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12 hours ago

I’m a beginner so this was my first hike. I got lost for a second but managed to make it out . I was so close to the top unfortunately had to turn around because I was going to be late for work . Lol Steep for sure , loved it . I went up and down old trail . I will be back to finish! Up 4:30ish hours down 2 hours

Amazing views on a clear day!

Hard but well worth the views

Got a bit turned around in the last quarter mile and couldn't find the balcony. Headed back since the sun was coming down. Will come back and try again! Trail is marked poorly (rocky/downed trees) - would like to come back when I have more time and put markers up.

Cut my own trail for certain portions. Bugs are out and saw a Mountain Kingsnake. Trail sees very little traffic. On the bright side I saw some great wildflowers and got a good workout in with the pup.

11 days ago

Waters gone. Legs are noodles. Missing a few toes and body fluid. Old trail is no joke kids.

on Mailbox Peak Trail Loop

12 days ago

Hiked up the old trail and back down the new one. This was super hard for me. I wouldn't suggest anyone with bad knees to go up or down the old trail. I got past the main rock area and was shocked when I realized I had to keep going up the hill to the mailbox. It was a very challenging with loose rocks and slipping from the dust. However with support of my hiking buddy, I made it to the top. If I were to do this one again, I would only do new trail. Do bring Trekking Poles!! That is a must have!

We hiked the old trail, it was tough but great, there is definitely some need of maintenance on the trail but overall it was a challenging hike. Must go early it gets really packed by 11am with the new trail opened. This hike gets kind of noisey with all the people. So, if you're looking for a quiet hike go on the old trail early. We got there at 6am it was nice.

Trail is open now and is fantastic - for the distance and effort, the payoff is among the best I’ve seen in WA.

The access to it is just over the bridge on the right-hand side - you have to cross over the bridge’s barrier to start the trail.

I went up mailbox peak 05/13/2018. I went up using “old trail” and came down using “new trail”. My thoughts are simply this... old trail is definitely a work out!! Without taking too many breaks I made it up to the mailbox in 4 hrs an 30mins coming down using new trail I made it down in 3 hrs. If your new to this trail and your not to much in shape I recommend going up using new trail, a partner and back pack of water and some apples and bananas for fuel. if your in good shape and you want a work out try old trail. Either way as long as you don’t give up making it up to the top is well worth it. The view is awesome and their are not too many other hikes like it!

We hiked the new trail up and old trail down and I wish we would have taken new trail down for how steep the old trail is. The hike kicked my butt, but the view at the top and sense of accomplishment was well worth it!

We hiked on 5/12/18 it was nice no snow only on the sides. It got warmer on the top, weather around low 70s. The hike however was a total of 10.5 from parking and back. It says on the map 8.5 but it is more than than. We took the new trail going about 6+ miles and came down on the old trail which it is actually old, some areas you have to guess where the trial is, just followed the white diamond signs on the trees and you are in the right direction. It was worth it to do it. This is my second time. :) enjoy

14 days ago

I have done tougher hikes but the last mile on this will still absolutely test your endurance and conditioning. Up until that last mile this is a pretty moderate hike (taking the new trail) with a steady incline but nothing too difficult. For that last mile, ensure you bring plenty of water (I carried 3 liters and drank all of it) and reserve some energy. It will test you if you are not ready for it. The views from the top are absolutely worth it and overall this is a great hike.

People always advise arriving early, but I slept in and cinched rockstar parking in the upper lot at 1:30pm today, a cloudless Saturday. Up the old trail took 2-2.5 hrs, down the new was 1.5 walk/jog. I clocked closer to 9 miles for this loop.

15 days ago

Took the old trail up - 1:40
New trail down - 1:45

The old trail is a hell of a workout, I would not recommend it going down for safety and enjoyment. The new trail is more scenic, while the old trail is quite barren.

16 days ago

Did this two days ago. I took the new trail up and down. It’s a great trail with a pretty steady incline the whole way. Gets pretty steep toward the top, but it was clear of snow and had good footing on the steep parts so it wasn’t too bad. Loved the view of Rainier at the top. Going through the mailbox was pretty interesting as well. Fun hike on a beautiful day. Would definitely do it again.

Did this hike with my 8 year old daughter. The views from the top were spectacular.

I did this hike today (5MAY2018). It is difficult especially when you start to hit the rocks, it gets steeper all the way to the top. Trekking poles did help out a lot. Make sure to get there early in the morning if you want to do this on a weekend. I got there before 9am and all the upper and lower parkings were all taken. I had to park pass the "NO PARKING" signs on the street. It's very crowded today. Over all, it's a great hike. Will do it again but on a weekday to see the difference of the crowd.

Completed this hike Wednesday morning, this was my second time doing it and really love this hike. It is difficult but the view at the top is well worth it. Still a little bit of snow toward the top and my hiking pole came in handy for that.

Disclaimer: I did not make it to the top. My garmin clocked the hike at 10.27 miles, but I’m told it may have been off because of all of the switchbacks. It was a brutal hike, with not much to look at. It’s straight uphill in the woods, with no flat area to rest. I had my old lab with me and he did a good job making it up the hills and through the snow (which was a bit icy but standard hiking boots are fine) but once we came to the rocky area he started to struggle. We had about a half mile left to go, but I didn’t feel comfortable taking him the rest of the way. It was pretty heartbreaking because I probably won’t hike this trail again. I wanted to see the view from the top, but the trail itself is quite boring. It’s a workout for sure, but there is really nothing to look at, unlike some other hikes I’ve done where there are lakes or viewpoints to stop at. No wildlife either.

24 days ago

great time!

Hiked the old trail up on Saturday and took the new trail down. Very steep and challenging hike.. It was snowing when I reached the summit. The weather is unpredictable up top so be prepared. I saw people turning around due to having sneakers and shorts on.

The new trail was really decent, though I am an experienced hiker. The were only a little snow around 4,000' while still in the tree lines, and some at the very summit. We did not use or need any traction and just wore normal hiking boots. Could've done it in tennis shoes probably.

Most of the trail is hidden in the trees so there are only views at the top, which I found disappointing. The views from the top were amazing though!

Came down the Old trail and there was no snow, but it kills your knees! Pretty steep but quick.

27 days ago

Old trail both ways. Challenging and steep. Nearly all the snow has melted except for the peak. Grey today but hope to come and hike again when it’s clear. Bring something for the mailbox

27 days ago

Had a beautiful view from Dirty Harry's Balcony off of this trail today. I was enjoying myself so much I decided to try for the peak. There was still a bit too much snow for me to make it today, but it was a beautiful trail.

All I can say is WOW. We started on the trial at around 9am on a Friday morning so parking wasn't an issue we decided to do the new trail which has plenty of switchbacks to go around we used microspikes briefly but they are definitely not required However a good pair of hiking sticks went a long way. I had heard how difficult the trail was and wanted to test myself. The summit is gorgeous the stuff dreams are made of. Good luck to anyone who wants to complete this hike I had a great time and plan on going back in the summer.

Great climb! I recommend microspikes and poles, still lots of snow on the last mile. I took the old trail up and down.

Definitely a tough hike. Went up the old trail and down the new. Old trail was pretty wet/muddy for the first 1.5miles. snow and ice the last mile. Snow was super soft the last half mile push and was tough even with microspikes. the new trail seems exceptionally easy albeit long after the steep climb up. Fun and challenging trail though.

Heading back soon as I was unable to complete due to work ;( Expect this trail to take a minimum of 3 hours at a decent pace (3 mph average)

Went last weekend. Good hike. It is difficult. This was my first time doing it. I look forward to doing in the summer time. I would highly recommend taking micro spikes. My dad did it without but it was much more difficult.

Awesome..made it today inspite if severe snow storm & rain...

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