Didn't care for this one much. Kinda depressing out that way. Also by the road so not much for quiet.

not bad. not stroller friendly.

nature trips
6 months ago

There are some signs posted by the City of Lacey on this trail that tell you not to enter due to dangerous conditions, we believe it is from the storm earlier this year that knocked down a bunch of trees. We entered from a different side and definitely saw a lot of downed trees, looks like they have been doing work in there to cut them up, but regardless, we did not run into any impassable trail.. Know ahead of time that there is no designated parking on the edge of this trail, so you will need to pull off on the side of the road. Great for an easy, in-city getaway! You can also go to the park side on the other side of Carpenter Road, where there are several picnic tables and benches, a nice grassy area, as well as a shorter trail around that part of the lake.

11 months ago

A nice short nature hike. The scouts are doing a good job of maintaining and improving the trails.

Thursday, February 14, 2013