One of my favorite atmosphere changes at different junctions of the hike always an adventure -

Trail was in excellent shape. Did the loop and very few others were seen after the cedar grove. Good cardio on the switchbacks after the falls.

Great hike!

this is the best trail in the area. Love the elevation and trailhead.

The switchbacks were definitely a bit of a challenge to push through for the beginning hiker but the waterfall view made it all *so* worth it!

It costs $2 per person to enter the park where the trailhead is located. The path is open to hikers, dogs on a leash, and equestrians. The trail is very well maintained. The first mile is fairly level and I plan to run it someday soon. The waterfall is 2.5 miles into the hike, so it's a nice round 5 miles going to the falls and back. Great day hike!

Nice hike. Waterfall beautiful. Classify this as moderate hike. Hike up to the waterfall and return back trail.

Whatever you do, don't go up from the Edith trail! (Entirely uphill) My suggestion is go to the top of the waterfall and turn around. Not sure how people bike this, or bring their kids, it is not joking when it says moderate!!

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10 days ago

This is my second time to Liberty Lake. Mom and I came when there was still snow on the trail earlier this year, and we turned back. I can't stand doing only half a trail, so I returned to finish the loop. I went on some crazy route that I wouldn't necessarily recommend anyone else try, but it was fun after all. This is a very nice trail system for being so close to a populated area. Not an abundance of awesome overlooking views, but still beautiful everywhere. I'll probably return again once I have conquered many other hikes in the area.