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Jagged peaks, deep valleys, cascading waterfalls, and over 300 glaciers adorn the North Cascades National Park Complex. Three park units in this mountainous region are managed as one and include North Cascades National Park, Ross Lake, and Lake Chelan National Recreation Areas. These complementary protected lands are united by a contiguous overlay of Stephen Mather Wilderness.

2 months ago

Amazing views from the top. Lake is beautiful.

7 months ago

Moderate hike through the forest with nice views of the river gorge at the end

8 months ago

Did a shortened version on 7/5/16. The first mile and a half has dense foliage hanging into the trail that will get your shoes and pants wet after a rain. You can't enjoy the moderate views because you're looking down at the rocky trail. After 2 miles, you'll get to the log bridge over the creek. From there, the climb continues to some decent views. There's a great look down the valley before a sharp turn, but keep going. Another quarter mile and you can jump off the trail to the left onto a large rocky outcrop with amazing views both up and down the valley. It's evident that people camp here too. It was at this point we turned around (it was rainy and we really weren't feeling it) and ended up with a 5 mile trip back at the car.

The ferry dropped us at Prince Creek. We pushed up to bag a few summits, and four days later came back down around Fourmile Creek. We took the Lakeshore Trail up to Stehekin for victuals and RnR. We went back down the Lakeshore back to Prince Creek to catch the ferry again. It was a great week, and I can't wait to do it again.

Beautiful hike, a bit more elevation than anticipated, but a nice trail and awesome views. Definite plus to push on to Moore Point to camp. Great spot on the lake to swim and camp.

So much to do at Lake Chelan. There are lots of boats during the summer, but this is a huge lake and you can find lots of space. Swim, canoe, kayak, or just watch birds. Hiking is good around here, with the Chelan lakeshore trail among others. But that's another entry.

2 years ago

Another 5 star hike to a pass with endless mountain views in the North Cascades. The first half of the trail was pretty overgrown in places but lots of wildflowers. When you get to the log crossing you are just over half way and shortly after the views start to kick in. The next section of the trail is carved out of the side of a mountain slope and a bit rocky but you will be so busy staring at the gorgeous valley and peaks to the south that you won't even think about the elevation gain. The views west from the pass are just as impressive. There was still snow at the pass in June but that should melt in another week or two. Great hike.

Great opening season backpacking. Beautiful wildflowers, views and ample wildlife if lucky.

This trail is amazing. Such great views and the final destination was a sight for sore eyes. Decent trail I would absolutely hike in again.

3 years ago

well maintained and scenic

This is actually a 17 mile point to point trail between Stehekin & Prince Creek campground.

Excellent hike. Must do for May early June