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Can be difficult to find and stay on the trail once you’re past the lake, but it’s worth the time and effort to make it to the top. Beautiful views at the top on a clear day! The trail is very steep, but idk if I’d rate this trail as hard.

1 day ago

Great hike. A little challenging for novice hikers, but worth the effort. The trail head is at the very end of the logging road.

Beautiful place. The hike was easy but a bit long for my daughter and boyfriend. The lower trail is much better than the upper. The lower trail fallows the creek and is up and down The upper trail is a long gentle grade up and a long gentle grade down. It would be great for jogging but it’s not very scenic. The lake was beautiful and the views of the mountains is glorious. I would do it again for sure.

Saw different mushrooms. Lakes are beautiful. Worth the effort. Went there on 10/12/2018.

2 days ago

Wifey and I took the four kiddos on this trek. We had to carry two of them on our backs. The first 2-3 miles were just up hill. The lake at the end was well worth it though!

Hello twins. ;)

We hiked this trail Sunday, 10/7. Temperature was in the 50's with a little sprinkle that we really couldn't feel until we reached the lake. Fall is my favorite time to hike to alpine lakes because no bugs, no crowds, and gorgeous foliage. Round trip, this hike took 5 hours with taking about 30 minutes to admire and explore the lake area. We took the lower elliot up and the upper elliot down. To be honest, I wouldn't waste my time with the upper elliot again... it is longer and gravel road-like. The lower elliot runs along the creek and offers diversity and more challenge. Fresh snow appeared to be accumulating on the peaks above the lake! All in all, we enjoyed it; serene and leisurely.
Also, no bears in site.

Hiked Summit Lake on 10/6/18. Saw about 20-25 people the whole day. Lots of dogs on leash including ours. The trail is very well maintained. This is one of my absolute favorite hikes! We started up later in the day, hitting the trailhead around 12:30pm. We met people coming down who didn't have the opportunity to see Mt. Rainier earlier in the day. Our late start meant we were able to get some gorgeous peek-a-boo views of the Mountain when we reached the trail summit. Perfect day!! Yes, the road up is rough, but the parking lot was full so it is definitely not deterring anyone. Please remember to pack your trash out.


Good hike

Ok hike. Starts on the ski slope then goes behind the mountain. It was foggy, with fall colors.

Wonderful hike! Steady elevation gain most of the way. Lovely fall colors all the way up to the lake currently. Peaks up top were clouded in, making for moody photography. Lake was a vibrant teal nonetheless. Quite nice against the orange leaves! No snow anywhere, and although quite cold, no snow falling today.

The second half is definitely pretty rocky. Just have to be careful with your footing especially on a rainy day like today. Nothing sketchy, just couldn’t go as fast as I’d like. (Did get passed by a dude trail running, so it just depends on what you’re comfortable with.)

11 days ago

You do it once and that's it. This is not 10 miles total, it's closer to 13. Going there is an all uphill battle the whole way, then you get to an area where you have to be careful and traverse a decent amount of rocks. Once you get to the end the lake opens up and your thinking, "Yay I made it!" Then you realize the place is packed with lots of people all camping within 50 ft if each other because the lake is garbage and is completely surrounded by rocks funneling everyone into a small area with only 30 ft of lake access. I like to do overnight back pack trips to get away from people, not squished into a little area surrounded by people. So over all this trail sucks and I won't be doing it again.

This was a great hike. The lake was amazing as well. The upper trail had snow on the trees and peaks. But this is not a 8.5 mile hike. My tracker put me at 11.1 miles from trailhead to the end of the lake. I wasn’t expecting to put my dog through such a long hike, but he did great.

This was a very decent trail for just getting out and enjoying the fresh air. I went when it was overcast and even a bit rainy, so a tad bit of sunshine would've been nice.

Going up to the parking, there was a very large dip in the driveway. Didn't really seem to be a problem for anyone though. Saw one car that might've stayed behind.

I would say if it's your first time hiking or you don't have good shoes. stop at the first second water fall, stay there a bit and look. there's a secret way to get on it. Then just head back. if you want to keep going, pack a wind breaker or something light but warm cause near the lake it's bloody cold.

Really an excellent hike, couldn't be happier. The views of the valley and the lake were amazing. Going in late September means all the leaves had turned colors but hadn't fallen off yet. And my dog had a blast playing around the lake. The hike was a solid moderate. It had only a small handful of switchbacks, The slope was pretty consistent - the first half was easy and the second half got pretty steep. It's a good workout, but I saw a handful of kids and a chihuahua climb this, so it wasn't THAT hard. Trail was well maintained and there weren't a ton of people. Took about 4 hours including stops for photos and eating lunch at the lake. Highly recommended! And don't forget to check for the right kind of pass!

In brief, a nice trail that takes you up a vast open hillside near a ski resort, then into lush woods leading down to an unremarkable lake. What really stood out for me, and those who are interested in flora, was the spectacular diversity of mushrooms and fungi that are everywhere, and across a full spectrum of colors (ever seen PURPLE mushrooms?) The opportunity for photo ops of natural minutiae are almost endless. This is a nice, short, pretty walk, but offers little with respect to scenic wonder. I might add - to the A$$ who left his dog $hit on the trail, pick it up, or keep your animal at home. Loser.

A nice moderate uphill grade. With an Alpine lake and early fall colors. It was an awesome hike

Really beautiful hike. Went on a partly sunny day and you could see Rainer for a lot of the way up. The fall foliage was beautiful. I’d rate this as a harder moderate hike. Pretty consistent grade on the way up.

17 days ago

easy hike. Knats are harmless, but if you stand in one spot for more than 10sec the large deer flies will bite you!

on Lake Valhalla Trail

20 days ago

Started at Smithbrook. Went a couple days ago and it is the perfect fall hike. Breathtaking fall foliage and diverse landscapes. Sun was out and it was warm but not hot.

20 days ago

Beautiful hike, not too difficult. Tons of camping spots, including one that overlooks the lake up top. The lake is strikingly blue, even on a cloudy day. Will have to return for a cloudless day to see Mt. Rainier from the lookout.

No toilet at the trailhead (people made their own toilet pits in the dirt), but there is a primitive toilet when you reach the lake. The trail is in excellent condition, but the road is not. Very rocky with potholes. I wouldn't say 4x4 or AWD is absolutely necessary, but clearance is. Even if you drive very carefully in a low clearance vehicle, you may damage the underside.

We planned on this being our lighter hike of the trip and only doing the Denny Creek trail but ended up going all the way to the lake. This may have been my favorite in the end. We had some beautiful views along the way and a great variety of scenery. The falls, creek, woods and a good amount of wildlife. Several Pika, frogs and chipmunks were spotted. Turned out to be a perfect way to end our time in the mountains.

21 days ago

Absolutely awesome. This one definitely fits the bill for "hard" I think. I recommend planning an entire day here, or camp overnight at the top. Perfect balance of enjoying the forest but with a ton of scenery of the surrounding peaks throughout. Some of the parts, the trail isn't very visible but still easy to know where to go. I can't wait to do it again!

21 days ago

A beautiful, easy fall hike. We arrived around 9am on a rainy Saturday and the trail was relatively empty; found a quiet spot next to the lake to snack and hang out. By the time we hiked out, around 11:30, the parking lot was full and there were a steady number of hikers. As with most trails ... get there early! We definitely plan to return for an overnight trip.

22 days ago

I did this hike last summer in June and it was amazing. I hiked this again yesterday (09/23/18) and it’s just as gorgeous as I remembered. This time it was awesome to see the orange and yellow leaves everywhere. Fall in the PNW is my favorite. We found it is the best route to take lower Elliot there and back. It follows the river and has a lot more to see. It isn’t as flat as upper Elliot but it’s worth it.

Great hike that was definitely a work out (average fitness). Some pretty steep gains until you break through the trees and enter into the boulder fields. The trail was really easy to follow and the fall colors have already started to come in. I went on a Sunday morning and the parking lot was already full but I didn't feel like the trail was too busy. I decided to go the extra half mile up to Bandera Summit and it was pretty steep, but there were a lot of steps and rocks that climbing up wasn't too difficult going up or down. I am still glad I had my poles though, they helped a ton.. Just pace yourself. It was a pretty cloudy day so I wasn't able to see all around, but all in all, great views either way and a great work out.

Hiked this trail a couple weeks back. The trail is in shade, great for a quick hike. The two lakes are beautiful but I was really bothered by bugs. The trail was more crowded than I expected but not too many people. Beware of road conditions to get to the trailhead. The last 2-3 miles drive up to the trailhead is on gravel road.

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