Beautiful, great morning or afternoon hike!

this is actually 5.2 miles round trip! perfect trails and sights too see

23 days ago

This is a nice introduction to trails starting at the Red Town trail head. Taking the loop clockwise using the cave hole trail is easiest since it climbs for the first half. Coal creek falls were nice. No bugs and no mud today even with light rain. The red town trail return loop is more like a single lane gravel road and not that interesting.

My brother and I went to this trail last month after days of rain. It was muddy but it was manageable. It felt like a walk in the park compared to my other hikes. There are lots of creeks, fallen trees, and you get to see a waterfall. Would definitely come back for light hikes.

Great, easy trail for families. When we started out, we were a little concerned because we walked on a pretty boring, wide gravel path for a while. We were starting to wonder what all the fuss about Cougar Mt. was about. Finally, it transitioned into a honest to goodness hiking trail and then it got good!! The kids loved being able to ford the small streams that we found off the path and everyone loved the big rock structure that we came to. My biggest complaint is that the trail signs were confusing and hard to read. There are so many trails and we never saw a bird's eye view of them so we felt like we were a bit lost most of the time. Overall though, it was a good hike that I'd recommend.