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Went 6/19/18. Lovely hike, gets very rocky though. The view is beautiful and even got to dip in the lake. So worth it!

To begin, this trail is actually around 11 miles, not 8.1 so plan on a longer hike. My friends and I hiked this trail 6/18/18 and there was a significant amount of snow at the peak and the last 1/4th of the trail. I would highly recommend bringing ice spikes or trekking poles if you have them. Additionally, towards the last portion of the hike, the trail becomes obscured due to excessive snow and fallen trees. The only way my friends and I made it to the top was due to trail blazing while using a recorded version of the hike from this app. It definitely makes for an adventure! We started the trail at 8:00 AM and made it back down to the parking lot by 3:00 PM (we did stop a few times to take pictures and eat at the top). This probably had to be the most beautiful hike I have been on though to say the least. The lake is amazing, but to me it looks quite similar to Lake 22 or Heather Lake, which are much easier and shorter hikes. Enjoy!

Easy, lake, great view on the way

1 day ago

Easy trail and easy hike for all ages. It was packed and parking was a slight issue but otherwise a great hike.

Really nice hike! It does get a bit rocky but you just need to pay attention to your steps. Gets pretty muddy towards the top, guessing from recently melted snow. The lake is beautiful! I wish there were better options for sitting and enjoying the lake but that's just how it goes when you hike. I'd definitely recommend this one.

2 days ago

This was a great hike. The only downside was the road to the hike. It was really rocky and if we didn't have a SUV we probably would have scratched the underside. The lake is still frozen with slushy snow that last little bit. My 6 y.o. daughter had a lot of fun but was tired. We would definitely do it again.

Definitely want to go again already and I was just there an hour ago! I’m bringing a float next time. Too bad there wasn’t really a beach to it, just little spots for 20-30 ppl. SO GET THERE EARLY! Ha!

4 days ago

Hikes this today on a Friday afternoon and turned out to be absolutely the right decision. This is an absolute gorgeous hike and completely worth it with views of the lake just splendid but as with most alpine lake hikes - there isn’t a whole lot of room to sit and enjoy the views at the end so if you go on a weekend you are likely going to have to struggle to completely enjoy this view. I went today afternoon and there were 2 other people at the lake when I reached and I found a wonderful spot to just sit by the lake, lake around and enjoy the views. Gorgeous gorgeous hike.

Beautiful views

6 days ago

I hiked the Summit Lake trail today: 5/13. I was the only one on the trail. Below Summit Lake, there is still some snow covering the trail but it is easy to follow the trail up to the lake. Hiking boots are sufficient. Summit Lake is iced over and the last 0.5 mike of the trail is completely covered in snow. After post-holing about a dozen times, I turned back about 800 yards from the top. If you are going beyond the Southeast side of Summit Lake, I recommend taking snow shoes. It was also snowing/sleeting pretty heavy above Summit Lake which didn’t help with following the trail. As for the road, it does suck but the first 100 yards is the worst by far. A stock Grand Cherokee had no problem at all with clearance. If you don’t bottom out right after the bridge; you’ll be fine. The road actually improves as you ascending.

This was an amazing hike! The trail was so taken care of and had some interesting features to it. Such as the stairs made out of a tree. ALOT of uphill and zig-zags. The view of the lake is SO worth the hike! To get to the lake is a little confusing but you come up to a point that looks like the trail ends and you see a “toilet” sign. Keep going straight and take a left through the trees. You’ll see the lake from there! Also, so many people were on the trail but they were all so kind and considerate!

6/12/18: Went with my wife, her two sisters (early 20s), and her parents (mid 50s) at a pretty slow pace so we could all stay together. Averaged 35-40 minutes per mile. Started about 10:30am, returned at 5:30pm. A decent number of people on the trail, but it wasn’t crowded by any means. Lots of people brought dogs too. We spent at least 1 hour at the lake sitting and eating. Absolutely beautiful day and view. Recommend hiking boots because it’s wet and muddy in a good number of spots. Poles would have been helpful, but not necessary. Only traces of snow remained toward the top. Basically a straight incline the whole way there. Sections of switchbacks were the definitely the hardest - especially with the parents.

9 days ago

Great hike even in the rain! Trail was wet and had standing water, but was not terrible. Trail is in great condition and the campsites are clean. We will be back to backpack this summer!

on Annette Lake Trail

10 days ago

Fantastic hike for when you just want to get your boots on and go — super accessible.

11 days ago

Went up on Tuesday and it was very lovely, with snow on the trail only in three places, it was easily doable in tennis shoes and though hiking poles are helpful on the way down, they're not necessary. The weather was perfect, the lake was a beautiful turquoise and the trail wasn't too crowded. We only ran into about 6 groups, and everyone was very kind and polite, the only downside of the hike was the bugs. Though they were only present during the last couple miles and didn't bite, they did swarm so our lunch at the top could have been better, so maybe pack some bug spray. Overall, a great hike!

15 days ago

The road is snow free to the parking lot. The trail is partially snow covered starting at the first lake, but is passible using just hiking boots. Summit lake is still frozen. The road is rough as many have described, recommend a high clearance vehicle.

16 days ago

First backpack trip of the season and it kicked our butts. The lake is very rewarding and trails are well maintained. We snagged one of the campsites overlooking the lake and had a relaxing kick back time. There are about 7 "sites" that we came across, and we were happy we came up on Friday afternoon because later that evening they were all full. Saturday morning the trail was packed and extra muddy, just wear boots and bring an extra pair of socks and big spray! I slept in my 20 degree Marmot bag and was still a little chilly so bring extra layers if you are staying the night. It took us about 2-2.5 hours to get to the top with 35lb (ish) packs and 1 hour 40 min to get down on Saturday. Remember hikers hiking UP have the right of way, and to allow faster hikers to pass you either way. Happy Hiking!

Great weather, nice distance, and quite serene. Not too much snow up top. In all it makes for a great early season hike if you’re wanting to get to an upper valley lake.

It was a short and easy hike. Took me less than an hour to reach the lake. I had a dog with me and it was definitely a dog friendly trail, I’ve seen people hiking with their kids too. I arrived just before 8am and a few cars were already there, mostly for campers who are already camping at lake. Came back down little after 11am, parking lot was crowded and cars were parked along roads. Not sure if that was normal or because it was national trails day, free-fee day. It is a good trail for people who haven’t hiked for long time or people who are interested in primitive camping, there are several campsites w fire pits around the lake.

Completed this morning. The hike was really good, trails are identified nicely, and no blockage (eg washout, snow, etc). Easily maneuverable without special gear. There is a small snow field just prior to the lake, but just follow the dirty foot tracks :) All is good.

The bad aspects of this trail is the level of "rooty-ness" and rocks everywhere. Almost the entire hike was full of this. Though is a short hike (7 mi RT), your feet will take a beating. My Keens hiking boots with good soles struggled. That's about it..nice scenery and photo ops.

Tips: Parking - come early before 8:00a and reverse park in. Why? when you get back cars are double and triple parked very closely without true order. Forward driving out is easier than backing out.

Done today. Started at 7.30am, back by 10.30. Tiny patches of snow on the top of the trail a one wider field by the lake. No need for equipment. Lots of ppl with dogs going up when I was descending, unfortunately not all leashed or well behaved. Trail well visible nice waterfalls on the way this time of the year, lost reception about halfway up.

What I didn't know it's a $5 charge so bring change or cheese.

20 days ago

This trail kicked me and my friends butt!!! Moderate is too nice maybe as a rating but it was lovely and the lake was beautiful!

20 days ago

Kick my butt! Beautiful, great workout! Very long and steep! Had a blast ! Would do it again! My legs was sore all day next day!

23 days ago

Overall, it's a great hike. I've done it numerous times as a first backpacking lake to get the year started off right. Unfortunately, I misjudged the weather and couldn't make it to the lake via the regular trail simply because I couldn't find it through all the snow about a .5 mile from the lake. The road getting here was horrible (as usual) so just take your time. Huge potholes and ruts nearly the entire way to the 'T' for Coplay and Summit Lake so vehicles with higher clearance only. I'll try this again at the end of June to see if the snow has melted out.

Beautiful waterfall shortly into the hike. Fairly steep, but moderate is the correct raiding for this 6-mile trek. Still a bit of snow as you make your way to the lake. Hiking poles recommended to make it easier with the snow. Lake is a beautiful spot for lunch. Would definitely do this hike again!

24 days ago

This is a great trail to do with kids! My almost 4 year old was able to hike this almost entirely on her own. Views weren’t super rewarding, but this was still an enjoyable little hike.

I went the other day and it was great. The avalanche Lilly’s were out. The going up was nice with about snow staring about 3/4 of the way up, Once the snow started to appear, it became slushy, but was really easy to cross. The lake was gorgeous with ice/ snow mix covering the majority of the lake.

Amazing hike. We made it to the switchbacks before needing spikes. Silly me didn't bring any so we turned around. Up to that point trail was clear and gorgeous. My pup and I had a blast.

This is a lovely & easy hike. I got caught in the rain for most of the hike & that just made it all the better. Very low traffic so the woods are yours to enjoy. The lake is beautiful-when I was there, there was a light layer of fog across the top.

Access road closed so trail was inaccessible beginning of May

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