Took the mtn bikes up here to raptor ridge on a beautiful Feb Saturday. A fair amount of hike a bike the first 1.7 miles as pretty steep and another patch towards the viewpoint up a rock staircase. Otherwise very ridable and a great thigh and lung burner. Probably better as hike or trail run.

Nice hike in gorgeous January warm weather....lakes were awesome in the morning dew with sun shining through.

Great hike and camping

This is a great little trail if you're looking for something closer to Bellingham. The first mile and a half is pretty steep but don't give up! Once you make it up the incline it's a pretty straight shot to the lakes. The camping is nice but no fires are allowed.

lung buster for a good workout.

Quiet and pretty for a weekday jaunt!

6 months ago

This is an easy 2.5 mile loop. It's a great everyday walk just to get the legs moving. Beautiful location and easily located close to Bellingham.

steep for the first mile or so but the views are so rewarding! salamanders in the summer time & beautiful loops around the lakes. have added to my favourites list ♡

Way too steep and difficult for the view at the end.

very scenic. the first mile and a half or so is a thigh burner

The first 2miles are INTENSE... but it's worth it. It's beautiful and you feel very accomplished afterwards!

7 months ago

lovely hike! lots of adventuring to do at the lakes.

trail running
7 months ago

Nice easy loop. Great place for a warm summer day. Have a run and a swim.

I've done this hike in the snow and in the summer. I prefer this hike in the summer personally. It is a great thigh burner with mostly uphill at the beginning, which also means downhill on the way back. The trail is well maintained.

Beautiful and very easy trail. Very popular so you won't be alone on this trail pretty much ever but it is definitely an enjoyable walk.

I usually take Max's short cut to Lilly lake and then the trail to the Butte, then over to Lizard lake and I take loop back on the Lizard and Lilly trail. It's around 9 miles takes around 3.5 hours with a few stopes at the view points. They have added more signs and done some repairs to the trails.

Nice views of lakes with some awesome campsites around lakes. Good signage to different views. Raptor ridge is a good outlook. Rough first 1.5 miles up but pretty level after.

Nice little quiet walk around the lake. It was especially beautiful in the fall!

Amazing hike, I wish I was bright enough to read a few more reviews as it was basically straight up and straight down. I've been on a lot of hikes, but this one is definitely the one to take your buddy on that thinks he can out hike you. I made it to Cedar Lake but it was getting dark so I had to head back. I'll definitely come up another time and check out the other lake as well.

Did this hike yesterday, and had extremely muddy areas because of all the rain we had last week. The hike was fun and challenging in some areas.

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