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Beauty all around, elevation not bad conditions were perfect. No snow water was raging, definitely doing this hike again. Great hike with family too

11 days ago

My original goal was to hike Crystal Peak, but confirmed that the Mt Rainier National Park is still closed and the trailhead to Crystal Peak is a few miles into the park. So, I found the Norse Peak trail using the mobile app and decided to give it a try. It's rated as "Difficult", but there's nothing technical about it. You will hit snow at one point, but if you have microspikes and sticks you'll be fine. You'll hike right through the area devastated by last September's fire, but the good news is that it opens the trail up to the views and makes navigation much easier. The scene from the top is pretty amazing. I actually met Tyler (see his review below) at the summit and we talked for a bit. You can definitely see six peaks from the summit (Rainier, Adams, St Helens, Glacier, Baker, Hood), but Adams and Rainier are the only obvious ones. You'll have trouble recognizing any others. I posted some photos with markers so you can know where to look.

11 days ago

I started the day wanting to do a loop to goat lake, basin lake, crown point and norse peak. Well due to the forest fire last year most of the trail above the switchbacks is washed out. After spending an hour trying to turn left at the top to go to goat lake I gave up and tried to follow the "trail" on my gps to get to basin lake. That was impassable as well. I eventually settled for a mostly off-trail walk up to norse peak. Traction devices needed above 5700ft, but I suspect by the end of the weekend you could get a few hundred feet higher without them. There were still areas with 3 feet of snow on the way to the top but snowshoes werent needed. The views at the top were stunning though.

16 days ago

Prepare for bears! Be willing to cross rapid creek to get to Lake Elizabeth. Road is washed out at 2.3 Miles from Miller river road.

Still to much snow to drive any further than Coplay lake.

This trail is currently closed due to landslide activity. The ranger said it would likely be closed for at least a year because of the number of trees/debris falling into the trail. It could be less time than that but it is definitely closed in May/June from my understanding. The Pratt River Trail No. 1035 is open though and just goes the other way down the river. Easy and good views. [rating 5 stars regardless b/c just want to get this info out here]

29 days ago

went late April. had to park 3miles from trailhead. after post holing between knee and waste depth for several hours we turned back. bring snowshoes probably for another few months. views on road were still nice

Beautiful from start to finish... trail were free of snow to Green Lake..
great hike for all ages with lots of river views,,

Great hike! Not too bad of an elevation change throughout and the river was really flowing! Toward the end of it, it was a bit burned and trail wasn’t very well maintained so we didn’t get all the way to the end.

This was a great, fun hike! there was lots of snow just added to the adventure! can't wait to hike again this summer.

It was a little muddy. But well worth it.

We loved this trail and hiked to the falls. It was beautiful and would definitely go again. We hiked a total of about 8 miles.

2 months ago

Started at 6:30, the beginning was well maintained and packed down. About a mile in the trail becomes very faint, snow becomes thick and difficult to traverse through and there is a various amount of different side trails that can confuse hikers without GPS. Around the 3 mile mark my group turned around due to weak trail appearance. Maybe wait a couple more weeks for this one. Snow shoes very much acquired. Be aware of possible avalanche danger

very well worth the hike...and very beautiful

Did about 2 miles today, short and easy hike. Winter Wonderland for sure! Enjoyed it a lot.

3 months ago

One of my favorite trails. Awesome views. Lots of wild berries. Over nighter with the place all to my self! Hiked years ago so late post. Just digging up old pics. August 2012

Hiked a couple years ago. Digging through some old pics. Awesome trip. Think it was in September of 2011 haha. Bugs were narley. Need to make my way back again.

3 months ago

Easy, flat trail - more of a walk than a hike. A good place to take your dog.

3 months ago

Did this trail again for the second weekend in a row. While it was once again great, we were wondering why we were the only ones on it two weekends in a row. As we were leaving, we noticed a small sign off to the side of the trail saying the trail was closed until December 31, 2018!

The drive out to this hike was awesome. Quality road and stunning scenery.
Once on the hike it starts out well with some interesting sections right off the bat. It does get a little samey until I found the old path that takes you down to the river side where I stopped and had lunch. Otherwise you head up and I to the wooded area and don’t get to see the river all that much. A lot of people I passed asked the same question. “Does it go on like this much further”. So it’s worth it but I don’t think I’d do it again tbh. Probably good for kids, dogs and runners.

Beautiful day on the trail. Water is raging, it’s amazing!! Some snow in areas, but just a light dusting. Road had some icy spots but just before you get to the trailhead. I’ve never hike this trail at this time of year, it was awesome!!!!

3 months ago

Attempted to make it to lost lake last week but was unsuccessful. Wind falls over trail at second greenwater lake

3 months ago

Didn’t realize we were on this particular trail until we came up to the sign on the trail saying Norse Peak. We only went part way and turned around. We were in snowshoes and brought the dog with us. Great scenery and great workout! Tons of snow when we were on it over the weekend, however there was a warming trend so not sure what the conditions are now.

Easy access road, great parking lot. Trail was muddy but we'll maintained. Rainy day hike. Beautiful area and mountain views.

Did this trail today..Never get tired of hiking this one.. hearing the sound of water for most of the hike.. So relaxing..Trail conditions were great, Almost got to Echo Lake( Only had about 2 miles left) But I was pushing it with daylight ..A few big trees down where you either had to go under or climb over..But for most part trail was AMAZING for me anyways

Couldn’t make it to the trailhead without 4 wheel drive. Lots of potholes and snow at this time of year.

Road is completely undriveable at this point in the year. Extremely rocky terrain, as you approach 3 miles out from the trail, it starts to get really snowy. We had to turn around and never got to the trailhead. I would avoid until the spring.

4 months ago

went for a day hike last thursday we were excited seen a few elk just about 3mi out from the trailhead and came across a 1/4 in sheet of ice covering the road luckily I made the right decision to back off. might try again Monday with weather permitting. I live in Seattle area so was kinda bummed but stopped at the base of the hill and walked a bit was still refreshing.

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