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3 days ago

October 13, 2018. Hiked up the old trail and down the new trail to try and save my knees. The 4,000 elevation gain was great for getting the heart rate up which I love. The 360° view at the top was beautiful. I could see Mt. Rainier, Mt. Baker, and Glacier Peak. Lots of people at the top. Met a friend down at the parking lot and hiked the whole way with him. Even went on an extra adventure from Mailbox Peak to Dirty Box Peak. Today was beautiful with blue skies and a high of 63°. Didn’t need more than a t-shirt...and extra deodorant ;) Enjoy!

Had a great trip up the old trail, over to Dirty Box Peak (just for fun), and back down the new trail. Weather couldn't have been more perfect and made a new hiking friend along the way. Views were awesome today!!

Went up the Old trail and down the new trail. Be warned, the old trail is VERY difficult and slippery when wet. The views from the top are OK.

Finally did it today! I arrived late, around 2pm. Wasn't too difficult going up but I took lots of short breather breaks. I had the hardest time on the rocks going up but going down them was almost worse lol. The view, and the sentimental moments spent at the mailbox, made every footstep worth it. Because I had a late start going up, I was forced to run most of the way down to avoid getting locked in! (Gates close at 8pm!!!) Saw lots of people dressed lightly, but warm as it is super cold up top. BRING TOO MUCH WATER!! :)

Freaking awesome hike! It was pretty overcast the day I went and it’s crazy going through the clouds at the top. A little scary to be honest bc the fog is so thick that if you got off the rock path you could be lost forever..but worth the pic at the top :)

Hiked the trail Saturday morning — old trail on the way up and new on the way down. Brought our dog with us and he met many a furry friend on the way up (and down). All of us, dog included, were tuckered out by the time we got to the top. Our ascent was lightly trafficked, and we saw quite a few more hikers on the new trail on the way down. The new trail appears to be much more popular, but we decided to take that on the way down to spare our knees. It took us a little over 2 hours to climb and 2.5 hours on the way down. Overall great hike.

great I love

16 days ago

2018/09/15 Saturday (Hiking Date). Best Hike. Last half mile was tough. This hike was deceptive at the end - Two times towards the end of tail I thought the hike was over... only to realize there is more to it. Very good views on the way and at the top. All rocks towards the end for a quarter mile. Good size crowd. Total Miles: 11. Total Time: 7.5 hours. Active Time: 5.5 hours. I definitely go there again.

Great trail! I use it as a training trail and hike it around 20 times a year. Tough hike and difficult run down. Views are stunning when the weather is clear.

Hiked this on Saturday. It says it’s 9.8 but my Fitbit logged 13.11 miles. It was beautiful at the top. Wish we had more time to enjoy it hanging out at the mailbox. Will definitely do it again.


Mailbox Peak is not complete until you've traversed Old Trail. It's a monster of a hike. It will test your abilities and your mental fortitude. If you're serious about hiking, and want a true challenge, take a swing at Old Trail. It requires some route finding as the trail can easily be lost with the many, many switch-backs that you must endure. After you reach the boulder field, you'll still have quite a bit of hike left over. It's a great challenge for anyone really interested in hiking in Washington State.

Great hike! was apprehensive to do old trail....but we made it in 3 hours and would gladly do the old trail again on the way up. Took the new trail on the way down... very well groomed but long. But was a knee saver. Well worth it and would do it again.

Take it on Hikers-for passionate in shape hikers only. An awesome challenge up and down....you will feel like you really did something today.
Get out there.

Read a lot of reviews mentioning how tough the hike is beforehand and pretty sure it is! The views om the top tho are totally worth it. Took the new trail up and down, around 3.5 hrs up and 2 hrs down. I'm pretty sure I was one of the slower people on the trail so if you're a regular hiker then should be around 2.5 hrs up. Couldn't see Mt Rainier today but even then the views make up for it. The last one mile on rocks is tough, be prepared for it. Would definitely recommend it if you're up for a challenge

This trail(old trail) was no joke. Make sure you take plenty of water and some electrolyte or potassium supplements. It took me 3.5 hours to go 2.6 miles. Pretty humbling experience. If you aren't in great shape I recommend taking the new trail which is significantly easier.

1 month ago

Challenging Hike. Extremely Rewarding.

My Friends texted me saying they wanted to go hiking, so naturally I thought hell yeah!

Personally, I was not expecting this hike to be so brutal. :')

By the time I reached the top I was crawling on my hands, all the muscles in my legs were shutting down from how tense they were.

I'd highly recommend taking breaks.

In conclusion, one of my most memorable hikes. You will run into amazing people who all share an affinity for nature and being outdoors. Bring trinkets, stickers that you can place on/in the Mailbox.

Toughest one that I have hiked in this area so far. We did the old trail up and new trail down. 2.5 going up and little less going back down. Old trail is boring, it goes on forever 5+ miles but definitely beats your leg muscles. Next time I am just doing old trail up and down. I hiked couple of days ago and my calf muscles can still feel the pain, totally worth it though. I want to do this once a year at a minimum. The views up top are amazing. Wish I had spent more time at the top. Next time.

This is a long, steep,hard hike. Your legs will burn so bad, it’s great :) Views at the top are really the only ones you will worth capturing. The new trail is easier but longer so most will spend a good amount of their day on the mountain. The parking lots fill fast and street parking fills as well. On the plus side there are no bugs. If you’re training this is a great hike to go up the old trail and run down the new trail, then repeat. I post photos of my hiking adventures on instagram under “adventuringKR”.

1 month ago

Watch out for that last 800'!

1 month ago

This hike is rated as hard which I do not agree with. It is a fairly consistent grade going up and the top is a boulder field, but the trail switchbacks so many times and has stairs built into the rocks for the harder parts that I would recommend this to all levels of hikers. This took my wife and I about 3 hours up going fairly slow and we made it down in about 2 hours. It’s a nice little hike and if you are a beginner just take more breaks. There is nothing technical about this hike.

Beautiful little hike , we are slow so it took us 2.5 hours including lunch brake. We tried this hike at the end of May and it was covered in snow so had to go back. Doing the loop rather than going out to mirror lake and back the same way affords nice views on the way back as it’s more open than the forested way in, as well as some solitude that you don’t get on the main trail to mirror lake.

First attempt didn't make it. Very hot day and underestimated the difficulty of the trail. Went back 2 weeks later and knocked it out! Very steep! Cloudy and smokey when we went up, so didn't see much of the view, but the days goal was the climb.

Amazing hike! Took the new trail up and old trail down extremely worth it!

challenging hike with awesome views, I did it during winter. When it is covered with snow, the last 2000ft you pretty much realize you are walking on the trees.

Beautiful trail and an amazing hike just 40 min from Seattle. Panoramic view from the top is gorgeous. My GPS had us at 10 miles for the round trip from the parking lot. We moved and reached the mailbox in 2:20 hours up and 2 hours down. Enjoy-

Total body workout. loved taking the Old Trail up. Cloudy at top but it was still so worth it.

Steep upward trail ending in a short climb over rocks.great view and fun experience.

One of my favorite hiking trails in WA. It's good when you hike with a partner. unlike most of you, my best part was when I was going up the rocks. There's a booklet and a pen inside the mailbox! Don't forget to leave your mark ;) Finally, this trail is not suggested for people who haven't hiked before. It's rated as difficult.

Hiked mailbox this morning. Great day as the smoke cleared and temp was in the low 70’s. I did the new trail which isn’t as steep as the old trail. My tracker said about 6.5 each way. So don’t have 5 miles in your head as you’ll be disappointed. It does get tough when you get to the rocks. That last .7 miles is steep but great views. I didn’t really stop too much and it too me 2.5 hours to get to the top and 2 hours down. Bring lots of water and food.

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