21 days ago

I don't often say this, but I'm sorry I took this hike. I don't understand how other people gave it such a high rating. And the distance is misleading, as well as the name. The trail leaves from the main road, goes up hill 1,222 feet, crosses the river that feeds Rainbow Falls, then comes back down and meets the road again, about 3 miles up, or down the road, depending on which direction you hiked, so it's not a loop unless you walk along the road back to where you started. The sign at the trail head on the North end says it is a 5 mile hike. Actual distance was 4.4 miles. The hike is through mostly forest and burnt-out trees. It is not an attractive hike, its only redeeming qualities are some brief views of the mountains across the valley and of Lake Chelan through the dead trees. Save your energy and find another hike.