Went for a walk here to take pictures. Pretty scenery around the Spencer Island Bridge. Enjoyed this walk. Level ground.

fly fishing
6 months ago

it' s may good treil for dog waking

7 months ago

I loved the trail. Very kid friendly, good for strollers, and not very crowded. Lots of berries for those who like to pick berries. Some nice views of the river and a few good picture areas. Lots of benches and stopping point for those of you who have little kidos who need breaks or if your just getting back into shape. All in all, great experience.

Simple trail, great for those looking to get back into walking/running/biking. Seems like it would be good for children.
I found the trail to be very uninteresting (wild life and plant life), very flat with minimal scenery. The river is nice, but honestly was not an exciting walk, probably won't come back.

11 months ago

Nice walk. Heavy winds the day we went, which made it a lot of fun.

Nice paved short walk along the river.

Windy but very nice

Walked this last week. Nice little trail along the slough.

Nice little walk along the river. Roller blade friendly too. Smith island is at the end of the trail on the other side of the bridge, a neat place to do some bird watching.

This is one of my favorite places to go for a quick run in the evening. The path is well maintained, they are pretty good about keeping the grass cut and they even supply doggie poop bags to help encourage clean up.

Great for an after work walk. Unfortunately couldn't give 5 stars because 1/2 of the trail is closed until November. It appears that it's because of construction. But if you walk down and back twice, you get in 2 miles!