3 hours ago

Got to the hike around noon. It was snowing ever so lightly at the trail head. The trail was covered in snow, but all the previous hikers had pressed it down and the trail was smooth sailing. The majority of the trail was easy going. The last half mile was difficult due to the steeper incline, and it was at this moment i put on my yaktraks, which seemingly doubled my pace. Trekking poles wouldve made things even easier! It took me 3.5 hours to the top. It got pretty cold up there, and the view was not clear. Ill have to come back on a clearer day for the views. It took approx 1.5 hours to get back to the trail head with a mixture of sliding, jogging, and walking. Word of advice, dont run in your yaktraks/etc. i started to develop hotspots on my toes from pressure points.

-bottom layer: thermal bottoms and soft shell pants, and my legs felt perfect. I had koderately insulated hiking shoes, and some medium weight socks, and my feet were perfect too!
-top layer: thermal top, light weight shirt, vest. This was also perfect for the hike! The body heat generated made it so i didnt need to pull the full zip fleece out of my pack that i brought just in case. I also packed a light weight rain jacket which helped at the top, more exposed area of the hike. I wore light weight gloves the whole hike, as well as a head band to keep my ears warm, yet let my head breath.
-suggestions: bring yaktraks/similar. I think you can summit without them but it will take you so much longer fighting for traction. Bring trekking poles if you got em! If not, bring water resistant/proof gloves because you will fall into the snow, and catch yourself with your hands= wet cold hands.
-food: i ate three bars throughout the hike. Was surprised i actually got hungry, seeing as how i had a good sized lunch prior to the hike.

22 hours ago

Great hike!

Old trail up. Great workout. Packed snow in a trail too narrow for snowshoes. Summit is snow covered rocks and boulders so can’t use snowshoes there either. A bit icy towards the top, I had yaktrax but I wish I’d had microspikes. Ok the new rail down, seems long with lots of switchbacks. My favorite hike in the PNW so far.

10 days ago

This was a great hike. I really enjoyed the new trail, I would just recommend having microspikes still as we hit snow 2/3 to 3/4 way up.

Fantastic views!! Snow at the top, used micro spikes.

18 days ago

Went up the old trail. Rain all the way, snow at the top. A semi whiteout at the summit. But the workout was great.

Completed this tail on the 31st of January. It was snowing but the absolutely amazing. The snow was stable so we were able to walk on it without sinking.

Recommended winter hiking trail.. just be armored with the proper hiking gears and snack..

Icy, windy. I should have brought face protection for the exposed hills.
Traction important. I fell through snow in several places. Not many people on this day.

1 month ago

This is a five star hike as its one of the best short elevation hikes around. Were as you dont always have a view and the trail is a little rooted and snowy, this hike is incredible in my opinion. I have no clue why they spent all that money adding an easy way up rather then adding another trail to the system where there wasnt one. This hike used to mean something if you tackled this old trail. Now its another church hike like Mt Si

The hike isn't too bad until the last mile. The last mile killed me, haha. There was a bit of snow at the end and spikes help but you don't NEED them. I would definitely suggest going pretty early though because it gets pretty crowded later in the day.

Definitely a intense hike, tried to do a sunrise but took longer than planned to get to the top. Went up new trail and down old. And boy are my knees sore from going down old trail! Fair warning!
But the view at the top! Well worth it! No need for spikes at the moment.

Awesome hike! Old trail is a beast and new trail down was perfect on the knees. Put on microspikes right after the boulder field.

A must do on a hike bucket list. Old trail both ways.

Definitely hardest thing I have done in a long time but so worth it! I didn’t have show spikes or else it would have been much easier so prepare for weather better than I did! Took quite a few hours but I could have stayed at the top forever.

Great work out & views. Typically take 2.5 mile shortcut (old trail) up and 5.0 mile (new trail) down. All season trail. Recommend bringing spikes during winter.

Loved this hike. Did this in July and forgot to log it.. The Mrs, the teen and even my trusted Chocolate lab made the trip.. Great 360 degree view

2 months ago

Awesome 360 views from the top! Should have done a couple practice hikes before this one though because boy were we sore the next couple days!

2 months ago

It’s definitely worth to go to the top! Amazing view!

2 months ago

Be sure to have your spikes on you, but it is such a spectacular view from the top!

Hiked this incredible trail back in August. Will get your glutes and quads screaming...especially the last 250 feet. Beautiful views at the top. Hike up the new trail if you want a more gradual incline..old trail is straight up and down. Rugged...love thinking about all the history on the old trail! Enjoy!

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