10 days ago

We spent the first night in Chelan (staying at the Riverside Inn, which I can recommend). Caught the 8:30 boat to Prince Creek, where we poked around until all the other hikers were ahead of us, hitting the trail about 11:00. The temp was high for May, hitting the 80’s with crystal clear skies. Encountered two rattle snakes along by the way to Moore’s Point. One was pretty big...maybe 4’ and the other was less than 3’ long. The first and larger one mozzied across the trail but the little one just laid in the middle of the trail for several minutes until I brought a trekking pole close to it, then it moved along. These snakes are best left alone and usually get out of your way. We arrived at Moore’s Point about 7:30. We’re not speedy, but we’re steady.

After spending the night at Moore’s Point, we had lunch at Fisk Creek before pressing on to Stehekin, the first person who we encountered was coming out of a cabin, wearing a tie-dye shirt and carrying a guitar. He said that a music festival was going to take place later at the school, along with a potluck. He invited us.

Next, we got cold beer from the general store. Chris, the cashier also invited us to the music/potluck. Well, you don’t have ask me twice, but thank you!

After setting up camp, we got bikes from the bike stand and started the three mile ride past the end of Lake Chelan to the school.

There were about 60-70 people on the lawn, eating and playing games. We met a man who proudly told us that his grandkids are sixth-generation Stehekin residents. Everyone was super nice and hospitable.

We caught the 2:00 boat back to Chelan. A lot of people ordered food from the Stehikin restaurant to eat on the boat. We arrived in Chelan about 6:00 then made the drive back to Seattle.

A lot of people caught the boat at Fields Point. It might save a little time, depending on the direction that you come from, but we really wanted to spend the night in Chelan. If we had more time, we would have visited some wineries.

All in all, this was a great hike, although I might stayed two nights on the trail before arriving in Stehikin. There are a number of good spots to camp.