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A nice scenic trail however after the first 10 min. the trail seems to end in an area where it looks like dead trees are being processed for firewood. Using the GPS, I was able to see where the training continued, though becoming significantly narrower. After a few minutes of hiking this trail, I became worried for my safety and headed back. The description did say it is lightly traffics, but I saw no one during my 30min. hike save the 3 cars in the lot that headed the other direction to the river for fishing. I would like to try this trail again as it was very scenic. Perhaps midday there would be a few additional hikers.

This was barely a trail it was so overgrown. It was almost impassable. And at the logjam there was no indication as to how to get by, we just turned around. Too bad was looking forward to reaching the river

beautiful view point this is one of my favorite little hikes nice and quick if u have plans after

2 months ago

The trail leading down to the river was relatively easy, but very overgrown with blackberries in spots. We had to beat our way through with sticks to avoid getting poked and scratched! There are also a couple of areas in which you'll need to be prepared to climb over a log jam or two. At first glance it looks impossible, but once you start climbing over the logs you can find your footing.

In the end I'd say it was pretty worth it considering that there is a really nice sand bar and swimming hole at the finish line. You just need to be sure to walk far enough North along the river bar in order to get to it.

Enjoy ;-D!

Great for the entire family. went out on Saturday afternoon. Parking lot was full, but did not encounter a bunch of people along the trails. We will be going back often.

trail running
2 months ago

Super buggy!

This is a nice mix of open areas and woodsy areas. The amazing part was that we walked mid-morning on a summer Saturday and only saw two other people on the trail. Love these trail systems - so many ways to lengthen and shorten your hike.

Overall great hike/trail walk, not hard at all. There are a bunch of different paths that you can go on. My dog had a fun time exploring, and most people leash their dogs which keeps it safe and friendly. The trail itself is pretty well maintained, but a heads up since it’s also a horse trail there’s lots of droppings everywhere, so wear shoes you don’t mind getting dirty.

I took my three boys, 17, 14 and 14 on this nice hike (very close to home, yet secluded and beautiful) I have lived near here for 20 years and didn’t know about this hike. Really enjoyable, great access, easy few hours of fun.

3 months ago

Not really a hike, more of a nature walk, very level ground. Also trail is closed part way down, with no warning prior to starting the trail.

This was a decent trail. Not my favorite but it was a good work out. The loop we ended up taking to the viewpoint was 4.4 miles and our kids (youngest being 5) had no problem doing it. The hardest part was the little scurry up to the viewpoint. I would definitely suggest printing a map to bring with you unless your phone has good gps with the trails marked. There were so many different trails that we would have gotten really turned around if we didn’t have the map that we printed. The turn to the viewpoint wasn’t marked either. There were LOTS of huckleberries along this trail and the kids saw a buck not too far away from them too. This is a good trail if you are looking for an easy outing.

Water is high so there is no beach to speak of right now. River trail is also quite overgrown (closing in from sides). That time of year! Nettles and mosquitos as you get close to water. Climb was greater than I expected but dogs and I enjoyed it! Will return for the lake loop and the river later in the summer.

Probably fine if you live close by. But, really just a network of wooded trails. Supposedly the Lake has dried up. Also, you’re sharing the trail with horses and bicycles as well.

great hike! I would recommend going earlier though, we started at about 9am and maybe ran into 3 people but towards the end it was very heavily trafficked.

Pretty easy hike, beautiful nature. Will definitely do it again!

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5 months ago

Easy. Pretty. Tranquil.

went hiking here on Saturday. Good hike, easy to get lost on side trails but adds to adventure! Good steep hills with pretty nature scenery.

Perfect 3.5 mile hike. Very green, wide path at the start then most of it is fairly narrow. Can get very muddy but our dogs loved it. Did not pass anyone once we entered the red barn trail.

We took the dogs out for a hike and we weren’t disappointed. Temple pond is beautiful and the rest of the park was fun to explore. We will definitely be back!

Didn’t know this consisted of several other trails which was nice but confusing since some trails aren’t marked on the map and caused us to go in circles LOL. But, was nice nonetheless.

Enjoyed the walk. A lot of up and down. Good workout.

Great trails and are marked!

Very muddy this time of year. Also to me the trails were not marked very well. We could not find the 360 lookout on the pipeline trail. It was still a good walk in the woods. Beaver lake was very pretty just hard to get really close to.

Hiking/walking. Nice quiet place- lots of different trail options- the few bikes I pass, were Courteous and respectful of the rules. There we’re 3 Gentlemen clearing the main trail of fallen trees- I thank you very much. This area would be great for beginners and/or small children or even the older folks with troubled knees, etc (like my mom who has arthritis in her knees) Or for those who don’t want to travel far for a walk in the woods. I WILL DEFINITELY RETURN.

My only issue is dogs off leash and bags of poop left on the side of trail. Easy solution- tie the poop bag to your dogs leash/harness/collar, etc. my dog happens to not be female dog friendly and having to pick her because another dog isn’t on leash- very frustrating, since My dog cannot participate at off leash dog parks. PLEASE LEASH YOUR DOG AND CARRY THEIR POOP WITH YOU. If you feel the need to have your dog off leash, there are specific parks designed for such activities.

My toddler who is 4 loved it! Easy! Fun family time yesterday in January sun!

Clear trails some muddy spots but not bad at all. Lots of fallen leaves.

We did this hike with our 7 year old and he loved it. We couldn't see Beaver Lake behind the tall grass in August, but I would guess it's visible other times of the year. We actually skipped part of the trail by taking pipeline trail. It's a little steep and it's not shaded, but still good.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Nice flat hike for those with an aversion to heights. Personally I find this area pleasant but a little dull compared to the numerous mountain trails we have in Washington.
Our vehicle was also broken into while we were hiking and my wife lost her purse. The jerks who robbed us seemed to be waiting to pounce because we were not gone long and they were shopping at the nearest Walmart and Target with our credit cards. Be cautious.

Great for dogs.

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