow. TAKE ICE CLEATS! The whole main trail is compacted snow and ice. One hiker slid down the hill at the falls today but was able to get back up. The trail right at the water fall is steep and icy, be extremely cautious. GORGEOUS hike though!!!

very well worth the hike...and very beautiful

Hiked from Exit 47 at road closure. 7 miles RT. Approximately 5 miles of it is walking on the closed road that runs beside I90. Road was compact snow with some deep snow areas but there was an area worn down in the deeper snow areas. I wore microspikes and would recommend them. It was a beautiful day and I was pleasantly surprised to have the falls to myself. The falls are not completely frozen but the surrounded by beautiful ice.

3 months ago

Road remains closed so expect the 7.1 mile round trip walk in the woods. Started early in the morning and the road was icy with plenty of grooves from snowmobile tracks. Microspikes will serve you well and some warm boots. Snowshoes are not necessary, though if you want to carry them for weight, go for it. Trail is easy to find and has compact snow to lead you to the falls. The falls was flowing and plenty of icicles to add depth to the photos. This morning was not slushy and the ice looks like it’ll stay. Dress warm, gloves hats, you name it because it definitely is chilly by the falls. We passed 64 people and about 30 cars parked on the sides on the way back. Make sure to do the hike early (before 8-9AM) especially on weekends to beat crowds and get photos you want.

3 months ago

Did this trail again for the second weekend in a row. While it was once again great, we were wondering why we were the only ones on it two weekends in a row. As we were leaving, we noticed a small sign off to the side of the trail saying the trail was closed until December 31, 2018!

Falls were pretty good. However the park doesn't take care of out houses. Looks like they haven't been cleaned in a few years and seats were broken etc. Better off going in woods or store before getting there. Also no trash cans so people have been just throwing things all over the ground.

3 months ago

Didn’t realize we were on this particular trail until we came up to the sign on the trail saying Norse Peak. We only went part way and turned around. We were in snowshoes and brought the dog with us. Great scenery and great workout! Tons of snow when we were on it over the weekend, however there was a warming trend so not sure what the conditions are now.

3 months ago

We didn't start where this trail map says to. Instead we started at one a bit further down the road that makes for a shorter hike.

A very pretty and very wet trail. The trailhead had almost the nicest parking lot for a trailhead I had ever seen. Very nicely paved and clean. We were the only ones there when we first arrived at 8:30 am. We got on the trail at 8:50 and started our way up. The first mile or so is the steepest part and winds through mossy forest. Very picturesque. The trail is extremely well groomed in this portion. We got to the junction for the granite creek trail and turned left. After a few hundred feet the creek (granite creek) is visible directly to your left and you will walk along it and a relatively flat but slightly inclined trail for just under a mile. No snow before this part. After crossing the bridge to the other side of the creek, it was different terrain. Snow started accumulating as we inched our way up in elevation. Less mossy trees and more bare ones. Snow was on/off at first. Saw a nice little waterfall at one of the stream crossings (which there were a lot of). At a certain point the trail was all snow covered so we put on our micro spikes. It was a bit slippery and we just continued trudging up the one way trail looking for the split off of granite and Thompson lakes. At 3070 feet, we found the junction (WTA very accurate), and veered right looking for granite lakes. This is where the very deep snow started. We were the first ones on the trail for the day so we took turns leading the way through the thick snow. I am 6'2" and it was up to my knees. That being said, it was a lot of fun and a good workout. Oh, by the way, there are very nice views of Mailbox peak, or whatever mountain it is, to your right as you walk through the snow. We kept trudging along but at this point our feet and ankles were pretty soaked for all the snow and stream crossings. There was a fairly wide and strong one we had to cross but definitely doable. Looking at my GPS, I could see we were between the two lakes but could not see them. We were getting kind of impatient and didn't realize that the end of the trail was just past the second lake. So, we just turned around and went back down. My boots and socks were pretty soaked at this point so I didn't mind too much. We saw four parties on the way back down but nobody on the way up.
In summary, very pretty and wet forest hike in the beginning. Classic WA forest with a creek scenery. After bridge crossing, snow starts to slowly build up. Fun waterfall and lots of stream crossings. Lots of snow after turn off for the lakes. Unfortunately didn't get to see the lakes but still had a blast!
Fun fact: a tree fell down (apparently by itself) after our hike about 30 feet into the woods away from the parking lot. Very loud and I think my first time seeing one fall naturally.

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