The Mount Adams Wilderness, located in southwest Washington State, surrounds the western slopes of the 12,276' tall Mount Adams, the second tallest mountain in the state and the third highest mountain in the Cascade Range. Surrounding its slopes is a cornucopia of natural beauty. Find old growth forests, high alpine rock gardens, small lakes and tarns, subalpine meadows, and more wildflowers than you can shake a walking stick at! Hike through miles of trails that explore this pristine and rugged land. Mount Adams is also the biggest stratovolcano in the northwest. Mount Adams, the "Forgotten Giant," rivals its more popular neighbors: Rainier, St. Helens, and Hood in scenic diversity. What sets Mount Adams apart from its neighbors, however, is its vast lava flows (4 major ones), easy off-trail hiking, and fantastic opportunity for solitude.

5 days ago

difficult but fulfilling

20 days ago

Loved it! Summited on 8/20/17 and while it was really difficult, it was also wonderful. Ice axe and crampons are necessary (also, know how to self arrest in case of a slip and fall. There are plenty of places around 8,200 ft that give you a chance to practice if needed.) It's a tough climb if you're only in decent to good shape, but still totally worth it.

1 month ago

Did a 2 day summit starting on 8/19. Amazing sunset views against Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens. Crystal clear views of the milky way and the meteor shower as well. Crampons and ice axe very highly recommended. Glisading was getting pretty spotty. Made it up to the trail head in my miata with coilovers but it wasn't very fun :p. Overall a great first time summit.

I started the hike at 3AM and it took me about 3 Hours to get to the lunch counter. There were a good amount of people camping and there's definitely a good amount of snow left. I was up with microspikes but didn't summit. I would suggest using crampons to summit, also after 9ish the snow started to become slush so be careful.