7 days ago

late winter conditions icy in spots to cedars. lots of ice, snow, & mud. to waterfall still a lot of snow on northern trail sections. some areas on southern exposure were drying and clear but few spots like this. shoe cleats/chains would help

1 month ago

Passable trails down low. A lot of running water and ice starts at the trailhead. Up by the Boy Scout cabin the snow gets deep. Loop can be completed with snowshoes. Allow plenty of time to get out before dark.

Went snow shoeing 2-3-17! Dangerous but beautiful! We did the entire loop, most exhausting hike I've ever done (2 ft of snow!)

Wonderful trail. Good for trail running. The uphill portion is a great workout. Tip: hike to the waterfall in late spring. By mid summer and fall it is barely a trickle.

One of my FAVORITES! Could be easy if you don't go too far up the mountain or more difficult if you trek to the waterfall and old boy scout cabin. Runs along a beautiful creek and is mostly shaded.

Hiked on 11/9/16. Pretty great trail to go on and it's a decently long trail! Good amount of turns and easy uphill/downhill

4 months ago

Hike the trail 10/30/16, despite all the rain we've had the trail was in great condition. The fall leaves are beautiful.

4 months ago

I hiked this trail a few times while I was temporarily staying in the area. Since I was hiking in summer, I liked this trail because a lot of it is in shaded foresty areas, so you stay a little cooler. If you go clockwise, you start on a more well-used path that follows the creek, eventually making it to the Cedar Groves. Then the trail zigzags up the side of a hill. Once higher up, the trail follows the side of a hill, where you can occasionally glimpse a view of the surrounding hills. Most of the time, you don't have much of a view of the surrounding area since you're in a forest setting, but it's still pretty there. You also pass by a waterfall. The last half of the hike is gradual decline along the equestrian part of the trail, which also goes along a creek. On one of my hikes, I chose to go the loop backwards, saving the waterfall and pretty Cedar groves area for the later half, but that also meant starting out going uphill, which made it a little harder. If you go the equestrian route first, you can also veer off the path and continue upwards, where there are some nice views overlooking the valley.

Very nice hike. Cedar grove and absolute beauty. Nice climb.

We were there yesterday. Fall hikes are the best.

Was well worth it! One of my favorites in the area that's close and challenging :)