Leadbetter Point State Park is a natural area open for day use. The park features beach frontage on the Pacific Ocean and Willapa Bay. It borders the Willapa National Wildlife Refuge which has about five miles of ocean beach and several miles of bay beach. There are views of the Pacific Ocean to the west and Willapa Bay and hills to the east. The park is part of the Willapa Bay Water Trail. Visitors can enjoy hiking, fishing and clamming at the park.

1 year ago

This hike was a blast! Four of us hiked in knee and thigh deep water for a mile in and then a mile out on the yellow trail. We had to climb over fallen trees and and lots of mud. The beach had lots of cool shells but also a lot of trash. Not a family friendly hike.

Really beautiful but there are some muddy, overgrown areas. Love the ocean

This trail is severely overgrown but it offers a beautiful secluded beach off the Pacific Ocean at the end. There are other trails nearby but they don't allow dogs.

This trail is severely overgrown but pretty. There's a stunning sweep of very private beach off the Pacific Ocean. Very few people use this trail. You may want to wear pants as the growth is quite high in areas. You will need to stoop under some low branches as well. There are other trails nearby but they don't allow dogs. It was worth seeing once but uncertain as to whether we'll repeat.

4 years ago

(july 2nd 2012)This is a trail you want to do barefoot for a few reasons it's a soft trail with sand and pine needles, but there was puddles knee deep, to be fair there was a lot of rain the last few days. Definitely bring skeeter spray with a high percentage of deet. But this hike was awesome we saw deer, porcupines and a black bear. All in all it was a good day. The beach was full of shells and no one was around, so that made it nice. Highly recommended!