Nice, well designed paths.

20 days ago

Today was my first solo hike and frankly I underestimated your guy's assessment of "moderate". I really forced myself out today because I am trying new things. (Can you tell I am freshly broken up?)
The first part of the walk to the trail head is nice. Not crowded but kind of peacefully populated. Very much a multi purpose park but nicely done. The first jaunt is charming. I noted that the "trail" was big enough I could have just drove my truck. I have a knack for negatives and it was a bit muggy but dusty... idk, really was not feeling it tho.
I came to an area under construction and got a bit turned around. This app was great for that! Finally back on course... or a mule trail... a steep one. Be forewarned that initial change is probably the worst of it... at least to the falls. But yeah, I was not expecting such a vertical climb. Doable for sure but I wouldn't take the younger kids really. I am sure some family's are skilled enough tho.
This is not a great view point hike. I haven't hiked a lot but I am gonna tell you now if you want stunning views... ehhh. 2 star maybe. Honestly, Do not expect anything that you didn't see in the pics on the app.
However, if you take out your head phones and just start to listen... it's so nice. You can hear the creek for most of the trek, several birds and chirpy bugs... you will see many things scurry about. I heard a cougar roar... it was a plane, but it actually did get remote enough that I had the "oh shit I am alone" feeling as you feel the temperature drop and the trees thicken. It's a rigorous climb.... at least it was for me. By the time you get to the waterfall you will literally sit your ass down on the bench and think "the hell?".
Stay for a minute. It grows on ya.
At this point I realized my phone was low and frantically started clearing apps and closed the map for the app. That paid version might actually be even more useful with download options (I am not even being paid to say that). I thought I would brave the back half on primal instinct. Took one look up at the continuing trail and accepted my reality lol. I am not that brave yet... but honestly, my mood had improved enough that the walk back was just as enjoyable.
Being my first solo trek... well... I have had a lot more disappointing firsts in my life. I kinda want to try to go the full loop and take more of the side trails so I am sure I will find my way back.

mountain biking
1 month ago

I've done the full loop many times and it's great. I'd say a good bit of traffic but not too much. It's a great trail and well maintained. If you bring a bike there's a good bike of walking past the Cedar Forest but the down hill on the way back its great!

the other reviews are pretty accurate except that even though there were others it wasn't crowded. the shade from the trees made it a nice temp but there were lots of mosquitos. seriously, I wasn't picking them off me constantly. the trail is well maintained but there aren't many signs along the way so it's hard to keep track of where you are at and how far is left. the pay booth has trail maps that they hand out, if you need them.

Great trail, very well groomed and easy to navigate. Only downside is there are very few places to get a picture of the valley and lake because the trail is mostly in the trees. Would definitely do it again!

2 months ago

Is trail still closed?

Trail closed

2 months ago