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Beautiful view from left to right. Not gonna lie the walk was challenging, but the view made it all worth it. Definitely would go back :)

Short but steep hike to the top of the wall. Great views at the top. Several diamond markers and pink ribbons on the upper section of the trail to guide you in the right direction. As mentioned by others, from the parking lot cross over the railroad tracks and head right. Then at the big red sign head left towards the base of the rock wall.

exelente sendero para caminar

1 month ago

Great hike with a challenging beginning. However, he cautioned.. it is a dangerous trail right now. About 3/4 up, the trail gets lost in the heavy snow. I tracked on and found myself amidst large snow slides. Wait to hike this!

BEWARE: after walking over the railroad tracks make a right and follow the tracks, NOT a left. The trail is not clearly marked.

Definitely a trek but a short one. A good rainy day hike. Trail was a bit muddy in some places but nothing too bad. Poles helped. We got a lot of fog so we couldn’t see all of the views but it still is beautiful up there.

Great short hike with an amazing view at the end. For those with fear of heights, I think you can manage this hike pretty well. The mid section I would say is where you really have to work at it, nothing crazy though.

Don’t be like me and leave your camelback at home. Used my water bottle instead and managed. Would of been nice to have my hands free going up and down. Careful on your way down because in the steep descent and loose rocks etc.

Hardest but most rewarding and beautiful hike I've ever done

It was very challenging but the top was worth the trek! if you're scared of heights this might be even more challenging.

Amazing. If you’re afraid of heights it might be a bit much for you though...

As of today the snow is about thigh deep about half way up it’s starting to get very hard to get to the top and impossible without snow spikes or snow shoes, sadly I was late and I didn’t make it all the way up but still a great hike, next time I’ll cheat up one of the avalanche channels and then just follow the ridge till I get back to the trail, and the watch tower

Happy d hike up but great view. Trail is well taken care of too.

Great climb/hike. Go in the fall. Less traffic (rock fall in gully from other partys) . Easy climb. Great view of Rimrick Lake and Divide Ridge..

Beautilful views to all sides! We had snow half the way up. Would bring spikes if there is any snow on the trail. We went in the middle of October.

Both novice hikers from Ohio, my boyfriend and I️ took on the challenge of this hike. I️ encouraged him we could do it no problem as I️ run half marathons with little training and he’s a strong runner as well! With little research, I️ quickly learned on the trail, running and hiking a mountain are completely different! However strong willed and with frequent rests we made it to about 4,700 ft elevation until the snow was too deep to go on (we did not have snow gear or hiking poles). With a slight feeling of defeat, I️ sat on my pack silently, breathing in the mountain air and feeling grateful for this life. As I️ sat gazing out at the endless beauty before me the sun suddenly shone strongly and my boyfriend got down on one knee and proposed... I️ said YES!

Granite Mountain will forever be my favorite hike! Looking forward to many more hikes and a lifetime of adventure with my forever fellow!

Also, I️ recommend poles for this hike ;) I’ll be doing more research for my next adventure in hiking!

Incredible views! Once you start the hike, the trail begins quite muddy but the mud goes away almost immediately. I hiked up with two others at 5 am with flashlights to see the sunrise, however we missed the turnoff for the Granite Mountain trail up to the fire watch and hiked 2 miles in the wrong direction before realizing we were going the wrong way. Don't make this mistake!!! Keep your eyes open, however its hard to miss when light out. We were very tired after hiking that extra distance all while in the snow (2/3 of the trail is covered in snow, especially once you get to last couple of miles so make sure to have gators and waterproof hiking boots! Incredible sights at the top, would definitely recommend.

6 months ago

Hiked on 9/23/2017

This was my third time on this trail and to my surprise there was a lot of people. The autumn colors are gorgeous right now. The creek crossings are very simple, just be careful when stepping on the wet rocks and logs. They can be very slippery. Once the trail ends and you get to the scrambling part near the summit, there are small patches of snow. Either follow the cairns on your way up or go your own way. Just remember the summit is to the far right. I chose a really shitty way to the top and had a few scares, but coming down was a lot easier for me. Hopefully you will have more solitude at the top than I did. There were at least 15 people up there with me, and some very rude assholes. Despite this, I had a very nice gentleman hike back to the trailhead with me, as it was getting dark (I did this hike solo). Bring gloves and layers and plenty of snacks and start as early as possible. I lost some time due to following some cairns that were more than likely placed as a joke by some asshole. Took me way too far up the hill on a bunch of loose shale. I had to carefully make my way down and it was not fun. Another hiker said he had done the same thing. This one took me 9 hours total and it was worth it.

6 months ago

Great hike! A bit overcast by the time I reached the top but it was beautiful non-the-less. The open expanse is glorious with fall colors. The trail is in good condition. The beginning is a bit muddy but clears up right away. If one veers to the right instead of boulder climbing at the base of the peak, you will find snow on the sides of the trail with ice pack on the trail.

7 months ago

7 months ago

Challenging hike but d finitely worth it. Gets windy and super cold at the top. View is absolutely beautiful. Totally worth it

7 months ago

Great hike, if your new to area plan on taking the whole day to enjoy the view and hike. I hike, a lot took about 8 hours total with two stops for snacks and two stops for view....well maybe more, lol. Absolutely beautiful!

Would agree hiking poles are a win, and you can get lost a little so plan the route. If you have bad knees it’s a killer on the way down!

Snacks, and plenty of water at least 2 liter to get you through on a warm day like yesterday!

7 months ago

I hiked Vesper peak last weekend and it was absolutely incredible. Definitely one of the hardest hikes I've ever done but it was so rewarding once I got to the top!

It was super easy to follow all the cairns, I didn't get lost or off track at all. The only part that was somewhat hard to follow was near the very top with all the boulders.

A few things to note:
- The road leading up to the trailhead is "closed" but I kept driving and had no problems. I made it in a car just fine.
- This hike clocked in at about 10 miles total, not 8. Prepare for a longer hike!
- The last mile or so you are just climbing up rocks. I wish I would have had hiking poles for the way down.

7 months ago

I love this hike. It is hard, especially if there's any snow, which will leave you with only the boulder route, that many people just can't do. I had a great time when I went alone, but when I went back wit friends, there was snow on the easy side and we didn't make it to the top. I recommend going alone or bringing determined friends.

Pretty trail, esp with the little snow that has now appeared at the top. To avoid the snow take the boulder route up!

One of the best hike so far!!!!

It's around 8 miles round trip

Road to the trailhead is single road and have potholes my Accent did fine.
Trail is not in very good condition because of the washouts, and cairns can lead you to wrong way so be very careful. Started around 7:30 am, parking lot had only 2 cars. Took me 4 hours to get up to top and 3 hours to get down which includes getting lost and couple breaks. This is not an easy hike because it's steep and at top you have to climb the granite rocks which can be little tough. Pretty views all the way. Take plenty of water and extra food. Try to avoid this hike if you are scared of heights and beginner.

Good luck

8 months ago

Challenging hike with a great summit and view. Lookout is currently closed. Blue berries are ripe near the top! Bring an extra water

beautiful country! difficult navigation! not all cairns indicate the way to vesper, or to the TH.... the rock fields tripped us up bad. the actual trail is so faint and over grown... I've got scrapes along my arms and legs from bush whacking.

To my thorough entertainment every time we figured out how we had taken a wrong turn, we then always found the very obvious correct route, ha!

on the bright side I know where not to walk next round :D

9 months ago

Wow!! Amazing hike and challenging. Make sure you follow the man made markers (stacked rocks) "cairns" or else you will get lost. I got lost when it opened up to just rocks because I didn't see the cairns but you have to make sure you keep looking for them every 10-20 feet during the rock opening until the end of the hike. It will guide you to the peak at the end. Best views! Bring lots of water. I brought 3 liters and ran out. Thank god I had my lifestraw with me.

Did this last Tuesday 8/15 for a sunrise hike. My first time on the trail and did it in the dark...which ended up in almost 10 mi RT hike instead of the 8.6 that was listed. Started at 0305 and got up the Mt to Summit by 0602 (6min before sunrise). It was perfect.

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