The Mount Adams Wilderness, located in southwest Washington State, surrounds the western slopes of the 12,276' tall Mount Adams, the second tallest mountain in the state and the third highest mountain in the Cascade Range. Surrounding its slopes is a cornucopia of natural beauty. Find old growth forests, high alpine rock gardens, small lakes and tarns, subalpine meadows, and more wildflowers than you can shake a walking stick at! Hike through miles of trails that explore this pristine and rugged land. Mount Adams is also the biggest stratovolcano in the northwest. Mount Adams, the "Forgotten Giant," rivals its more popular neighbors: Rainier, St. Helens, and Hood in scenic diversity. What sets Mount Adams apart from its neighbors, however, is its vast lava flows (4 major ones), easy off-trail hiking, and fantastic opportunity for solitude.

6 months ago

My favorite hike in the Mt. Adams area, great views of the mountain along with little-no other hikers out there. Backpacked in and went camping around lookinglass lake. Highly recommended

The hike up to the Lunch Counter is about 3.5 miles. There were a lot of people on the mountain but there was still plenty of built up areas to pitch a tent. As you set up at the Lunch Counter you look up at Pikers Peak which is pretty impressive. The hike up is fairly strenuous but not technical. Just make sure you have crampons and an ice ax and know how to use them. Once on top of Pikers Peak there is still one more steep pitch to the top. Overall it is a very demanding climb but isn't technical so if you are in shape it should be a good place to start building some skills.

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

had to hike in 4 miles to trailhead and rained on for first 6 miles. Next day made it to lunch counter at 9500 ft. Got cought in blizzard and stuck in tent for next 35 hrs. Never got chance to summit,made dangerous decent in 50 mph winds. All in All exciteing experience!!