Lime Kiln Point is a 36-acre day-use park set on the west side of San Juan Island. The park is considered one of the best places in the world to view whales from a land-based facility. Orca whales are common in the waters off Lime Kiln. The park, which features a richly diverse environment, includes the remnants and landscapes of a history filled with change, along the rocky shoreline and through the wooded uplands.

There's a board in front of the light house that details when the latest whale sightings occurred. I haven't been able to spot any. Yet.... I'll be back! And now the details about the "trail." It's a paved path for the most part, and there are lots and lots of whale gazers sitting about and blocking every angle. It's a pretty view of the Strait, but I'm not going to be too kind because I didn't get to see THE ONE THING I came here to see: whales!

We stop at this park every time we are in the San Juans. We've been lucky each time to see the resident orca pod up close. It made me want to start kayaking as the couple out that day were an arms reach from the pod. Amazing. We saw leopard seals too.