I love this trail! Beautiful trees and wildflowers, birds, running water, takes you to a great little beach with cool tide pool areas and critters, and gives you a nice little incline on your way out to get the heart going.

Would do this 2 or 3 times a week when I lived in the area. I would take of out of towners for an easy hike to get away from the city and provide a snap shot of PNW scenery.

Great sights, easy hike, crap parking

Steep climb on the way back to the car from the beach, but it was lovely! So great when we went around 10a. The tide was out far and we walked all along the beach. Will do again :)

This was such an amazing trail! We're from California and were in Seattle for a wedding, so we were looking for a different place to explore the outdoors and this trail didn't disappoint! You hike about 2.5 miles through beautiful trees and end up at this beach with an amazing view! The hike back is mostly uphill, but it is so worth it.

My family went on this hike Memorial Day. Beautiful trails and scenery. We had 5 little kids with us, and two were on our backs in carriers. There was so much to see/do/climb on. I had to laugh that this trail is rated 'Easy'. It was a workout for us on the way back!!

REALLY easy for the first lil hike of year. Nice warm up for my 7 year old, too. I was pleasantly surprised, for our first picnic of the season, how beautiful, it REALLY was. 5 Stars!

Was looking for a nice hike on Memorial Day since the weather was so nice. Found this hike on All Trails and was not disappointed. A bit of an elevation climb on the way back, but no problem for my 13 year olds.

25 days ago

busy on the weekends but fun and nice trail to the beach!

28 days ago

1 month ago

Great place! Have to try on a cloudy weekend day.

very beautiful trail

Fun, beautiful walk through the woods. At the end you are rewarded with the beach.

I love this trail for a quick workout. It's pretty quiet on the weekday mornings, so you're able to hear the water flowing and birds chirping. My kids do well going down, but we have to stop a few times going up (they are 5 and 9). They love playing at the beach though, so they ask to go back. If it's a nice day, get there early, otherwise good luck with finding parking.