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A wilderness island near the urban fabric of Snohomish County, offers visitors a semi-wilderness experience. Miles of wilderness trails for horses and mountain bikes. Park History Mitchell Lord purchased 80 acres on the hill in 1879 and homesteaded on 130 acres in 1884. Devoting most of his attention to dairying, he also raised horses, sheep and hogs. 100 acres were in cultivation. His home, built on a terraced elevation overlooking the Snohomish River Valley, was one of the most imposing residences in the county. The parks department secured the majority of the park property from the Department of Natural Resources and Washington State Parks through a reconveyance action.

great cardio on my bike but watch out for a massive amount of stinging nettles all over the place right now.

Scenic and well shaded.

I did enjoy this local nice hike for sure. Only things I don't like are how he trails are not really marked. So many people were getting lost. I used my app so it was okay! But also the amount of horse poop you find. Smh. Beware of the flies apparently! If you're not on horse back try and stick to the trails that say no horses! Apart of me thinks if you need to clean up dog poop why not horse? Or at least be polite enough to throw it in the bushes at least and not in the middle of the walk ways.

This is a nice little trail that goes to pretty beaches on the Snohomish River. I went on a
Sunday morning, and it was very tranquil in the beach by the river, My dog loved the water.
I would definitely do this again.