Lots of people and steep trail with steep stairs. Big gulch trail was mostly flat and rated easy. This is what I expected. Also, no garbage cans to dispose of dog waste.

This is an awesome trail in town for some good exercise my son loves to play at the end of the trail before the hike back

super lovely hike. going down was easy. going back up just about killed me but I'm out of shape. looking forward to doing it again!

17 days ago

I really like it. The air is crisp & clean, the shade from the trees is nice, my asthmatic son only had to stop for his inhaler once on the way back up. It's a nice hike to a great swim at the beach.

Absolutely no parking, what good is a trail if you can't get to it?

Took my dog hiking here and liked it! About 1.1 miles each way. Not too crowded on trail. Would definitely do it again.

Took my 4 and 5 year old on this trail and wore my baby on my back. They did great! We loved looking at all the plants, and the creek on the way down was fun to splash around in!

Great hike. Heads up to elderly, The trail can be a little steep and slippery in some spots due to loose gravel. I loved it. Hike before you hit the beautiful beach views. It is approximately 1.25 miles from the parking lot to the beach. Trail is shaded and cool. I will definitely bring a sack lunch next time to enjoy on the beach.

Great short hike, lots of downhill on the way down, uphill on the way back. One set of steep stairs so backpack that kid! Beach at the bottom is small but had a nice view of south Whidbey Island and a stream to play in.