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22 days ago

This trail is NOT horse friendly. I saw it had horses tagged and decided to try it out. This would be an amazing hike, but with the trail shooting straight up the hill right along the edge of a cliff it wasn’t safe for horses, especially if you have young or inexperienced ones. The trail is rocky with loose rocks in places, and with how steep the trail was and how close you are to the edge the ENTIRE time it was not a good time for my horse. I almost made it to the top before the cliff edge was just too steep, so I turned around and rode most the way down. In the loose rock places I walked. My horse and I are both very experienced and have been to many difficult mountain trails and wildernesses together, but the view and the effort is not worth it to bring livestock. I’ll probably come back to hike it, however, because it is a beautiful view of the Yakima valley and Mt. Rainier and Mt. Adams. I just won’t be doing this horseback. Oh, and the parking lot was almost full so it wasn’t horse trailer friendly, and neither is the road leading to the trailhead. Luckily I have a small two horse trailer that’s super easy to back up and maneuver so I was fine.

The temperature was perfect and many flowers were in bloom. The walking is nice on the wide road/trails. We saw many birds and even a couple of horned lizards. The vistas are great. Bring lots of water and wear a hat(:

Goff horseback riding trail but very rocky. Great views from the top looking into Yakima Canyon!

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Wildflowers were not blooming yet when I was there in early April but still enjoyed the views. Snow free but very windy. Wildlife tracks everywhere (elk, deer, coyote...) but I only saw a few elk in the distance. I started at the second gate (about 13.7 miles from Kittitas) and walked the dirt road down to the Rocky Coulee area at the bottom of the ravine and back (about 10.5 miles round trip) Stopped by the Wild Horse Wind and Solar facility on the way out and picked up a map at the visitor center which offers some info on the trails located there.

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