Lake Wenatchee State Park is a 489-acre camping park with 12,623 feet of waterfront on glacier-fed Lake Wenatchee and the Wenatchee River. The park is bisected by the Wenatchee River, creating two distinct areas -- South Park, with areas for camping, swimming and horseback riding; and North Park, in a less developed, forested section, a quarter-mile walk from the lake. The park is a natural wildlife area, and visitors should be aware of the presence of bears and other natural dangers.

Couldn't find the trailhead and the camp host at Glacier View campground didn't know where it was, either. We found Hidden Lake, but nothing called South Shore.

2 months ago

Like all beautiful but easily accessible places...crowded. I took snowshoes and the less scenic, less crowded route. Snowshoes were helpful in some of those outlying sections of trail still but not necessary and another 50+ degree day will take care of the remaining depth. I can't even imagine how busy and crowded it must be in season and when open for camping. Truly beautiful lake with I think Dirtyface overlooking.

3 months ago

Very good easy going trail. Took us about an hour of very relaxed hike but could have done in 30. min.
Definitely recommend.

Easy hike particular for kids but nice little lake. Beautiful day just to out and about

This was a fantastic hike for our family. The trail head is located just off Lake Wenatchee and requires an off-road drive. I was surprised by how many people were hiking the trail given how tricky it was to find. The hike is short and easy but the payoff is fantastic.

Nice trail, amazing views, not to many people whoch make it even better.

Awesome trail,with a beautiful view and lake on top.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

A nice little trail to hike of you're staying at Glacier View Campground. The hidden lake was fin to explore around. Very well maintained trail up to the lake.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

10 mile round trip hike from the Round Mountain trailhead, with 2400 feet elevation gain. Trail is in good condition with some areas of erosion from spring snow melt runoffs. Awesome views of nearby Cascade peaks, including Glacier Peak and Mount Rainier. We saw a few mountain goats at the lookout. Highly recommended.